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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x07, Gorilla Warfare

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/19/2015 11:34 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x07, Gorilla Warfare | Gorilla Warfare
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With Barry having lost his speed after facing Zoom, The Flash returns this week with "Gorilla Warfare" and has more threats waiting just around the corner.

Barry seems to be walking fine but isn’t totally healed, while Wells wants to face Zoom on his own back at Earth-2, with Caitlin the only one to object. Cisco has a date with Kendra, while Patty calls Barry to bring him food ‘cause he’s sick, but he doesn’t want her to. Caitlin tries to stop Wells from leaving and gives him an idea of shutting down every breach but the one at STAR Labs. Cisco gets a vibe from Kendra and sees a winged figure, so he excuses himself and runs. Grodd manipulates a scientist to get some kind of drug and kill him, so Joe and Patty examine the crime scene, with the latter finding out her boss is getting Barry some food. Barry’s pushing himself while on the treadmill, but remembers his fight with Zoom and falls down, feeling like a complete failure. As Cisco tells Caitlin about his vision, she gets one of her own, punches him and goes.  Patty calls Joe and tells him the drugs stolen are intelligence-related and that the hair on the scene come from a gorilla. He tells Barry and Cisco it’s Grodd, but he’s already taken Caitlin once they go out. Joe asks for people who might have seen the gorilla, while Cisco and Wells get to work, leaving Barry to think. It turns out Grodd remembers Caitlin and took her so she can be forced to repeat the explosion that created him to make more of his kind. As Barry does better on the treadmill, his father walks in for support and Joe congratulates Iris for the idea. Cisco explains Grodd’s case to Wells and the latter has crafted an algorithm to find him, which gets some locations. As Barry talks with his dad, Cisco and Wells say they know how to find Grodd and they plan to use Wells as the Reverse Flash to trick the gorilla. Cisco gives Wells a lesson or two about acting like the Wells they used to know. Henry gives Barry an emotional speech about losing people’s faith in believing in one’s self, to boost his confidence. Caitlin tries to figure out what Grodd wants, when Wells interrupts and asks to take Caitlin out. Grodd notices it’s not his father and hits him hard, mind-controls Cait when she’s about to run, but Cisco helps her. Barry tells them to hit him with the drugs so he gets shocked and Wells plays along to achieve that, so they run. Back at the Labs, everyone wants Grodd gone for good but Caitlin is showing some kind of sympathy. Wells suggests they send to him to an appropriate location on Earth-2 through a breach and Henry says The Flash will trap him into it. Caitlin lures him out and Barry has his speed back on and in control, so he saves her and makes the gorilla chase him. They plan to hit him with the speed cannon, but he gets the upper hand and could even kill Barry.  Caitlin tries to talk some sense into him to trick him and so the plan works, letting Barry leave and making the breach suck the gorilla. However, he’s too strong to not resist and Henry tells Barry to believe in himself and send him away. Barry runs through the city and kicks him right in the whole. At the Labs, Cisco plans to destroy the Reverse suit but Barry wants him to put it in a ring, and they’ll work with Wells to defeat Zoom and save his daughter. Barry is having some family time with Henry, Joe and Iris, before he’s taking his dad to the bus station to tell him all about Patty, while Joe is feeling sad for not being a father to his son. Patty is giving Barry a hard time and he uses his father as an excuse, but they end up kissing. Cisco apologizes to Kendra and they kiss as well, which gives him another vision of hers as Hawkgirl. Grodd is seen landing on Earth-2 and specifically on the Gorilla City.  And that’s all for now! Surely "Gorilla Warfare" not only had the team face an old enemy once again, but also put him in position to do much more damage in the future. If anything, we’ll definitely be coming back for another episode of The Flash next week.


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