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The Flash: 01x12 Crazy For You

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

03/22/2015 12:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 01x12 Crazy For You | Flash
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A couple frantically hollers for help as they are stuck in an overturned car underneath a live power line. Although the fire fighters are on the scene, the Flash arrives to save the day...more like night. He helps one escape, but is caught in a dilemma as a fire slowly starts. Suddenly, the car explodes. It looked like all was lost, but the Flash saves the woman just in time. The two embrace each other, and thank the Flash. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the gang congratulate Barry for breaking a new speed record, but he feels like he can do much better. Wells reinforces that by saying that he knows Barry can do that someday, but he tells him to rest up. However, Cisco tries to get everyone to drink with him, "Who's up for a round?" Barry tells him that he has movie night with Joe, and leaves. Caitlin declines as well, and she reveals to Cisco that while she was looking for her tablet at his workstation, she discovered that he was looking into F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. Cisco tries to explain to her that Hartley knows where Ronnie is, but she tells him that she wants to move on with her life. "Doesn't seem like it." "What's that supposed to mean?" "Look, I'm not an expert on love, but I think in order to move on from Ronnie, you actually have to move on." A mysterious car pulls up in front of Iron Heights. A dark-haired woman puts in some music, and peers into a telescope to scan the building. In an instant, she disappears and reappears inside the building. She carefully makes her way around, almost bumping into a security guard at one point. She proceeds to break some of the security cameras, and evade more guards until she reaches a particular cell. "Shawna?" She enters his cell with a poof, and helps him escape with her newfound powers. "Oh, you like?" "I love." They kiss, and leave the area in her car. The next day, Barry and Joe were investigating the cell where it was revealed to be Clay Parker's. Joe tells him that Clay suddenly vanished, but Barry says he found some sort of organic particulate residual (DNA) that led him outside. Barry's dad shortly makes his appearance, and they have a brief discussion on Clay's disappearance before he leaves, "Duty calls," he says. It's revealed that Joe was the reason Barry was able to 'bump into' his dad at the prison cell. In a lavish room, Clay thanks Shawna for helping him escape, and he asks her how she got her powers. She explains that it started right after he got locked up; she passed out for no reason, and found herself in odd places. It took her a while to control it, and as soon as she did, she came for him. She tells him that they got a "second-chance" and that they can finally leave Central City to do all the things they talked about. Clay refuses because he owes Marcus a lot of money, and he's worried that he will find them. He comes up with an idea, however; with her powers they can pay off the debt, and then they'll be free. She agrees by kissing him. At S.T.A.R. Labs, everyone with the addition of Joe, is examining the DNA Barry found. "Not even Barry's cells move this fast," Caitlin exclaims. Joe quickly assumes that Clay is a meta-human, but Wells stops him right in his tracks, "The particulate residue Barry gathered at Iron Height does contain Clay Parker's DNA, but also DNA of a woman." Barry asks them to find a match, and Cisco says it matches a woman named Shawna Baez. Barry and Joe head off to go search for Shawna and Clay, while Wells and Caitlin study the cells. Cisco walks off in another direction to Hartley's cell. "I've had the biggest craving for Thai food," Hartley says as Cisco arrives. Cisco tries to get more info on Dr. Stein, but it doesn't work too well. Hartley offers him a deal: his freedom for information. "I don't believe you." "Well, I'm telling you the truth, Cisco. When you are ready, you know where to find me." At Jitters, Iris and Barry were getting a drink when Iris asks him why he's smiling. He tells her that he got the chance to see his dad face-to-face because of Joe. She happy for him, but is upset that her editor wants her to write on the Flash only because of her connection with the hero. Since she hasn't written up anything on him, she's worried that she might lose her job. Barry reassures her that they'll find a story for her together, and that he's always there for her. Meanwhile, at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco lets Hartley out of his cell, but there's a catch: he has to wear handcuffs. "Curiosity's a maddening thing, is it not?" Hartley remarks. At Iron Heights, Barry and Joe continue their investigation. Barry asks his dad if he knew someone named Marcus Stockheimer. Henry (Barry's dad) tells Barry and Joe that Clay used to be a runner for Marcus, but when Clay got pinched, Marcus lost a lot of money. Apparently, Marcus doesn't like losing money. In addition, Henry says that if one were a part of Stockheimer's crew, if you want out, you visit him or you'll suffer the consequences. Barry then makes his dad promise to not play the cop anymore. Cisco leads Hartley outside of S.T.A.R. Labs where Hartley shows him a 'bomb shadow' on the wall. Hartley speaks in Japanese for a brief moment, in which Cisco responds, "How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in every one of them?" Hartley reveals that the shadow belonged to Dr. Stein. Cisco suspects that Hartley is trying to trick him, so he tries to get Hartley back indoors. However, Hartley tries to make his escape, but is proven unsuccessful due to Cisco's newest toy. Hartley agrees to help him, but asks to take the handcuffs off since it'll look conspicuous at their next location. Inside of S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin explains to Barry what she discovered when examining the residue, "When Clay's cells come I to contact with Shawna's, they adopt her properties." But Barry notices that something's bothering her. "Why would you ask that?" "You're doing that biting-your-lower-lip thing that you do when something's bothering you." Caitlin tries to play it off, but quickly admits that she's bothered by the fact she doesn't have a life. "Hey, I'm not doing any better than you," responded Barry. "My social life consists of running at superhuman speed and Netflix." Suddenly they receive a notification that there's a robbery, and that the suspects are a male and female in their 20s. "Sounds like our meta-human Bonnie and Clyde are at it again." "Time to ruin their social life." While Clay was watching his captives, Shawna was busy robbing the money until the Flash arrives. "Oh, I've read about you...Catch me if you can." "I can." Despite his best efforts, she kept teleporting away from him. When it looked like he had a chance, Clay appears behind him and shoots him. Luckily, the Flash catches the bullet before it causes some damage, but he loses the both of them in the process. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin is surprised that the bullet barely broke the skin. "Guess I'm faster than a speeding bullet," Barry replied. Wells enters and tells the pair that through quantum entanglement, Shawna can teleport. Caitlin gets the opportunity to name Shawna as Peek-A-Boo. Barry expresses his frustration over not being able to catch her, but Wells tells him that everyone has their limits. Barry leaves to go help Iris, but gets a rain check instead; Iris and Eddie were going to dinner with his mom. Barry calls Caitlin, and they end up meeting at a local bar. When Caitlin arrives, Barry is surprised to see her dress differently than usual. "I don't always dress like a high school principle," she said. Although Barry initially called Caitlin to 'investigate' the bars where Clay and Shawna once frequently visited, it was all a guise. He admits his pent-up frustration over Iris, and feels like he's destined to be her friend. Caitlin opens up to him, revealing that she still pines for Robbie. Both of them come to the realization that they should have fun, and Caitlin drinks to that. Cisco and Hartley are in Barry's lab at CCPD where Cisco is looking up information of Dr. Stein's disappearance. Hartley tells Cisco that he knows Dr. Stein was there when the explosion occurred since he walked past him. Dr. Stein apparently specialized in transmutation. Hartley instructs Cisco to look at the video footage CCPD confiscated where it's shown that Ronnie and Stein merged together. As Cisco stares in disbelief, Hartley pulls out his hearing aids, and uses it to stun Cisco and breaks his new toy as well. "Adios." In the bar, a very drunk Caitlin calls out for Barry on the karaoke stage. She accidentally slips out how Barry is so fast, but starts to sing "Summer Nights" from Grease. Surprising Barry can sing quite well, and that throws off Caitlin. Afterwards, she heads off to the bathroom, and Linda appears (Kind of mind-wreaking, I know) to give him her number. Caitlin come back from the bathroom as Linda Park left because she didn't feel good. As a good friend, Barry takes her outside so she can 'make a deposit'. In what appears to be an empty warehouse, Clay and Shawna are paying the 80 grand he owes to Marcus. That ends up not being enough since he wants to use Shawna's power for his own good. Seconds later, the police bust in to arrest Marcus. Clay gets shot, but Shawna teleported them both to safety. Barry continues to watch over Caitlin, and took her home. Caitlin asks him if he's going to contact Linda as she's changing out of her clothes in front of him, "...You won't. You'll let her slip right through your fingers because you think you don't deserve happiness. But what you don't realize is, you need a little saving, too." Barry then helps her, with his super speed, put on her pajamas, tucks her into bed, and stayed with her until she fell asleep. The next day, Caitlin arrives to work with shades on and a hangover, and was greeted by Barry who helped her remember how 'well' she sang the night before. That's what good friends are for, right? Things quickly turn serious as Cisco tells them that Hartley escaped because of him. Caitlin thought that Cisco was doing it for her, but he admittedly feels guilty for what happened to Ronnie; Cisco sealed him in the accelerator right before it blew up. Ronnie told him to wait for two minutes, but he never returned. He apologizes to them. For some reason, Caitlin takes the news extremely well, and says "Do you know what Ronnie would say if he was here? He would say that you did the right thing. It wasn't your fault. What happened that night wasn't anybody's fault." Right after that lovely sentimental moment, Wells  tells them of a theory he's come up with concerning Shawna's cells. He discovered that without light, her cells freeze. "Shawna can only become entangled with something she can see. Take away her ability to do that-" "She can't teleport," exclaims Cisco. "Exactly." Shortly afterwards, Barry answers a phone call only to find out his dad has been stabbed. At the hospital, Barry and Joe talk to Henry about his stabbing. Henry says that it was a reminder to not mess with Marcus Stockheimer. Barry didn't like how his dad was playing cop, but Joe needed Henry's information to arrest Marcus and track down Clay and Shawna. Barry is clearly upset that his dad and Joe were secretly working together, but Henry wanted to help him, even if he was in prison. He reveals that one of Marcus' boys did that to him, his name being Julius. Barry, in his super suit of course, locates Julius, and brings him outside, making him look like he escaped. Julius panics because they would add ten more years to his sentence, and tells the Flash where Marcus' next job will be at. "It's a TDK and money transfer truck coming from the federal reserve bank in St. Louis. Supposed to be millions. Delivery's around 8:00. That's all I know. I swear." The Flash leaves him behind to go find the truck. Shawna and Clay were following the truck Julius told Barry, and she uses her powers to steal a handful before poofing back to the car to escape. Suddenly, the Flash appears right in front of them as they were entering a tunnel. The Flash and Shawna get into another scuffle, and once more it looks like she's got the upper hand. When Clay pushed on the gas to escape with Shawna, Wells reminds the Flash of her weakness. Using a tool he finds on the ground, he breaks all the lights, including the car lights. When the Flash approached the car, he discovers an alone and distraught Shawna; Clay left her. Shawna attempts to escape her new home, the super villain basement jail, but her efforts are useless; it's mirrored on the inside. Barry confronts Shawna that Clay left her. "You know what the crazy thing is? I still love him," she replies. It's a feeling Caitlin and Barry know too well. "Crazy is right," "Some people are worth being crazy for," Barry says. As the pair walk down a hallway, Caitlin apologizes for her drunken behavior the other night, but Barry was okay with it. Then Barry reinforces the thought about the both of them having feelings for people who don't feel the same for them. Caitlin adds to it by saying that she needs to find someone new to be crazy about (coughBarrycough). As Iris was walking, the Flash zips by her, leaving a gust of wind to blow upon her. Automatically assuming it can be none other than the Flash, she follows him down an alleyway where he leaves her with information on the breakout at Iron Heights. When he leaves, she manages to take a picture of the velvet speedster. "You're not the only one who's fast," she smiles. Iris walks into Barry at Central City Picture News thinking that he was there to see her. Turns out that wasn't the case; Barry has a lunch date with Linda Park. Iris was taken aback by the news as the both of them head out. At the hospital, Barry tells his dad about his date with Linda, and his dad was happy that he went on an actual date and that Barry didn't tell her that his dad in the 'slammer'. Henry changes the topic when he shows Barry the local newspaper with the Flash's picture on the front. Henry tells him that both him and Joe are lucky to have the Flash around. Barry tries to assure that he's not the Flash by saying that he would be the first one to know. "Well, if the Flash were my son, I'd tell him a few things," he said. "First off, I'd tell him it's a dangerous world, so be careful. Then I'd tell him he's a hero. And he's saving a lot of lives. But the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father is proud of him." That sweet moment left Barry teary-eyed.

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