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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x02, Flash Of Two Worlds

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/15/2015 6:22 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x02, Flash Of Two Worlds | Flash Of Two Worlds
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After last week’s season premiere, The Flash returns with the second episode of its sophomore season, "Flash Of Two Worlds".  It all begins with Jay Garrick explaining that the singularity connected their worlds, so they had only seen their latest villain dead before because he came from his world. He reveals he’s the Flash in his world and was almost killed by the evil, very fast speedster Zoom, but was sucked by the whole and made it to their world powerless. He’s been following them for a while and they agree to test him in order for them to be convinced. Zoom is seen bringing another guy in Central and ordering him to kill the Flash if he wants to go home. Caitlin chats with Jay and finds out how he got his powers, as well as that he was a scientist. With everyone confused, Stein explains there are multiple very similar Earths and gives Jay’s world a name - Earth-2, while also expressing his fear of an existing breach. Barry is suspicious and Caitlin says Jay’s tests don’t prove him to be a speedster, but he passed a lie-detecting test. Detective West is approached by a female officer named Spivot who wants to be on the anti-metahuman task force and despite her impressive skills, he’s against it. Barry locks Jay in their metahuman cage and the latter claims he’ll need his help and more to beat Zoom, before Cisco informs him of a fire and he runs straight to it. After putting the fire out, The Flash is hit by sand, coming from the man Zoom sent. He seems to be sand-made and can’t be defeated, so Barry runs away. He informs West at the scene of the fire, before Spivot comes in with some kind of evidence, hoping to impress her still unwilling boss and claiming to be a fan of Barry’s. Jay’s training and his stats are still normal, with Caitlin seeming attracted to him. Cisco is examining the sand from the location, when Jay appears and insists that he teaches Barry how to fight this Sand Demon. However, the latter claims if Garrick’s so good, he would’ve caught him already and wants him back in his cell. Stein has sort of proved the theory of the breach between worlds and they’re one step closer to figuring out its location. Cisco is up to checking the sand, but touching it gets his power going and he sees the scene of Sand Demon putting Barry down. Joe is spying on Sand Demon and is forced to chase him, before Spivot is one step ahead and puts him down. The Sand Demon guy denies setting that fire and as Barry bonds with Spivot, Joe suggests Jay’s theory might actually be true. Back to STAR Labs, Barry still doesn’t trust Jay and Iris asks for them to be left alone and addresses his trust issues, suggesting Garrick reminds him of Wells but he needs to keep believing in the team. Joe lets the guy they caught go and chats with Spivot about her obsession with the task force, before the Sand Demon comes in, punches him and kidnaps Spivot. Barry finally decides to let Jay help, so he claims Sand Demon will be somewhere wet and humid and suggests that Barry lairns how to create a lightning to turn the sand into glass. Before leaving, Barry takes a moment to comfort Joe. Spivot is tied down as Sand Demon is creating a concussive bomb, telling him he’s not special and that the Flash will come for her. As the teams tries to locate Sand Demon, Cisco leaves and gets a vision of both the bomb and the location. Stein sees him and is kind of suspicious already, but he runs to tell Barry. Jay’s teaching Barry how to throw a lightning, when Cisco and Stein interrupt with the location information. Jay says he’s been slowed down by him with a concussive bomb before and they agree to use him as a diversion, since the villain doesn’t know he’s lost his speed. So they do and Barry manages to save Spivot, with Sand Demon prepared to kill both Flashes. However, Mr. Allen attempts the lightning thing for the very first time and turns him into freaking glass. Back at the labs, Caitlin treats Jay’s wounds and makes her admiration public, as they both claim it’s hard living with a part of them lost. Barry comes in apologizing for not believing Jay was a hero earlier, with the latter discussing Zoom, how he wants to be the only speedster and is always one step ahead. Joe asks Spivot why she wants to be in the task force and she says the guy that killed her father got powers, which pretty much gets her in. Before he’s out, a woman calls him Joseph and it turns out to be Iris’ mother! Stein forces Cisco to tell him everything about his powers, but finds out he’s not excited to share it with the world. The two have located 52 breaches in Central City with the biggest one at STAR Labs, but Stein passes out while telling the team. Now probably on Earth-2, STAR Labs are going strong and guess who’s very much alive... Yes, it’s son of a bitch Harrison Wells! So "Flash Of Two Worlds" finally gave us some answers, properly introduced our brand-new speedster and gave us not one but at least two new big bads to be worried about! It’s safe to say that no one will miss next week’s episode of The Flash.


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