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The Flash: 02x01, The Man Who Saved Central City

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/07/2015 11:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x01, The Man Who Saved Central City | Man Who Saved Central City
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The Flash proved to be one of the best superhero television shows when it premiered last year and after the shocking season finale of its last season, the show is finally back on The CW with Barry Allen being "The Man Who Saved Central City".

The Flash is seen fighting Captain Cold and Heat Wave along with Firestorm, before the two seal the deal and head back to STAR Labs; Wells congratulates Barry, standing up from his wheelchair and telling him he’s ready to do it all alone. Barry is then seen on his own, getting signals of threats and going after them by himself. Right after, he’s examining a metahuman-involving incident of a victim with Joe, who expresses his hopes of him attending the Flash Day. We hear about the celebration to honor Central's savior by giving him the city’s key on the news and a man snaps a picture of Barry leaving the scene. 

Iris finds Cisco and her father at the police station and as they worry about Barry’s absence from his own tribute, they decide she should go talk him into it. She finds him cleaning up the mess left behind by the disastrous event, and even though he’s not willing to cooperate, she tells Central believes in him and so does she, which might change things around. Barry stays alone again and remembers the day when he saved the city. It turns out he had some help by Firestorm and they managed to shut the world-sucking hole down, but when Barry ran out of it with Firestorm’s body, he only managed to bring back the professor and feels guilty for Ronnie's death.

Everyone’s gathered at the park to celebrate the Flash Day, with the mayor handing our guy the key to the city, as he does attend the event. Things go south though when a villain throws a big thing on top of them, but the Flash manages to catch the mayor and run right in time. As he tries to stop the metahuman, he's thrown away and that bastard is immune to bullets as well. Cisco freezes for a moment, having a vision about the bad guy being hit by blue light in a room, but is quickly brought back and shoots him with his new metahuman-facing gun. However, he’s getting bigger instead of going down, so he gets away after they figure out it’s the same man Barry and Joe had found dead earlier.

The body turns out to have stayed in the cemetery all night long, so that metahuman has to be someone else. Devices didn’t quite work around him, so they’re looking into that as well. Iris tells her dad they can’t let Barry work alone and they’ll help him whether he wants to or not. Cisco pays Caitlin a visit at her new job and gets her to help with the technology-related issues. An attorney finds Barry at Star Labs and hands him a tape as Wells’ last will. At the same time, the gang gathers and decide to help Barry, having realised the metahuman is absorbing radiation to gain power. Barry is not ready for help though, as he gets his Flash on and goes after the new metahuman on his own again. 

The Flash is getting his ass kicked as he’s the only one the metahuman wants to kill, but thank God Cisco and Stein get him saved by distracting the latter with the alarm. Barry’s passes out once he’s back at STAR Labs and it’s time for a flashback of Joe telling him to let his sadness out and get over it, as he’ll be by his side. When he wakes up, Joe is once again by his side trying to comfort him and get him to stop blaming himself, so he can finally move on. The whole talk finds Barry visiting Caitlyn and once the two get over their issues, they watch Wells’ video together, which is just him confessing he had killed Barry’s mother. Contacting Joe, he makes it official that his father can be set free. 

Finally, Barry is ready to take his friends’ help and Caitlin suggests they feed their metahuman a whole lot of radiation. Right after, Bary lures him to some cage-like room at an old factory and they make sure he gets a good dose of it. The Flash tries to find out why this guy is after him, but he only says someone named Zoom promised to take him back home in return for killing him and goes out for good. 

The next thing couldn’t be anything but Barry welcoming his father out of prison and taking him back home, where they’re all celebrating filled with joy. After Stein’s toast about moving forward, the happiness is gone as Henry tells Barry he’s leaving town so his son can be all he needs to be. Not the easiest pill to swallow indeed. The next day finds the whole team at STAR Labs, where they talk about the upgraded suit and security systems. Before you know it, a man-shaped form appears at the door and it’s non other than our long-awaited Jay Garrick, warning that Barry’s world is in danger.

It’s now safe to say that The Flash not only knows how to get things started in a big way, but it can follow its freshman hype perfectly as well. If you weren’t convinced already, "The Man Who Saved Central City" will give you enough reasons to keep watching through the show’s second season.


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