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The Face Off Contestants Must Weather Their Flights Of Fantasy In Last Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/04/2013 12:19 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Face Off Contestants Must Weather Their Flights Of Fantasy In Last Week's Episode
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Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Last week, there were only two episodes left of the special effects make-up reality show, Faceoff. Tonight is the finale and, I'm sorry I'm a bit late on this final three deciding episode. The remaining four contestants met host McKenzie Westmore at the BurbankAirport for their spotlight challenge. Westmore introduced a special guest in Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni, and their challenge is revealed to revolve around birds and flight. Salmoni brings out five different species of birds: the umbrella cockatoo, the Egyptian vulture, a blue-throated macaw, a silvery-cheeked hornbill and Chilean flamenco. The contestants must choose one of the five birds to create a human/bird hybrid. Laura chooses the cockatoo, Tate chooses the Egyptian vulture, Roy chooses the macaw and Miranda chooses the hornbill. Roy's concept revolves around his creature being a government experiment that may be militaristic and runs surveillance in the jungles. Laura's design takes her bird's long life into consideration and decides to create an older creature that’s been molting and loosing its feathers. She also decides to go more human in nature for her creation. Salmoni tells Miranda that her bird/hybrid should keep the characteristic cask--that is on top of the hornbill's head--in her make-up. She struggles a little with how to make a bird humanistic. Tate wants to keep his bird's hooked beak and yellow face in his concept. He opts to sculpt a full chest, head and back piece so he can push feathers into the foam. Laura moves right in to sculpting a face, a cowl, and a foot. She decides to run all of her appliances in foam and poly-foam. Miranda opts to remain very simplistic so she can work on her time management. She decides to just sculpt a full face and neck and fabricate feathers into a wig. At this point, her simplistic approach may either hurt or help her considering that Tate is blocking out an entire upper body, and Roy is in the fabrication room fabricating feathers. However, as Tate is finishing his sculpt, he realizes that his half-body mold is entirely too big to try to mold, run through, and paint in three days. But, he decides that he's going to go ahead and go for it. Day two brings everyone into the mold room at once to mold their pieces, and Miranda is still behind. Everything else is going smoothly for Tate, Roy and Laura; that is until Roy is molding his back and chest piece and the entire thing falls over and breaks. He continues to mold the front part, and when that is finished, he decides to try to save the back. The finished product comes out and it isn't the cleanest mold in the world, it has cracks and things wrong with it, he decides that he's going to make it work. Three minutes left of day two and Miranda is furiously trying to finish cleaning out her mold. Time is called and she realizes her hand sculpts won't be finished the way she wants them, which means they'll loose their look and malleability. Day three, again, goes smoothly for everyone save for Miranda and Roy. Roy has nothing on his model but his cowl piece and back piece, and painted feathers. Miranda has her face appliance on, but has no hair or feathers on her model's arms or hands. Going in to last looks, there is a lot of tension and rushing about to finish their make-ups.
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The judges looked over the creations and loved Tate, Roy, and Laura's bird. They liked Miranda's bird, as well, but said it was too simplistic for this stage of the competition. The winner of the challenge and the first person to go to the finale was Tate. It was a tough decision but in the end, they thought Miranda's bird was too simple and too safe and she was sent home. The Face Off finale is tonight on SyFy! Be sure to check in with PopWrapped to see who is named the Face Off Champion!


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