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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x04, The Fury Of Firestorm

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/29/2015 5:09 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x04, The Fury Of Firestorm | Fury Of Firestorm
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After dealing with the Rogues last week, The Flash strikes back to find a new partner for Professor Stein in "The Fury Of Firestorm". It all begins with talented football player Jefferson Jackson getting his big shot, right before getting hit by the accelerator’s explosion. The team is trying to cure Stein, but Caitlin knows he needs his other Firestorm half and has found two candidates, one of them being Jackson and the other Henry Hewitt. Thanks to Barry’s speed, they instantly get blood samples from both. Joe finds Iris looking at a photo of hers with her mother and tells her she doesn’t have to meet her, but she turns out to be willing to. Patty tells Barry about some man-shark and gives him some teeth to test, before Joe interrupts and chit-chats with Barry. The latter runs back to STAR Labs and they all agree to meet both Firestorm candidates before deciding, but Cisco stays back and Earth-2 Wells is there too. Barry and Stein meet Jax and he’s not helpful as the explosion ruined his dreams of professional football, but they leave their number. Iris meets Joe with her mother Francince and tells her she doesn’t hate her, but wants them to keep living separate lives. Back to STAR Labs, they have Hewitt down to join Firestorm, but it turns out he’s not compatible and leaves the place angry, with some power triggered. Amanda Palmer finds a thied in Mercury Labs and realizes it’s none other than Wells, who escapes. She reports everything to Joe and Spivot, who claim he’s dead, and Joe tells Patty not to drag Barry into this. Joe meets his wife back at the police station, telling she has until the end of the year to live at best because of McGregor’s. Jax is brought to STAR Labs, but doesn’t want to be a part of this and Caitlin runs after Hewitt to try again. Patty’s man-shark turns out to have human DNA and she acts weird, so Barry goes to Joe and before he asks, he’s told about Francine. Joe doesn’t reveal anything, but teases about the flirting with Spivot. Hewitt is seen furious at another partner and getting all fired up, with the news reporting him as wanted. He’s dangerous and Stein gets worse, so Barry talks with Caitlin about it. Joe tells Iris about her mother and she’s suspicious, but he’s got her back no matter what. Caitlin pays Jax a visit to apologize and talk him into joining them, but Hewitt soon interrupts all angry and the two rush back to STAR Labs. Stein is getting worse and Jax agrees to merge, so the two become Firestorm 2.0 and go after Hewitt. Once Jax gets hold of his new powers, he works with the Flash in a fun yet smart way to get Henry down. Iris meets with her mother and says she was ready to give her a chance, but she’s still lying as she has a son. The team’s got Henry in a safe place, while Firestorm 2.0 is heading to Pittsburg for some training. Caitlin gives Jax Ronnie’s compass and Stein tells Cisco to reveal his power to his pals. As the Flash is watching Patty, the man-shark grabs him and tells Zoom wants him dead. Patty gets out and fires at him with no result, before someone appears in the back and shoots with some kind of lightning gun, putting him down for good. Day saved, huh? Not so fast, as the shooter is none other than Harrison Wells. And that’s all for this week y’all! Despite not seeing Jay Garrick at all this week, "The Fury Of Firestorm" was definitely one of the best episodes in this season so far, so make sure to tune in next week for even more action.


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