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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Death Toll Rises On This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/05/2014 11:46 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Death Toll Rises On This Week's The Originals
Media Courtesy of the CW
Courtesy of the CW Courtesy of the CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

The episode opens with Monique Deveraux girl awakened in her coffin and gasping for air. Could this be an indication that the Harvest actually succeeded? Or did Papa Tunde's death resurrect her? Once Marcel finds out, I bet he'll have a lot of hope that Davina can be resurrected as well. Father Kieran reopens St. Anne's Church and a few old friends show up -- and by old friends I mean a few of the elders Celeste decided to bring back. While the service continues, we are taken to a tour throughout the cemetery. Sabine aka Celeste is showing a group of tourists some of the tombs. That takes us back to the Deveraux girl, who bursts through the tomb alive and kicking. Celeste welcomes her back and I wonder what exactly is going on here. I also would like to note how calm the tourists seem to be. There are a few gasps here and there, but for the most part they don't seem too fazed. Among the hoopla, news gets to Sophie Deveraux and she is reunited with her niece. While Klaus and Marcel make sure Father Kieran keeps a look out for Papa Tunde, Diego and friends make the discovery and immediately inform the king of the quarter. They leave to go off to explore the whereabouts of Papa Tunde, Father Kieran comes face to face with former witch elder Bastianna. She mutters words in another language and marks a cross on his hand. Something's is telling me that something is going to happen to Father K. As the Original brothers and Marcel try to figure out what a dead Papa Tunde is doing in their front yard, Rebekah comes in and reveals that Monique Deveraux has risen from the dead. And like I mentioned earlier, Marcel has hope. Hayley also barges in on the family discussion adding that Celeste is somehow involved and Davina had tried to warn them about a greater evil. Let's just say Elijah looks all kinds of confused. Elijah asks a favor of Rebekah among the witchy drama. He wants to make sure Hayley is safe and asks Rebekah to take her to the plantation away from it all. Clearly, he is starting to believe Celeste is stirring things up. But before Rebekah takes off with Hayley, Marcel stops her with a little piece of information. Marcel had seen one of the old resurrected witches at the church. Genevieve was her name and there seems to be some history between her, Marcel and Rebekah. Father K visits his favorite niece Cami and she still isn't too pleased with him after seeing him meeting with Klaus. But things change after he reveals he has been hexed and is about to go through the same thing Cami's brother went through. It's not something Cami wants to experience again. When the witch Genevieve shows up with Papa Tunde's knife and suggests that the only way to save her Uncle Kieran is by stabbing Klaus with it, Cami is faced with a decision to make. Sophie and Monique catch up a bit and Sophie reveals what happened to Monique's mother. Marcel interrupts the moment between the Deveraux clan and Sophie gets defensive. Monique, on the other hand, can sense Marcel's true intentions. He just wants to get Davina back, not for her power but for her company and friendship. Cami gave Klaus a call informing him of her Uncle's impending death. She has the blade in hand ready to strike when Klaus least expects it. But instead of running the blade through his heart, she hands it over to him. "If there's a war going on I want to be on the winning side." She still has a lack of trust in Klaus, but she does trust that he'll win this war. It's a full moon out and Hayley made plans for her pack cursed by the witches; Rebekah even gets in on the party planning. The Original vampire even parties among them, catching the eye of a werewolf named Oliver. Hayley doesn't seem to be having any fun, but Jackson, the wolf that's been watching over her, reveals himself and how they're connected. Let's just say Elijah might get a bit jealous of this new guy. After a long night going through Sabine's tour, Elijah finally reveals he knows all about who she really is. He put all the pieces together, but Celeste lured him in with a kiss, poisoning him. Not only is Celeste angry at Klaus, but she's angry and Elijah for keeping his "Always and Forever" vow to his brother. Meanwhile, Klaus is at the church trying to help Father K overcome the hex placed on him. He's drained of verbane and Klaus compels him to resist the urges of the hex. It doesn't seem to work as he snaps at Cami before quickly apologizing for his behavior. Now Klaus is on a mission to find the witch who placed the hex. While Elijah struggles after receiving the paralyzing kiss, Celeste reveals that he has to make a choice between saving his brother, sister or Hayley. He'll basically only have the strength to save one. Celeste wants to make the Original family suffer! With the help of Sophie, Marcel's on a mission to find the remaining witches, while Klaus is on a mission to find Bastianna. If we've learned anything, it's Klaus' rule over anything. He takes Monique Deveraux as hostage to lure the elder witch, but Marcel doesn't want to see another child's life being risked. They fight again, dropping the blade on the ground for anyone to take. After Klaus snaps Marcel's neck, he turns to continue on. However, in a turn of events Sophie Deveraux stabs him right through the chest. The blade sinks into his body becoming a part of him before he falls to the ground. Bastianna magically appears and takes the reins. Back on the plantation, Jackson explains more about the Crescent pack and his family and how they are betrothed. Hayley is having none of it, but he continues to try to convince her that she will be the one to break the curse and help lead the pack. He also adds a bit about Hayley's witch friend and that's when she realizes something bad is about to happen. Cue Rebekah in the woods with Oliver. As soon as he steps away from their little make out session a pack of wolves come to attack. Hayley calls Elijah and he awakens in the street. He recommends that Hayley find Rebekah and stay with her, but it's too late. The three elder witches start a spell trapping Hayley and Jackson in the Original's family house on the plantation. Elijah runs to save Hayley and Jackson, but he is too late to save Klaus and Rebekah. As we saw earlier, Bastianna took Klaus and Genevieve took Rebekah. "I guess always isn't forever after all." Way to ruin the Original family motto, Celeste. Bastianna pays a visit to Father K and Cami and reiterates that no one should go up against the witches of the French Quarter. "To oppose us is to oppose the natural order." The final scene shows Sophie Deveraux planning to leave New Orleans with her niece. Sophie is scared for her life after what she did to Klaus and wants to keep her niece safe. However, Monique is pissed at her aunt for not having faith in the witch community. Clearly someone got to her head before Sophie could. Monique leaves her aunt to die in the street before walking off with her newfound witch pals. Sophie didn't have faith in her witch ancestry and look where that got her. Two people who have sided against the witches are now dead -- Davina and now Sophie. I wonder who's next. Always and Forever, Adele   Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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