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The Day of the Doctor: Interviews, Anecdotes, and Rumors of Romance

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/06/2013 8:14 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
The Day of the Doctor: Interviews, Anecdotes, and Rumors of Romance
Media Courtesy of the BBC

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer

You’ve been checking the websites, tracking the tumblr tags, and now it’s finally here! The BBC is proud to bring us our long-awaited prize, “The Day of the Doctor”! The 50th Anniversary special airs just two weeks from today! The BBC has been releasing tidbits, pictures, and clips in preparation for this very episode! They’ve even got episode interviews with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Joana Page on the official website blog. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with us here at PopWrapped, you’ll know the official synopsis for the episode as leaked by the BBC, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick refresher: London’s National Gallery plays house to a terrible awakening evil in 2013. There is something afoot in Elizabethan England in 1562—word is, it’s murder! Somewhere, in the inifinite reaches of time and space, a battle comes to a terrifying conclusion. And the Doctor is confronted with the dangers of his own past. In his BBC interview, Steven Moffat reveals that this episode is to be a lot more than just a celebration of the last 50 years of the Doctor. There will be a victory lap for our beloved Time Lord, but it will also “be a celebration of the mythology of the legend of the Doctor and all that entailed.” According to Moffat, this episode focuses on the most important thing in the Doctor’s past. No more dodging the question with a companion or a wibbly wobbly mystery. It’s time to answer: “Doctor who?” And fans won’t be disappointed. Tom Baker’s classic enemy from the 1970’s returns to face-off with the Doctor once again. The Zygons are as beautiful as they are deadly, making them appealing to the head writer. “The Zygons without question are a design classic… They are beautiful, and it’ll show that the special looks forward to the future of Doctor Who and also celebrates the legend.” The entire Doctor Who team is very pleased to have John Hurt join the project. Hurt plays a past incarnation of the Doctor, who revealed that he did what he had to in the name of sanity. Moffat describes Hurt as “serious acting royalty.” Matt Smith agrees, adding that “it was a joy to work with David [Tennant], Billie [Piper], and John Hurt.” According to Smith, there will be a short scene where Doctors Ten and Eleven compare sonic screwdrivers, lending “competitiveness in the story, but not off screen.” While Tennant, Smith, Piper, and Coleman will be returning faces to the Doctor Who story, Whovians get a new look at Queen Elizabeth I. We’ve seen her as Queen Bes on companion Amy Pond’s first TARDIS adventure, and then later when River finds an important Van Gogh in the queen’s vault. Joanna Page puts a new face to this iconic role, and talks with the BBC about portraying the monarch—and scenes with Tennant’s Tenth Doctor on a mountaintop in Neath. She comments, “Well, it’s very funny being  one of the most well-known Welsh people and having to stand up and say ‘How dare you, I’m the Queen of England.’ That did make me laugh.” You can catch the complete interviews for each aforementioned actor on the BBC website. Doctor Who’s “The Day of the Doctor” is written by Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran. It is scheduled to air on the BBC, affiliate channels, and select movie theaters (in 3D) on November 23, 2013!


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