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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 01x16 Rogue Time

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/07/2015 6:46 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 01x16 Rogue Time | The Flash
Media Courtesy of IGN

If you've seen DC's animated film Flashpoint Paradox or any movie/television show that has to deal with "changing the hands of time," then you are probably aware of what happens when you try to change the past. From the previous episode, we see The Flash run so extremely fast to the point where he finds himself back in time. Back in time as in before heading to the morgue. With his future knowledge, he tells Joe and Eddie that the victim's murderer was caused by Mark Mardon.

Also in the previous episode, we see Cisco hanging out with Dr. Wells because he didn't want to attend his brother's birthday party. This time, he and Caitlin go because 1) Barry already 'saved' the day, and 2) she convinced him, kind of. At the party, we can obviously see who's the favorite son. He, obviously, turns out to be a jerk, but it's okay, we still think you're the coolest, Cisco.

Oh yeah, remember that game when someone would say "Jinx!" if someone said the same thing you said? Barry just happened to get himself some free sodas. However, Dr. Wells notices and he tells Barry to not screw things up because any deviation can result in a catastrophe. The only reason why he's 'concerned' is for the sake of his own future where The Flash is gone. In other news, The Flash immediately rounds up Mark Mardon before Joe or anyone else got involved. Although Barry felt like he's done the right thing by avoiding the giant tsunami tragedy all together, a new one comes to take its place, and it happens to be Hot and Cold.

For those who were shipping Barry x Linda, that soon comes to an end. Although, it was sad, I'm just glad it ended well between the pair. It's nice to see how she handled that gracefully despite everything. The thing is, time travel changes outcomes, even if you happen to come from the future. He tries to get with Iris, but is immediately shot down, possibly ruining his chances for a future opportunity.

While I'm not sure if this is a guy thing, but if your guy friend is feeling down, you get some drinks at the bar. Then, some chick arrives to buy Cisco a drink and, well, things get steamy until she takes off her wig. Lisa turns out to be none other than Captain Cold's sister. Yikes. He strikes up a deal with the genius: guns in exchange for he and his brother's lives; although he's a jerk, Cisco's got a heart of gold. They use those guns to attack a casino, but luckily, The Flash arrives just in time to save the day, kind of. Looks like the crisis has officially arrived, Barry. Let me add this, too: a punch from Eddie.

Sometimes heroes need to be saved, even if it's as simple as having someone to listen to their problems. Even if it happens to be Dr. Wells. It must suck for Barry to hold everything in. Although Dr. Wells turns out to be the Reverse Flash, he still gave him some decent advice.

Going back to Cisco's unfortunate situation, he and Dante, his brother, have a sibling moment of some sort. He reveals that Melinda Tores, Cisco's girl of his dreams, had a crush on him before he 'stole' her away. He adds that he's jealous of him because he had his life together. He may have been a jerk, but he tries his best to protect his little brother. It doesn't end well until Cold offers Cisco a deal once again: they walk free in exchange for The Flash's identity. Cold uses his new gun to freeze brother's fingers as well, forcing Cisco to reveal The Flash's identity. As a result, he feels like he shouldn't be a part of Barry's team, but Dr. Wells tells him otherwise, even going as far as to tell him that he's like the son he's never had. Sound familiar?

Joe visits Iris at work to advise her to show her love for the man the man she loves the most. No mo' games, Iris.

Apparently, Cold attacked the casino just to get the moolah. The plan works well, until, of course, the velvet speedster arrives. Cold threatens to reveal Barry's identity if Barry places him in his meta-human cell, however, they somewhat reach a consensus: Cold can stay as long as he 1) doesn't kill anyone, and 2) doesn't mess with Barry's loved ones.

Remember how I said that sometimes heroes need saving? Well, this time it's Caitlin to the rescue. She made up a story that Barry had 'Lightning Psychosis', a side effect of being struck by lightning, in order to save his relationship with both Eddie and Iris.

Meanwhile, at Picture News, Mason is working on his latest exposé: Dr. Wells. Suddenly, the Reverse Flash appears, forcing Mason to give up his hard-drive before killing him. Goodbye, article. While this may have prevented the entire world to discover who Wells really is, it causes Barry to start doubting him.

What did you think of this episode, PopWrappers?

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