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"The Devil Has A Face" On This Week's Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/12/2013 11:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Last week on Ravenswood, Caleb wasn’t the only one to believe. The remaining teens of the “five” started to believe in the curse/pact after seeing Miranda’s ghost appear after a crazy Ouija board party. After the night’s supernatural event, some spirits were a little angry that Abbie Wheeler contacted the “five”.  Miranda finds herself roaming the cemetery, when she sees Abbie and four other victims of the past. They run away scared, and Abbie’s headstone ends up broken in half. Like I said, there are some angry spirits that don’t want victims learning of the “five pact”. Amongst all the drama of the dead, Caleb still has no idea what to tell Hanna of his little adventures in Ravenswood. More specifically how does he tell Hanna that Miranda’s dead and he’s part of a curse that will probably get him dead in the next few days? Miranda tells him to leave some parts out and Caleb just seems like he’s tired of all the secrets and spirits. No one else can sleep, which is totally understandable considering the circumstances. Luke wants Olivia to stay away from their newfound friends. He may believe, but he doesn’t want to go on. From the looks of this episode, he opts for the typical high school drama. Remy goes for a glass of water, but hallucinates a glass of blood instead before seeing a raven outside of her window. The next morning Luke heads to school and a #KillerRaven gets in his way. Something is surely going to go down very soon. Creepy Collins sees Olivia and her mother and there is some weird tension between Collins and Mrs. Matheson. Olivia’s suspicions rise and so do mine. Caleb’s working in the cemetery, when Miranda confronts him again about Hanna. Hanna has enough on her plate with “A”  and she definitely doesn’t need any supernatural things added to that. Some old lady recognizes Caleb – or Caleb’s relative from the past five. Caleb and Remy go off to find Henry Rivers, the old Caleb Rivers’ younger brother, but they aren’t successful. Let’s just say he’s extremely cryptic. Olivia goes to the caretaker house looking for Caleb. She looks thoroughly creeped out standing in the hall as the door opens. It’s not some creepy spirit, it’s just Miranda. Liv tells her dead friend of her suspicions on Uncle Creepy Collins. Miranda reveals that her uncle is definitely keeping something secret. Miranda and Olivia get to know each other a little bit. Miranda thinks the only reason why she is still there is because she’s getting attached to other people. And by other people she means Caleb, who’s “already attached to another girl”. I love Haleb, but the chemistry is there. But there’s one thing Olivia points out to Miranda: “You’re not exactly available.” Miranda seems to realize that fact and ends up finishing Caleb’s email to Hanna. Miranda is creeping in her Uncle’s office, as promised. She tries to go through the newspaper snippets of the Mayor’s murder, but her Uncle comes home. Keep in mind, the police never found the weapon that killed Mr. Matheson, so as we see Uncle Collins cleaning a small knife kept in a glass case, one starts to wonder. Miranda is distraught from her discovery and ends up visiting Caleb again out of the blue. There’s more arguing about the situation and Miranda just wants Caleb to leave and cherish the time he has. But Caleb still wants to investigate and take care of her; he’s just confused. Henry shows up at Caleb’s door in a creepy fashion and hands him a key (to a room in the high school). He mutters something about already losing the battle and I’m sitting here expecting he’s going to fall down the stairs or something. Luke, who is doing a good job at avoiding the pact drama, has to do a play for extra credit, but the opposite lead happens to be Olivia’s ex-bff Tess, the girl he didn’t trust from the beginning. He puts it aside and decides he would go through with the play. While they rehearse, Luke and Tess kiss, for the play of course. It’s awkward. Miranda brings Olivia to Collins’ office. They find a heart and strands of hair belonging to all the victims of the “five” curse. Miranda freaks and busts her jar of hair, then finds herself outside of the cemetery. I’m guessing that’s what kept her on the Collins’ residence. The drawers with hair go in frenzy and Olivia runs out of the room freaked out. I would be too. The teen ghost then makes her way to the school in search of Caleb, but instead she finds her mom on the stage where everyone is rehearsing the play. Caleb, Remy and Olivia show up and the young Matheson sister almost loses her life. Thanks to Caleb’s fine senses, he made it just to time to save Luke’s sister. Miranda is then nowhere to be found. The day must go on. Luke tells Remy he kissed Tess and now it seems like it wasn’t for the play. He breaks down. He misses his father and he doesn’t want to have to worry about more loss and curses. No words about a break are spoken, but clearly they have some things to work out. Caleb confronts Creepy Collins about his stash and the role he plays in this “five pact”. Uncle Collins acts as if he has no idea of what Caleb is referring to. The hair has disappeared and it’s all just so sketchy, I don’t like it. Caleb goes back to his room angry and destroys the box he found in the old room in the high school. He looks shocked to see what’s inside. What do you think he found? The final scene shows Miranda and her mother walking off into the light. She looks back as if she’s not ready to go, but her mother convinces her to move forward. The door closes behind her, but I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Miranda Collins. There’s definitely more to the story and I’m thinking Miranda’s mother may not be on the same side as her daughter. Next week in the final episode before returning in January, it looks like we’ll learn more about Creepy Collins and I’m thinking that another death will make its way to Ravenswood. Let’s just hope I’m wrong.


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