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The Factions Have Spoken: Divergent Delivers With Non-stop Action, Romance And Suspense

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/21/2014 12:23 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
The Factions Have Spoken: Divergent Delivers With Non-stop Action, Romance And Suspense
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Megan May Lee

Staff Writer


I was lucky enough this week to attend a special screening of Summit's new blockbuster Divergent, and as a fan of the book trilogy I was obviously very excited. Most people would say it's like The Hunger Games but in my opinion it's actually better. In The Hunger Games it takes at least an hour before we get to the action. But in Divergent it happens almost immediately, in fact, there's barely a break from the action. The movie is set in a post-war world, that's divided into five factions. At age 16, citizens of this new world must take a test to determine what faction they belong in; Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, Candor or Dauntless.
Abnegation (a faction that are selfless, they only serve others, they deny themselves some rights like looking in the mirror too long and they all dress in the same plain grey outfits) Erudite (a faction that believe knowledge is power, they must wear at least one piece of blue clothing as they believe it helps stimulate the brain) Amity (a faction that dislikes war. They are very peaceful and farm the land, they wear comfortable orange, red and yellow clothes) Candor (a faction that believe in being brutally honest, they wear black and white clothes as they see the truth as black and white) Dauntless (a faction that are brave, fearless and undaunted, they wear all-black clothes, tattoos and piercings, they are in charge of protecting the City, mostly the wall surrounding it so nothing bad gets in)
There's also the factionless who belong nowhere as they either failed in the faction they picked or they don't agree with the factions and choose to leave. They live in poverty. Most people who take the test have only one trait, they are either selfless, smart, kind, fearless or honest but if someone takes the test and the results are inconclusive it means they have all of the traits and those people are called Divergent. Divergents are hunted down and killed as they threaten the factions because they they're so different. The movie is about a young, innocent and weak girl from Abnegation, Tris (Shailene Woodley) who takes her test and is told by her examiner (Maggie Q) that she's Divergent and to pick any faction and never tell anyone her results. Later at the choosing ceremony Tris decides to pick Dauntless and has to try to hide the fact that she is Divergent. I really enjoyed the movie, the storyline was described very well and was easy to follow, the cast were incredible too. Shailene Woodley really surprised me, at first I didn't think she was right for the role of Tris, but as soon as I saw her in it I knew she was perfect. She can play a shy, weak girl but also she managed to play a badass equally as well. Her acting was so incredible. Kate Winslet plays the leader of Erudite, Jeanine Matthews. When you first see her you can tell she's bad but she plays nice but shows her true colours towards the end in an epic fight scene. It's weird seeing her play a bad character but she does it so convincingly. British actor Theo James was terrific as Four, he played the character extremely well and I was very impressed that he does his own stunts in the movie too. I loved the onscreen chemistry between him and Shailene. The rest of the cast was pretty amazing even though you didn't have time to get to know them much. That was one thing I disliked about the movie, they missed out a lot of important scenes between the other cast members. Love scenes especially. Also, I thought the Tris and Four love storyline was very rushed, one minute they're practically fighting and the next BAM, they're madly in love. I would have liked to see more of their love story; them falling for each other or at least it would have been nice if  was made more obvious. One thing that really stood out for me was the score and soundtrack, they complimented the film perfectly. Ellie Goulding has a few songs in the movie and they were really great. I cannot wait for the next movie, Insurgent, which they're already working on, when I heard they announced they were going to do the two other movies before Divergent was even out I was shocked because usually they wait to see how the first movie does before they make plans for the next, but after seeing the film I can see that they had no reason to wait, the movie was incredible and I have a feeling it will do brilliantly. Divergent is out now so please make sure you go and see it! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did.

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