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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x03, Family Of Rogues

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/22/2015 4:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x03, Family Of Rogues | Family Of Rogues
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Another week, another episode of The Flash! With Zoom desparately wanting Barry dead and the latter finally trusting Jay Garrick, let’s see what went down in "Family Of Rogues".

The episode begins with Iris calling Barry to go rescue her from some shooters she followed to write a story; so he does and takes care of these two. Over at the lab, the team’s looking at the breach and Jay says it could be his way home, while Dr. Stein appears to be alright and they decide to make it stable in order for Barry to get Jay back to Earth-2. Joe meets his ex-wife and tries to give her money so as to get her away, but she’s staying to meet Iris despite his 48-hour deadline. Barry runs into Patty while enjoying coffee at Jitters, before Lisa Snart appears to ask for help as her brother has been kidnapped. She explains how things went down to The Flash and says he owes Snart a favor for saving his life, so they track his gun and Barry runs to the location. Barry finds Snart but he doesn’t seem kidnapped at all and freezes the Flash halfway through, with his father congratulating him.

Cisco makes sure to save Barry with some heat addition to the suit. When they tell Lisa what went down, she explains her brother wouldn’t be working with their father and shows a big scar she got from him, chatting about it with Cisco and insisting that her brother is in trouble. Joe checks in with Iris and wants to tell her something, but she’s landed the front page so they’re interrupted. Barry talks with Snart about stopping him and his father from hurting innocents, but they don’t get to terms. Joe tells Barry everything about Iris’ mother and he finds comfort, but is advised to tell his daughter the truth. Lenny is trying to figure out away to avoid killing innocents while working with his dad and Lewis blows their partner’s head with inner thermite for speaking against his son. Barry and Patty examine the body and figure out what went down thanks to Joe’s information, realising Lewis must have something over Leonard.

Caitlin brings Jay food and tells him he can be important as a scientist as well, before Cisco calls her upstairs and they realise there’s thermite in Lisa’s neck. Joe tells Iris everything about her mother in a heartfelt moment and she perfectly understands. The bomb will make Lisa’s head explode if air gets to it, so they decide Barry will be joining Lewis’ crew to find another way. Barry finds Lenny and tells him what he knows, before Lewis comes in and he pretends to be the new tech guy. They get to a building to steal something and Barry gets the final foor open, but that son of a bitch Lewis shoots him! Don’t worry though ‘cause he caught the bullet. Cisco has kind of found a way to suck the bomb out of Lisa, with slight risk involved, but she trusts him.

Lenny freezes some lazer lights for his dad to steal some diamonds and Cisco is about to extract the bomb from Lisa, when Barry calls and urges him to do it right away as he’s going after the Snarts. Lewis threatens his son with his sister’s life, but they delay things long enough for Cisco to get the bomb out and Leonard kills his father with an ice shot. Barry talks to Snart in jail and says he realised there’s good in him. Joe thanks Barry for the advice, before the former runs into Patty again and she gives him her number. Lisa and Cisco say their goodbyes, kiss included. At the Labs, the breach is turned into a speed cannon and it works, but Cait gets Jay to stay in a flirty moment. Stein gets shaky again and flames get out of him, both orange and blue, before he passes out again. It all ends with Harrison Wells making it back to the Labs through the speed cannon.

And we didn’t get Zoom in "Family Of Rogues", but we got all the leads we needed for Legends Of Tomorrow, the new Firestorm and even more villains in season 2 of The Flash. Make sure you tune in!


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