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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The "Devil May Care" On This Week's Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/16/2013 12:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of The CW

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Last week in the season premiere of Supernatural, some crazy crap went down, from Castiel being human and having to run from every angel in existence, to Sam’s body being taken over by Eziekel in order to save Sam. I still feel like I may have gotten temporary epilepsy from all that flashing! Abbadon still wants to take Crowley’s place as the head of hell, and Dean has got more than his fair share resting on his shoulders. Here’s what went down in episode two, entitled "Devil May Care".

The episode begins with Dean and Sam talking about how Castiel is now human. Sam asks Dean what happened to Crowley, assuming Dean killed him once and for all. Dean talks about going “zero dark thirty” on Crowley’s ass and how he has become the junk in Dean’s trunk. Flash to an abandoned house, where some random demon uses his blood to resurrect Abbadon. Flash to Dean entering the M.O.L headquarters, being attacked by Kevin with a crossbow, as Dean makes a reference to Kevin being like Katniss Everdeen. Sam and Dean take to tormenting Crowley in the hopes of getting the name of every demon on the planet and who they are possessing. Crowley makes a hilarious reference to putting the S.A.M into S&M, and with that, they leave Crowley in the basement locked up, just as Kevin freaks out about him being alive, leaving Dean to explain that when it’s all over, Kevin can use the demon knife on Crowley and they can all go out for ice cream and strippers.

Abbadon gets some demons together and tries to figure out what happened to hell, and begins to trash Crowley’s reputation, as it appears that she plans to liberate the demons. The demons are doubting that Crowley is dead, considering that Abbadon was dead too, for like a minute. Dean makes a few calls to some hunters about what’s been happening. The scene cuts to some army boys getting on a bus, but not before they are taken over by demons, because Abbadon wants her some men in uniform.

Then we find some hot chick trying to fix her car on the side of the road, because this story has a happy ending. She gets a lift from a vampire, who tries to kill her, but fails as she kills him first, but not before the demon soldiers grab her. Sam and Dean show up to the crime scene, but run into trouble with the army officer, who ends up being blackmailed by Kevin who hacked into the officer’s info. The demon soldiers shot people and kept them alive until they switched bodies, this is when the boys find out that Abbadon is back. Abbadon and the demons kidnap some hunters in order to get the location of our boys, but since she doesn’t get what she wants, she threatens to kill the hunters and calls Dean’s phone and Kevin answers, and she gives him her location as a way to trap the boys.

Kevin goes to do research on how to kill Abbadon for good. Crowley is sitting in the basement, having some pretty crazy flashbacks as he hears Kevin walking by. Crowley tries to taunt Kevin into coming in and it works. Sam and Dean are at an abandoned chemical plant, as Dean is seen protecting his package, ROTFLMAO! Tracy, the chick hunter with the broken car has a mouth on her and gives Sam a ration of crap as the guys rescue her and the other hunter. Meanwhile, Crowley is being questioned by Kevin, as he convinces Kevin to take his anger out on him. Allow me to state the obvious, it never gets old watching Crowley get beat down over and over again!

Somewhere in a broken down diner, the gang is preparing for a massive demon assault as the demons head right for them. Looks like Tracy has it out for Sam, since he let Lucy out of the cage and they offed her parents. Crowley is seen talking to Kevin about holding his mom for ransom, and how the boys don’t care about Kevin and they are just using him. Crowley tries to convince Kevin he is a prisoner, but before we know more the scene cuts to Dean and Tracy talking about what Sam did back in season 4.

Herb (the other hunter) offers to give Tracy and the boys time to run because he gave up the other hunter who were killed, just as the soldier demons attack. Abbadon tries taking out Dean, Tracy shoots her but that bitch is wearing kevlar, Dean hits her with holy water as Tracy run to the car for more supplies, while Abbadon gets Dean all to herself.

Abbadon says she misses Dean as he tries to go after her with angel knife. Dean tells her to fight or make out because he’s getting mixed signals, LOL. She says some nasty things to him that I can’t even bring myself to repeat. Sam’s angel powers kick in as he smokes the soldier boys. Abbadon gets all pissy and throws Dean through a window. Looks like Eziekel is back and was protecting Sam. Sam is unconscious for the moment and won’t remember, so the angel uses the knife to make it seem like Sam kill the the old fashioned way. Dean is putting all his trust in Zek (Dean’s nickname for our new angel) and Zek lets Dean know he’s doing the right thing. Sam wakes up wondering what happened, Dean explains it was a messy fight but he saved Sam’s ass. Tracy pulls up in Dean’s car, first chick to drive it since Meg! They all get in the car as Dean says that showers and burgers are on him. So far, there hasn’t been any scenes with Castiel in this episode, which truly stuns me. It just doesn’t feel right with Cas!

Sam and Dean return to the bunker to look for Kevin, but it seems our little prophet worked over Crowley pretty good, and Crowley finally spilled the beans on the demons and who they are. Kevin is now Crowley’s plaything, which means everybody is totally screwed! Kevin is about to bail, and Kevin wants to leave because he thinks his mom is still alive. Dean tries to convince Kevin that he lost his mom awhile ago and that the demons want to get the grabby hands on Kevin. Dean tells Kevin that he is family now, and that the brothers will die for him. Dean pours himself a drink as Sam says Tracy was right about what she said, and Dean tries explaining it all away by stating that Sam has helped more people then he has hurt. Sam asks Dean if he’s ready for Cas being human, Crowley being bat shit crazy and Abbadon being a bitch. Sam says that he’s good for the first time in a long time as Dean says he’s never better.

That concludes "Devil May Care". As Dean says “Stay classy!”

Next week on Supernatural: Castiel is heaven’s most wanted! He’s learning how to be human, dealing with cold, hunger, pain and everything that comes along with it! The boys go on a search to find him.


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