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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x14, Escape From Earth-2

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

02/19/2016 5:56 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x14, Escape From Earth-2 | Earth-2
Media Courtesy of CWTV

Alright, Speedsters! Let's get right to it! So far this season, The Flash has been full of action, all of which led up to last weeks episode, when Barry, Harry, and Cisco went to Earth-2 to Jesse, leaving Caitlin and Jay to deal with the usual, Central City, meta-drama. Of course, things didn't exactly go as planned and Barry (or at least the Earth-1 version) ends up trapped in Zoom's lair ("He's a bad guy, I'm calling it a lair").

This week's episode dives right back into the action with Zoom sending a very clear message (in the form of a flaming building message--you know, the usual) that he's looking for Wells. Harry, however, doesn't seem to deterred by it. As he watches the report on the news, Cisco comes in to tell him everything that happened, including meeting Cisco and Caitlin's dopplegangers (Reverb and Killer Frost) and Barry's capture. Harry says that they need to come up with a new plan or both Jesse and Barry are dead. 

Right on cue, Earth-2 Barry wakes up and the hilarity begins. Barry-2  is so prim and proper that he makes Barry-1 seem like a hell's angel. Wells tells Barry-2 that he needs to leave but before he can, Zoom shows up and the building goes into lockdown. Wells, Cisco, and Barry hide (or in Barry's case, cower) in Wells' time vault until Zoom goes away. 

Meanwhile, in Zoom's lair, Jesse tells Barry-1 that there's no way to escape. With them in the lair, is a man in a mask who Barry believes is trying to help them. Jesse disagrees but Barry tells her that her dad never gave up on looking for her so she shouldn't give up on him. Before she can respond, Zoom shows up and tells her that she's only still alive so he can kill her in front of Wells after he gets Zoom Barry's speed. 

Back on Earth-1, Central City is still dealing with Geomancer and Jay finally stabilizes the breach. Meanwhile, Caitlin is still working on new versions of Velocity-6 (now up to Velocity-8), but she's worried about the negative side effects of the drug. Jay tells her that it'll be worth it if he can save people from Geomancer. 

At the same time, Iris is having trouble with her new editor. With the Flash missing, he wants to run a piece questioning Flash's status as a hero. In order to stall him, Iris promises to get an interview with Jay. 

On Earth-2, Cisco, Wells, and Barry-2 explain everything to Iris. Cisco asks Iris to help them track down Zoom but she says that its near impossible unless you're a meta that's worked with him. Cisco suggests Killer Frost, hoping that since Zoom killed Deathstorm (this Caitlin's version of Ronnie), she'll be willing to help. Iris tells them that Barry-2, who apparently has Felicity Smoak-esque computer skills, can track her down. He pinpoints her location to the woods and they all set off to find her.

Barry-1 and Jesse are still trying to crack the mystery man's code. They deduce that he's using a 5x5 tap code, used by prisoners of war. Now that they have the code, they can figure out what he's trying to tell them.

Non-meta Caitlin has produced another version of Velocity-6 (now 9) that she hopes will help Jay. Iris comes to ask Jay to help with her article but is interrupted by Geomancer on the news. This time he's calling out Jay, not Flash, and Jay is forced to use the untested Velocity-9 to save the people in the building the meta targets. Thankfully it works and after Jay's spectacle on the news, Iris' article will pretty much write itself. 

Jesse and Barry realize that the mystery man is tapping Jay, as in Jay Garrick. When Barry tells him that he's alive, the man shakes his head and is clearly distressed. Before they can figure out whats wrong with him, Zoom comes and tells him not to talk to them. Barry tells Zoom that he's going to get out and Zoom responds by... well, kicking the crap out him. This seems to have been Barry's plan all along, however, because now he knows how  to get out. 

In the woods, Wells and Cisco find Killer Frost who isn't exactly ready to come willingly. Instead, she decides to kill them and offer them to Zoom. Thankfully, after a few Frozen puns, Cisco corners her before she can really hurt anyone. 

At Star Labs, Caitlin thinks she's figured out how to save Jay. Before she can tell him, though, Geomancer shows up to wreak havoc. Caitlin proves that, even human, she's a badass, and she shoots him with an electrified gun and knocks him out. 

Meanwhile, Killer Frost still isn't willing to help. Cisco tells her that she's just afraid to think about the person she used to be and that Ronnie's death is devastating her as much as it did the other Caitlin. Finally, she agrees to help them and takes them to Ascension cliffs, where Zoom's lair is hidden.

Barry-1 is having trouble phasing out of his cell. Jesse tells him that he'd have to match the frequency of the glass, and since he vibrates at a different frequency than Earth-2, he'll have to go much faster to make up the difference. 

Outside, the group reaches Zoom's lair and Killer Frost says she can build them an ice ladder to climb on. Iris tells Barry-2, who's a little apprehensive, that he should stay behind but he refuses to leave without her. 

With Geomancer in custody, Caitlin finally tells Jay that, on Velocity-9, his cells have started to repair themselves. Before they can celebrate, though, they realize that Geomancer's trimmers destablized the breach. If they don't fix it within the hour, Barry and Cisco will be trapped on Earth-2 for good. 

Cisco and Wells finally reach Barry-1 and Jesse. Wells frees Jesse (with surprising help from Killer Frost) but Barry's cell is a little more impenetrable.  Barry tells them to leave him behind but Barry-2 is having none of that. In the world's most inspiring self-pep talk, Barry-2 tells him that if he tells himself that he can phase out of the cell, he'll be able to do it. It works and they all prepare to leave but Barry says that he's not leaving without the mystery man. 

Before any of them can leave, however, Zoom comes back. Apparently, Killer Frost sold them out and, as Cisco says, disappointed him and her Earth-1 doppleganger. Barry and Wells tell him to let the others go but he decides to kill them instead. Before he can kill Jesse, Killer Frost freezes him, telling Cisco that he was right about her and Ronnie. Barry promises the mystery man that he'll come back for him and the group runs. 

Caitlin and Jay are still trying to stabilize the breach. Jay says that if he can create a vortex and flip all the switches on the stabilizer rings, they breach should stabilize. Joe says that if it means getting Barry back, he'll help and the two, just barely, manage to get the breach stabilized again before the Velocity-9 runs out. 

At Earth-2 Star Labs, Barry tells Iris and Barry-2 to get somewhere safe. Before they go, Barry tells his dopple that he may not have been struck by lightning but he's still a hero. Harry and Jesse decide to go back to Earth-1 with Barry and Cisco. Jesse and Cisco make it through the breach but before Barry and Wells can get through, Zoom grabs Wells. Thankfully, Barry is able to grab him and the two jump through the breach just before Jay closes it. As the team celebrates, Jay approaches the still closing breach. Just before it closes, Zoom reaches through, phasing his hand through Jay's chest and pulling him through. Not again!

This episode was packed with action and emotion, which I absolutely love. I have to say that my favorite part, by far, was Barry-2. He was hilariously innocent and adorable and I was sad to see him go. I will say that I don't believe that Jay's gone for good. For the first time since he showed up, I actually found myself questioning his motives and wondering why the mystery man would spell his name. One thing's for sure, I HAVE to know who Zoom is! 

So what did you think? Have any theories on who Zoom could be? Tell us in the comments! 



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