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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x06, Enter Zoom

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/12/2015 5:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x06, Enter Zoom | Enter Zoom
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After successfully facing Dr. Light last week, The Flash strikes back for even more Zoom-related action in "Enter Zoom". It all begins with Dr. Light kicking The Flash’s butt and taking the lightning off his suit. 72 hours earlier, Barry finds out she was supposed to throw his sign through the breach for Zoom and will now help trap him that way. Wells-2 says they could craft an anti-speed gun to hit Zoom, but Joe asks Cisco to vibe him and see what he gets, as the two and Caitlin don’t trust him. Wells-2 thinks of the day his daughter confronted him about creating those metahumans. Patty mentions Light’s potential invisibility to Joe, but he says this case is closed. Barry comes in and the two flirt just a little bit. Linda tells Iris she wants to talk to The Flash and help him with her look-alike metahuman. Cisco brings food to Dr. Light but she’s taken her clothes of to be invisible, so he opens the cage and she runs free.  Barry wants to trap Zoom the same way, but Joe thinks they should find Jay for help. Cisco tries to vibe Wells but gets called out, before the latter remembers how his daughter was kidnapped by a metahuman. Patty tries to show her trust to Joe by revealing she and Barry kissed, but he’s not giving her anything. Barry and Iris think of using Linda as bait for Zoom and they take her to STAR Labs, where the Flash gets her in. They dress her up as Dr. Light and train her hard until she finally gets a hold of her powers, but the idea is not that well-received. Joe confronts Barry about going for blood with Zoom, before the latter pays Linda a visit and takes his mask off to build the trust between them. Cisco thanks Wells-2 for helping when they accidentally touch and he gets a vibe of his daughter being interrogated by Zoom.  Patty talks to Joe about hiding something and he asks for a few days of trust to end this, before she asks Barry out and has to deal with the next day as he has plans with Joe. As we saw earlier, Linda Light takes The Flash down and throws his sign in the breach, but Zoom doesn’t take the bait and they leave empty-handed. Barry admits to Joe that Wells had told him he would never be happy and he’s worried, but is told to make his own happiness. Barry goes straight to Patty and they make out, as he wants to get to know her better. Iris and Linda chat about the whole case, when the latter leaves and is kidnapped by Zoom. Barry is called at STAR Labs and rushes to the roof, managing to save her when she’s dropped from the building. The two prepare to fight and Barry throws a lightning at him, but Zoom grabs it and throw it back at him!  Wells gets out with a gun and Barry holds the anti-speed serum, making Zoom chase him. Barry jumps off a building to bring their speed to terminal velocity, but Zoom still has the upper hand. Wells shoots him but he grabs the dart and puts it in Barry, dragging him to the Picture News, the Police Department and STAR Labs to show their hero has been defeated. He prepares to kill Barry in front of his friends, but Cisco hits him with the serum and only makes him run away. Barry is recovering and Cisco reveals he saw Wells-2′s daughter with Zoom and Joe blames him, but he explains he only wanted to stop the villain with Barry’s help. Barry wakes up and finds out Linda is fine, but when he tries to get out of bed, he realizes he can no longer feel his legs. And that’s all for now! "Enter Zoom" definitely brought a lot to the table and there’s no way anyone will be missing next week’s episode of The Flash!


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