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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

"The Dirty Half Dozen" Take Action On This Week's 'Agents Of SHIELD'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/30/2015 4:26 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
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Agents Of SHIELD are once again right in time for our weekly date with a brand-new episode, titled “The Dirty Half Dozen”. Let’s find out what it’s all about. It all kicks of with a dream of Raina’s, with a bleeding Gordon, a hospitalized Lincoln, an armed Coulson and a worried Skye with some HYDRA-related stuff. As Jiaying talks with her about it, Gordon brings back an angry Cal and Skye, but leaves again to get Lincoln. Before Cal calms down and Skye tells Jiaying what went down, Gordon comes back bleeding to reveal that HYDRA has Lincoln. Gonzales questions Coulson on the bus, who informs him of List and Strucker’s experiments on people with powers and Deathlok’s captivity. Gonzales doesn’t trust him, but Coulson mention a hidden secret of his and offers to open the toolbox, so they can team up to get HYDRA down. Jiaying explains that she sent Lincoln to protect Skye and suspects that HYDRA is tracking Gordon, so she can’t risk losing people of the Afterlife to rescue the former. Deathlok and Lincoln's cells at HYDRA’s labs are right next to each other, so they introduce themselves and decide to work together and try to get out. Bakshi and List talk about experimenting on the two different types of powered people, getting them both to pass out and move forward. Gonzales doesn’t seem fond of Coulson’s plan, but the latter suggests they only rescue the prisoners by sending a small team that he’s already picked out. With Fitz and Hunter not keen on Ward and Agent 33′s relationship, they join the bus and they land all together. SHIELD can’t see what’s going on at HYDRA as Deathlok’s eye was removed, but Ward tells Bakshi is inside and works for him. Coulson’s plan comes to votes and May is to decide, but wants to speak with him first. Fitz tells Simmons everything about confronting Ward, but hold back when she reveals some splinter bombs and suggests using one on him. May confronts Coulson over working with her ex-husband and not telling her, but he suggests she votes for his plan and they get going. Skye tries to get Gordon to take her to SHIELD and despite his doubts, Raina tells them about her dream and he seems rather convinced. Ward comforts Agent 33 about staying with SHIELD and Gonzales tells Bobbi he doesn’t want her to go on the mission, while Simmons asks to join and convinces Coulson to allow her. Soon as they’re on the plane, Skye appears out of nowhere and the old team is back together again. Soon as Ward starts explaining Bakshi’s intel thingy, he pauses to address the elephant in the room and discuss about the weirdness with the team. Over at the Afterlife, Jiaying lets Cal out and says he can stay for a while, before he tells her to have an eye on Raina. Hunter finds Mack and the two make up, while Bobbi talks with Agent 33 and says she’ll be there for her, despite the latter’s blind trust to Ward. As Bakshi and List talk about Deathlok and Lincoln, SHIELD’s plane appears and they’re ordered to shoot. The plane is hit and they let HYDRA think they crushed, by landing properly. Soon as they get in, they find out Bakshi is indeed working for Ward and they split up, getting the mission going. Skye gets the bad guys out of the way with a shake and they find Deathlok, who tells her Lincoln is bad and she should rush to save him. With Simmons and Ward saving Deathlok, Skye gets in some serious action by taking a whole team down and saving Lincoln by making his heart beat again with her powers. At the same time, Simmons tries to make use of her splinter bomb on Ward, but Bakshi takes the hit for him and Ward lets Jemma live. As Fitz is deactivating the base’s defenses, May looks for Coulson and finds him taking data from another computer, promising to shoot him if they don’t get going. So they do and they’re all back at SHIELD’s base, but for Ward, who instantly calls Coulson to make sure he takes care of Agent 33. Simmons doesn’t reveal her actions as they talk with Deathlok to send him away to be cured, while Skye waits for Lincoln to recover. Gonzales tells Bobbi he’s not letting powered people go and Coulson opens the toolbox for him, spoiling things for him by telling Fury will come back asking for it. Coulson has a call from Maria Hill and he privately gives her every piece of information he’s got on Loki’s scepter, which HYDRA is after. He also reveals that the Theta Protocol is ready, saying it’s time for the Avengers to come in! At the same time, Raina is with Jiaying and suddenly has a strong vision of it and the destruction it could bring, telling metal-made men will destroy the world. And the way is perfectly paved for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, isn’t it? You can’t deny Agents Of SHIELD has turned into one hell of a show during its second season and we all know you’ll be coming back for another episode next week.

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