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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x09, Running To Stand Still

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/10/2015 7:09 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x09, Running To Stand Still | Running To Stand Still
Fresh from last week’s Legends Of Tomorrow-building Arrow crossover, The Flash strikes back with midseason finale "Running To Stand Still". It all begins with Zoom appearing to Wells in STAR Labs, with the latter begging to kill him and let his daughter go and the former saying “Merry Christmas”. Iris gets Joe a Flash doll for Christmas and he’s wondering what to get for Barry. Iris walks into Barry and Patty making out, telling her pal about her brother Wally West and Joe’s ingorance in tears, planning to tell him. Jay and Caitlin are being all cheesy while working on closing the breaches, with Garrick being invited to their gathering. Cisco’s making fun of them while looking for Wells, who appears looking strange. The Weather Wizard gets to the prison and sets Captain Cold and The Trickster free to help him kill The Flash. Joe tells Barry Mardon will not do Patty good, but she’s off to go after him.  As the villains are together, Cold is holding back which causes some kind of arguement, soon to be put to rest. Cisco comes up with creating the Weather Wand and Barry says he’s done it already in a timeline he erased. Iris tells Joe about his son with all the details, and he needs time to process it. Captain Cold is waiting for Barry and Iris at home and warns him about the others, not being interested in killing him, but he won’t help him either. Joe feels guilty for being selfish with Francince and letting her go with Wally paying the price, so he talks things out with Barry. The Trickster broadcasts to say he’ll kill The Flash and they manage to track him. Barry gets to some old toys factory and Patty’s already there, but they’ve walked into a trap and he gets her out.  She’s blaming herself for her father’s death and feels like revenge is needed. Later, his call is ignored by Patty and he’s shown the Wand prototype. Meanwhile, the Trickster is dressed up as Santa and gives kids a bunch of gifts to open on the next day. Zoom once again appears to Wells and gives him one more day to “decide”. The Flash goes after Wizard Wind who’s up to killing a crowd, but he’s flying. He eventually gets him down, but Trickster appears saying they’ve given bomb gifts to 100 kids and he’ll let them kill him to not set them off. As he’s being hit, Cisco and Wells try to track the bombs. Trickster’s about to finish him, but the team manages to find a bomb and make it magnetically attract all the others into a breach, so they explode on Earth-2 and Barry gets both criminals down.  Patty appears and wants to kill Mardon, but the Flash’s words get her to only arrest him. Joe meets Barry and says all went well with Francine, since he forgave her and is looking forward to meeting his son. Barry’s looking at Wells behind glass and says he forgives his other self, inviting this one to dinner. He declines, since he’d like to be doing that with his daughter. At West’s, Caitlin and Jay finally kiss under a mistletoe and Patty comes in, telling Barry she needs to discuss something she’s been going through alone. There’s someone else knocking on the door and it’s Wally West, who’s invited inside. Wells meets Zoom again and says he’s only sending the villains to make Barry stronger and steal his power. He brings Jesse over for a second and convinces him to help him do so. And that’s all for now! Make sure to enjoy "Running To Stand Still", ‘cause there won’t be another episode of The Flash before Christmas is over.


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