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The Drama Heats Up On This Week's The Originals, "The Big Uneasy"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/16/2014 12:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Drama Heats Up On This Week's The Originals,
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer


It's been a few weeks since we saw the witches, werewolves and vampires of New Orleans. They signed a treaty of peace drafted by our favorite older brother Elijah, but on the latest episode it seems to backfire. Klaus continues to make alliances and sleeps with the enemy. Genevieve seems to enjoy her time with the hybrid, but I think it's clear that there are ulterior motives for both parties. Speaking of parties, Genevieve wants to throw a little celebration for the witches, a traditional feast day to accept the blessings of the world. While Genevieve thinks about taking care of her coven, the three resurrected teen witches are practicing their craft. The ancestors decide to pay Monique a visit and tell her that it's time to complete the harvest. The fourth witch must be resurrected and it's time for Genevieve to die. Back in the bayou, several packs from all over the country come to visit Hayley. While she thinks that it's all about the baby hybrid, they're all there to see her and experience the power she commands. While this goes on, Klaus contacts Oliver in search for Cary, a wolf from his bloodline because he needs him present for his plan. Klaus let's Cami know he may have a way to help Uncle Kieran, hence persuading Genevieve with his sexual ways. Cami is hesitant at first, but tells Klaus to do whatever it takes. While Klaus tells Cami of his plans to use Genevieve, Monique confronts the elder witch and lets her know what the ancestors want to happen. She'll gladly sacrifice herself, once she ensures that her coven has power over New Orleans. The first part of that plan is to steal the Esther Mikaelson's spell book. Elijah goes through his rounds to prepare for the witches' celebration and visits each faction. As expected, each leader is hesitant, but they are swayed by Elijah's charm and threats. When he goes to visit Hayley she declines the invite, but Oliver and Jackson think it’s a good idea, at least for Klaus' sake. Elijah warns Hayley not to trust them because they were swayed so easily. I sense some jealousy. Later on, Jackson reveals to Hayley the alliance he made with Klaus, which convinces her to head to the party. Thierry enlists Diego to be part of the revolution led by Marcel. Diego wants to be on the winning side and he is quite sure that side is not with Marcel. Marcel lost to the Originals before, who’s to say anything will change, right? Klaus asks Genevieve once again about curing Father Kieran, but Genevieve tries to convince Klaus to let her see Esther's grimwar in return. He isn't a fool and knows exactly what the witch is up to. The festival begins and Genevieve sends a minion over to the compound, thinking Klaus will be away, but I repeat, Klaus is not a fool. Monique is still pissed off at Davina for her past lack of dedication to their coven. She doesn’t think Davina has made the sacrifices she has and Genevieve agrees to put Davina in her place. During the gift presentation to the 3 teen witches, they make sure Davina gets nothing. Cami gives Genevieve a little hair clip as a gift that reminds her of her past as a young witch. The gift seems to sway her and she seems to give Cami some kind of hope. However, Klaus squashes that hope later on. Josh makes sure to visit his bestie witch, but Klaus spots him as well. If you remember, Klaus and Josh aren't on good terms. Just when it sounds like he's going to finally end Josh, Klaus offers Davina a gift, pardoning Josh and providing the young witch with a ring and the spell to make daylight rings. Clearly, Genevieve is pissed. After Marcel's little encounter with Diego, he sends a message to the party goers. What's supposed to be a nice celebration becomes a massacre of innocent people, because the vampires cannot control themselves. “There will be no peace” is written in blood across the wall. Elijah finds Marcel. Marcel tries to instill the idea that Klaus is plotting behind Elijah's back. Elijah doesn't give Marcel the satisfaction. Instead of taking Marcel's life right then and there, he takes the life of his right hand man, Thierry. Marcel's army of two just loses one member. Back at the ruined party, Klaus gives Genevieve a pair of helping hands as a gift. She falters a bit, but stands her ground and reveals a little bit about her conversation with Cami. That hope she gave her is now nonexistence. She then reveals that Cami slept with Marcel, which of course does not sit well with Klaus. Later, he tells Cami that he ruined any chances of Father K being cured and lets her know he doesn't want to ever see Marcel's face again. However, Marcel has some other plans in mind. He's actually not alone either. Turns out that Josh was on his side, and after the little massacre at the festival, Diego and a few more decide to rejoin their former leader. “I will take back our city, even if I have to burn it down first,” Marcel proclaims confidently. The final scene brings us to the witches of the quarter. Monique says it's time to kill Genevieve, but she doesn't want to go yet. She doesn't prove to be strong enough against Monique, but the ancestors interrupt her again. The plans have changed. Keep Genevieve alive and in return sacrifice Klaus' baby. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but Genevieve seems quite hesitant from the look on her face. It seems more like a lose/lose situation. If she kills that baby, she knows Klaus will make her suffer even more. One of the lines that stood out to me this episode was when Klaus complimented Hayley: “You've come a long way little are tough, you are cunning, but I never knew you were a Queen.” While Klaus will make sure the witches will pay if anything happens to his future child, something's telling me Hayley is going to be quite the force to reckon with, as well. Always and Forever, Adele

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