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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Final Three Go Head To Head To Get The Voice Season Five Crown

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/16/2013 10:29 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Final Three Go Head To Head To Get The Voice Season Five Crown
Media Courtesy of NBC
Erika RiveraBec Heim Senior Editor & Managing Editor The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived. The finals are here! Who will walk away with the win? Let's see how our finalists held up!

Bec's Take:

So… Blake Shelton’s perfect streak has been ended. THE COUNTRY ARMY HAS BEEN DEFEATED! Sorry. I liked Cole but yeah yay new teams in the finale. Well it’s Christina versus Adam. I’m Team Adam for the win all the way. Jacquie is a sweet girl but her voice started grating on me. Then USHER COMES BACK NEXT SEASON!!! Someone break the thermostat and let’s get him and Adam shirtless! “Pour Some Sugar On Me” sung by The Coaches and Def Leppard: Damn. This is totally in Blake’s wheelhouse. His voice sounds awesome here. LOOK AT THE GOOD GROUP HARMONIES!!!! It’s amaaaazing! Oh Christina no just…pull back a little bit. Just a little. This is a really fun number. Seriously Blake sounds really good. What’s with that face Adam? That face is adorable. Okay three songs from the finalists. Their blind audition song, the coach duet, and the one last song to cement their awesome. Awww Adam you’re so sweet. “Try” sung by Tessanne Chin: Tessanne’s version is beautiful. It’s tough and rocker. At the same time she shows some nice vulnerability. I don’t like some of the random runs. That’s the taste thing. But I do like her passion and her voice does sparkle in the way only hers does. She just puts her all into the songs. Plus that long glory note at the end is perfect and flawless. Honestly this does show Tessanne’s growth as the season progress. She only got more awesome. Adam says that he loved working with her and that he had fun with her. She makes him want to be better and thinks she is a rare talent. He also really loves her as a person. Cee-Lo thinks Tessanne did wonderful. Seriously Adam stop being so sweet. “Not Over You” sung by Will Champlin: Hi Will! I love the background first off! Will just sounded really good. It’s really amazing to see him here after being pinball around. He just sounded good here. This is a great cover and again showcases the growth. Adam said that Will worked hardest out of everyone else. That he sounded amazing and we should respect his resilience. Christina agrees with Adam. She also sympathizes with his overthinking and thinks that he made something special. Aww. Everyone is being sweet tonight! “Back To Black” sung by Jacquie Lee: I like her dress. She also sounds very good. Actually she has gotten better over the competition. Here? Though it’s too strong for this song. It has to be quieter and more emotional. This just gel with the song. …Why are an alternate bizarre version of the Beatles behind her? They’re super awesome and distracting.  Oh dear. What’s she doing there? OhmyGod what was that? No. I don’t mean to be mean but it sounded like a cat yodeling for a second. I feel terrible for saying that. I am a terrible person but that was not good. Christina gets joy out of watching Jacquie doing what she does. Christina loves watching her nail it and thinks there is something special. COACH AND CONTESTANT DUETS!!!! “Let It Be” sung by Tessanne Chin and Adam Levine: Tessanne tells Adam that she admires the person he is. Tessanne loves singing with the sexiest man alive. OHMYGOD TESSANNE’S DRESS! Sorry. This is a really nice duet. Not only are their voices well suited to each other you can feel the respect that Adam and Tessanne have for each other. I also like the starry floor which is just a super awesome touch. Now Adam gets a guitar solo. This is a really fun duet. OHMYGOD THEY ADDED A REGGAE SECTION! THAT IS AWESOME! I liked it. It was mellow and laid back and bit fun. “We Remain” sung by Jacquie Lee and Christina Aguilera: Okay I think this is a song that Christina sang for the Hunger Games. Now they’re going to share a mic. This seems a little self-involved with them singing a Christina song and dressing alike. Seriously this is a little creepy. The stage is really pretty. But I think Christina took this whole “Mini-Me” thing a little too far. Also with her voice next to Christina’s, Jacquie doesn’t sound that good at all. She is drowned off and then she sounds off-pitch? It’s not as bad as Blake and Danielle’s last season. But this is pretty bad. I…don’t know what to say to this. It was bad. “Tiny Dancer” sung by Will Champlin and Adam Levine: Adam is thrilled that a musician and not a singer is in the final three. They talk about how they’re paralleled. I think this would sound really nice together. I like how minimal this is. Just a lot of white and clean. You have to focus on their voices here. They also sound great together. Adam does have a great vocal connection with Will and Tessanne. They both just sound great together. It’s a real palate cleanser after what Jacquie and Christina did. “I’ll Be There” sung by The Final Three: Seriously kudos to the set designers. These sets look awesome. It’s a nice song. I’m glad there are no harmonies so far. Seriously contestants don’t harmonize well most of the time. No please don’t try you two. Tessanne looks classy and fierce. “I Have Nothing” sung by Tessanne Chin: She needs to top last week. So why not Whitney? Tessanne wants it to a tribute than to do Whitney. She wants to deliver the song and end with a bang. I love Tessanne and her voice. I really, really do. I have nothing…bad to say about this. (See what I did there?) HOLY CRAP WHEN DOES SHE BREATHE?! And now it’s raining sparks. And I like that she ended it quietly instead of loudly. That was amazing! Call it. Seriously call it. Tessanne is winning this thing. Adam is speechless and flustered by the awesome. He has no clue how she does this. She defeats the impossible and has no clue where her ceiling is. He calls her the winner in his mind and heart. “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” sung by Will Champlin: Adam wants Will to do his thing but still be in tribute to the original. Okay seriously these sets are gorgeous. This song is hard to do because it’s so well known. But I like the restraint and the quietness. There is a lot of warmth to his voice. He is big in his restraint as well. He sings it really well. Aww now he’s singing it to his wife and daughter. I need a tissue now. That was so sweet. I’m goo. Everyone goes goo for his daughter. Adam cannot see any negatives that Will is in the final three. He thinks that in and of itself is a victory. Blake liked that Will went more reserved here and thought it was excellent and solid. He didn’t need bells and whistles because of the consistency. “And I Am Telling You That I’m Not Going” sung by Jacquie Lee: Jennifer Hudson and Amber Riley are the only two people who song this that I loved. With how Jacquie has been doing tonight, this will not change. Stop making weird noises! What the hell am I listening too? Her breath control is not there. She pulls her mic away at the wrong times. She gives big notes like they will distract us. But no. I’m sorry it doesn’t sound that good. Maybe it’s me. And she does this yowling thing that does sound good. And the lights are hurting my eyes. Yes Jacquie your transformation into a Mini-Christina is complete. And that last note was good. Still Amber Riley and J-Hud did it better. Christina is speechless and can’t believe what she just saw. She said that Jacquie proved herself. Blake thinks it was a match made in Heaven Jacquie and Christina.

Erika's Take:

Time for my mini critiques and grades! I love all the finalists so I really hope they bring it! Tessanne Chin: “Try” By P!nk: She kicked ass with this one during the Blind audition and got a four chair turn. She kicked even more ass this go round as she seriously has gotten better with each performance. Her vocals are freaking AMAZING. A+ Will Champlin: “Not Over You” By Gavin Degraw: Will did an amazing job the first time with this song choice. It caters to his vocals so wonderfully. He didn’t disappoint as he too kicked a lot of ass vocally with this performance. So proud of him as he nails all of the song’s nuances. A+ Jacquie Lee: “Back To Black” By Amy Winehouse: Jacquie proved herself to be a powerhouse with this song in the Blinds. Unfortunately this go round, she screeches through the song where she should have shown some restraint. Definitely a lot of missed notes and opportunities. C- Tessanne Chin with Adam Levine: “Let It Be” By Beatles: Carson was right to introduce this a match made in musical heaven because the pair of them blended so beautifully together. Tessanne sounded incredible and Adam was matched her perfectly. A + Jacquie Lee with Christina Aguilera: “We Remain”: I was super excited about this song being performed tonight but then the reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks the moment the pair started singing. They were so ridiculously out of sync and Christina clearly sang the song vocally better than Jacquie. Turned out to be a hot mess of vocals….D Will Champlin with Adam Levine: “Tiny Dancer” By Elton John: My feels literally cannot handle this pairing and this song. Hands down, the best song choice ever on The Voice for a coach and teammate to do together. Their voices blend beautifully. Will has never sounded better. This song is beyond perfect for him and he crushes it. A+ Tessanne Chin: “I Have Nothing” By Whitney Houston: Normally singing Whitney is a way for one to nail their coffin shut on a reality show because no one can pull off Whitney. No one. Even Tessanne wanted to avoid this. That being said….SHE SANG THIS SONG….OH MY STARS….I was worried but SHE CRUSHED IT. That voice of hers… no limits for her. A+ Will Champlin: “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” By Bryan Adams: Adam could not have chosen a better song for Will, given everything Will has gone through to make it this far in the competition. Will’s vocals take the lead and soar in this performance, which I think is the perfect way end his round of competition. B- Jacquie Lee: “And I Am Telling You” From Dreamgirls: Totally saw this one coming a mile away. I was really worried because Jacquie has been off her game tonight in a big way. She totally redeemed herself with this one but that’s really not saying much since she was off in a few parts and her voice broke in places. That last high note saved it for me. C Join us tomorrow as we and 'Merica find out who walks away with the win!


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