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The Eighth Doctor: The First Of A New Generation

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/08/2013 9:06 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
The Eighth Doctor: The First Of A New Generation

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

The Eighth incarnation of the infamous Doctor Who did not make his appearance until the Doctor Who made-for-TV movie in 1996. This marked the first time the Doctor had returned to television since the end of the original series back in 1989. The movie featuring the debut of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor was actually intended as a backdoor pilot for the Fox Network. The Eighth Doctor was constantly encouraging those who were around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from life. He also really enjoyed giving people hints about what their futures held for them, which came from his historical expertise, as well as his psychic power and precognitive abilities. Just like the 5th and 11th incarnations of the Doctor, the Eighth Doctor also had a youthful and wide-eyed enthusiasm masking a very old soul with what appeared to be a darker side to him. The audio plays and comic strip about the Eighth Doctor drew close to the television movie portrayal of the Eighth Doctor, but the novels have him with a slightly darker personality. The Eighth Doctor actually suffered through some pretty traumatic events, such as being locked in an invisible prison for the better part of three years, not to mention the destruction of the TARDIS, and a future war that would dehumanise his people, commonly known as time lords. Not to mention the temporary loss of his second heart. It was in the audio drama that the Eighth Doctor starts to become more traumatized towards the end of his new adventures. The Eighth Doctor managed to stir up controversy with the television-viewing public by being the first Doctor to break the rules in regard to kissing his long time companion, which was considered taboo. Never having had any romantic relationships, the Eighth Doctor was also the object of romantic interest. In all of the iterations of the Eighth Doctor, he was constantly having random amnesia spells and managed to be able to pickpocket many different items from all kinds of people. After the Seventh Doctor was caught in the crossfire of a gang shoot-out in 1999 in San Francisco’s Chinatown, he was taken to a hospital where surgeons, who were more than confused by his double heartbeat, attempted to correct a non-existent fibrillation. Despite how hard they tried, they ended up killing the Doctor. He was then placed in the morgue and after several hours (due to the anaesthetic almost destroying the regenerative process completely), he finally regenerated into his Eighth incarnation. At the time of his injury, the Doctor had been transporting the remains of his long-time nemesis the Master from the planet Skaro to Gallifrey. The Master, however, was not completely dead yet, and he was able to possess a human form, a married ambulance paramedic named Bruce. After he killed Bruce's wife, the Master (who is now in Bruce's body) attempted to steal the Doctor's remaining lives, by opening the Eye of Harmony within the TARDIS, and nearly destroying planet Earth as people celebrated the end of the millennium. With the help of Dr Grace Holloway, the Doctor was able to stop the Master's plan with his nemesis getting sucked into the Eye. Some scenes from the TV movie appeared in the later episodes, “The Next Doctor” and “The Eleventh Hour”, and his face appeared in Nightmare in Silver as the Cyber-Planner was probing the Doctor's mind. The Eighth Doctor did manage to appear in the episode “The Name of the Doctor', only for a brief moment, where he seemed to have shared at least one adventure with the Second Doctor, and both were seen, and presumably saved, by a version of Clara Oswald. The Great Intelligence tried to interfere in the Doctor's life and kill him multiple times by scattering him across the Doctor's timestream. Almost as soon as the Doctor left San Francisco, he had another attack of amnesia, which was caused by a final trap of the Master's. In order to regain his memories, the Doctor was forced to visit all seven of his past selves and help them out with some crisis or another, while at the same time having to acknowledge the responsibility his role gave him in the long run. Having been able to successfully regain all of his memories, the Doctor managed to meet up with a Coal Hill School student named Samantha Jones. Right after they met, the Doctor left her at a Greenpeace rally. For a short time, the Doctor had an adventure with an Ice Warrior named Ssard and a human woman named Stacy Townsend, who happened to fall in love with each other. After they went their separate ways with the Doctor, the couple invited him to serve as best man at their wedding, which took place in the episode entitled “The Placebo Effect”. He also teamed up with his old companion Bernice Summerfield, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as well as UNIT in order to take on an Ice Warrior occupation of Great Britain. Three years after he left and one hour later, the Doctor went back to the Greenpeace rally. With Sam back, the two spent a great period wandering together, facing dozens upon dozens of adventures. During their travels together, Sam and the Doctor became aware of a great war looming in the future of Gallifrey, a war between the Time Lords and an unknown Enemy leading to very dramatic and disturbing consequences. While exploring the subject, the Doctor discovered that his Sam was not the original Samantha Jones.


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