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"The Dead Can Still Talk" In This Week's Survivor: Blood vs Water

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/16/2013 9:49 pm
PopWrapped | Television

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

We open this week’s episode at Tadhana, where Caleb apologizes for his sudden actions. He doesn’t regret what he did, but he knew it was a quick, heat-of-the-moment move! Caleb’s reasoning was simple: he no longer trusted Brad and wanted him gone. Ciera is still shocked, and is surprised to find that Vytas and Hayden weren’t in the loop on Caleb’s plan. Hayden realizes the power has shifted, and that he and Vytas are potentially screwed. At Redemption Island, Brad sends his kudos to Caleb for knowing and playing the game well. Brad apologizes to both Candace and John, but Candace doesn’t care to hear his apologies. She’s been at Redemption Island the entire game, and Monica was one of the people to write her name down. Brad was the reason for John’s departure, and it was at a time when John trusted Brad the most. At Galang, we learn Aras and Laura M. have been getting closer. Aras assumes Laura M. thinks she’s playing him – she is – but he’s got his true alliance, that she’s not a part of, and he’s sticking with that one. Laura B. feels on the outs of the tribe, for the veterans have “this unspoken bond”. She’s still trying to figure out everyone, and feels very much on the outside of the tribe. At Redemption Island, Monica is shocked to see Brad has been sent to Redemption Island. She breaks down and immediately asks him if she can take his place, but he reassures her that, even though she will always be his rock, he will fight his own battles. Today’s challenge is to take apart a crate and use the planks to make a bridge, and then take apart the bridge and use the planks to make a puzzle. As Candace starts in the lead, Jeff makes a comment that makes me question him remembering the last duel. Jeff said Candace has won every single Redemption Island challenge, but John won last week. John soon takes the lead, while Brad quickly catches up. John finishes his bridge first, and Candace soon drags to last. John is quick to finish his puzzle, and emerges as the victor in this week’s Redemption Island challenge. After a tight race to the finish, and with only one piece of the puzzle left, Brad takes second place. Candace, after spending twelve days in the game, only at Redemption Island, is the next contestant to leave the game. John gave the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica again, but she, again, threw it away, deeming it worthless. Back at Galang, Monica explains feeling “demoralized” due to not expecting Brad to show up as a contestant at Redemption Island. Tina remarks that Monica and Brad are potentially a threat due to their closeness, but could also be an ally. What’s shown at Tadhana is fairly gross and sickening, but shows us how serious and real Survivor is. Ciera describes the tribe being defeated and torn up. We’re shown close-ups of their damaged bodies, from bug bites to scrapes and scratches. Katie describes having athletes foot, showing Vytas her now-gone toenail. Vytas tries to keep Caleb close, but has a hard time reading him. (He claims he can read people really well.) Caleb knows he’s in control – he has heard people referring to him as a “kahuna” – and realizes he could be the swing vote, just based on the girls always voting with each other and the guys, until last week, always voting with each other. The Immunity & Reward Challenge consists of contestants sliding down a slide, grabbing a ring, and then they must successfully toss it on a pole. The reward includes steak, vegetables, spices, and a wok. And, because Tadhana has yet to win any challenge, fishing gear is also up for grabs. Monica, Laura B., and Laura M. sit out for the Galang tribe. Caleb scores first, but Tyson immediately ties the game. Katie scores another point for Tadhana. Aras and Vytas are put up against each other again, with Vytas scoring with one toss. Tina and Ciera go up against each other, and Tina scores a point for Galang. Caleb scores another point for Tadhana against Tyson. After a very close round, Hayden scores for Tadhana. For the first time, Tadhana wins a challenge! Instead of taking the fishing gear, they’ve chosen to take the steaks. Honestly, I would have, too. You can make fishing gear with items from the world, but you can’t really produce a steak out of nowhere. At Galang, Laura B. immediately feels threatened by the upcoming Tribal Council. She was voted out first by her original tribe, and she figures her new tribe might feel the same way. Laura B. brings up that Monica and Laura M. were upset at Kat jumping in to do the challenge because “they really wanted to compete”, but Kat isn’t bothered by them. Kat knows to just play along with Laura B. because, when you’re at the bottom, you’ll say whatever you need to, to stay. The tribe scrambles between deciding who should go to Redemption Island. It’s ultimately down to the Lauras. The tribe initially sets sight on voting out Laura M., but Monica isn’t so sure about that. Laura M. is a fierce competitor and is good at challenges, and she has a good chance of beating Brad. At Tribal Council, Jeff talks to the two veterans – Tina and Gervase – first. It’s been thirteen years since Gervase first played, and twelve since Tina’s first game. How they played their games all those years ago are completely different from the way they’re playing now, especially since their loved ones are also competing. As we see the contestants write their votes, we see everyone’s voting for Laura, but for which one, we’re not initially shown. We do see that the Lauras are voting for each other, which is not surprising. With five votes against her, Laura M. is the next person sent to Redemption Island, much to the pleasure of Laura B. but the chagrin of Monica. In the preview for next week, it looks like the tribes will be mixed up. With more contestants on Galang than Tadhana, it’s about time to mix the tribes and create a more even-playing field. What did you all think of tonight’s episode? It wasn’t as action-packed as the last two weeks, but still a decent episode. Jeff may have proclaimed tonight’s elimination as a “blindside”, but I’m going to have to disagree with him. The tribe was just good at pretending they weren’t getting rid of Laura M., and what they did what a smart, strategic move. See you all next week!


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