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The Flash: 02x15, King Shark

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

02/25/2016 8:37 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x15, King Shark | Flash
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Get ready, Speedsters! This one's full speed ahead!

After the tragic ending to last week's episode, the team is still reeling from the death of Jay Garrick. Barry tells Harry to reopen the breach so that he can go back and save him but Harry tells them all that the breaches are closed for good and there's nothing they can do. 

Of course, no one is more effected by the loss of Jay than Caitlin, which worries Barry and Cisco. Harry tells them that she'll be okay, but he warns them against telling Caitlin, Iris, and Joe about their dopplegangers because it could affect their lives in unnecessary ways. They all agree to keep what happened on Earth 2 between them. 

So, now that all of the drama and tragedy surrounding Zoom and Earth 2 is, seemingly, resolved, things are pretty quiet for Flash and the team at STAR Labs. But of course, it doesn't stay that way for long. 

At A.R.G.U.S. headquarters, Lyla and Diggle are having a moment when there's a breach in the aquarium. When they get there, they find King Shark munching on a few agents before he runs away. 

Meanwhile, Barry and the West family are having a game night. Barry, still affected by everything that happened, is disinterested, which doesn't go unnoticed by Wally. Iris and Joe tell Barry that he needs to get to know Wally if he wants him to like him. After Barry goes to bed, Iris and Joe wonder whats going on with him 

At the lab, Cisco tells Caitlin that she should get some rest but she insists that she's fine and storms off. Cisco tells Barry that Caitlin is being closed off and 'cold', which makes him believe that she could be turning into her Earth 2 dopple, Killer Frost. Barry tells him that she just needs  to stay busy so that she'll have time to heal. 

Right on cue, Lyla and Dig show up to inform Barry that not only did King Shark escape, but that he's still hardwired to kill the Flash. Cue the witty Jaws references from Cisco. 

Apparently A.R.G.U.S. has been tracking meta's to see if their powers could be used as weapons. King Shark was just one of many. Dig tells Barry that they just wanted to warn him but that he should stay out of it. Barry says that he can't  and won't do that and enlists Harry to help him find King Shark. 

They decide to seek help from the wife of King Shark's Earth 1 dopple, Dr.  Tonya Lamden, who just happens to be a research scientist studying sharks. Cisco and Cait decide to pay her visit. 

Joe calls Barry to ask if he can  help Wally with his engineering project. Barry tells him that he's too busy with King Shark. When Joe seems disappointed, Barry tells him that he'll make it work and agrees to help Wally. 

At the research facility, Cisco and Caitlin learn that the late Dr. Lamden died after his cells mutated rapidly, much like King Shark. Caitlin, who has no chill (Killer Frost pun intended), tells her that they need to see all her research. Thankfully, Cisco asks Dr. Lamden with a little less ice and she agrees to send them her findings. Cisco tells Caitlin that she was a bit too direct with her approach and she asks him why he's been acting differently around her since they got back from Earth 2. Cisco says its nothing and they leave. 

Meanwhile, the Flash and A.R.G.U.S. are still searching for King Shark with no success. Dig tells Barry, who is clearly stressed, that he can't carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just as they think they won't find him, a couple of A.R.G.U.S agents, unfortunately find him (and he promptly eats them). 

After the... incident, King Shark is in the wind again, much to Lyla's distress. Barry tells her that Harry will, hopefully, be able to track him, then leaves to go meet up with Wally. 

Back at the West house, Wally shows Barry his project, building turbine super cars that can run on bio-diesel. Although Iris and Joe are clearly impressed, Barry immediately starts pointing out the issues which, naturally, upsets Wally. Barry tells him that he just wants to help and they go to work on it together. 

Caitlin tells Cisco that going through Lamden's research is a waste of time. Cisco tells her that maybe she could use a second set of eyes, especially considering the way she's been acting lately. He tells her that she hasn't been acting herself and accidentally lets slip that he met her doppleganger on Earth 2 and that she was evil. Caitlin assures him that she's not a meta and that she's not going to turn evil. She tells him that she has to stay closed off or she's never going to be able to get past all the pain. 

Elsewhere, Harry is still trying to locate King Shark. Jesse tries to help but Harry is reluctant. Finally, he agrees and the two keep working on it.

Back with Wally, Barry seems to have taken control of Wally's project. When it becomes clear that Barry is trying to rush the process, Wally decides to leave. Barry asks him if he has a problem with him. Wally asks how anyone could have any problem with "perfect" Barry. 

Just as Wally is about to leave, King Shark shows up looking for the Flash. Joe sends everyone upstairs so Barry can zoom out and become the Flash. King Shark tells him that Zoom wants him dead but Barry tells him that the breaches are closed and there's no going back to Earth 2. King Shark says that he'll never catch him in water and then runs away.

Back in the now severely damaged West house (insert well placed Sharknado reference), Wally wonders why Iris and Joe are so calm about everything that just went down. They play it off and start cleaning things up. When Barry finally comes downstairs, Wally says that he never knew Barry was a coward. Joe tells Wally to stop but he just leaves instead. 

Iris tells Joe that he needs to talk to Wally about his animosity for Barry but Barry says that they need to stop telling Wally stories about him because he's not perfect. Joe asks Barry what happened on Earth 2 and he tells him that he met their dopplegangers. He tells them everything, from Barry and Iris being married to Joe's eventual death. It finally becomes clear that Barry has been carrying everything that happened since the breaches opened on his shoulders, including all the events on Earth 2. He feels guilty about causing Joe 2's death, everyone Zoom has killed, and leaving Earth 2 at Zoom's mercy. 

Back at STAR labs, the team wonders how King Shark found Barry at home. Caitlin tells them that sharks have the ability to track bioelectricity in fish and that King Shark tracked the electricity in Barry. She says that in order to find King Shark, they'll have to flip it and search for him using active electro-location. Harry and Jesse go to work on reprogramming the STAR labs satellite. 

Once King Shark is located, the team sets a trap for him at the docks, complete with Flash lure stuffed with tranquilizers as bait. Now they wait to reel him in. Caitlin asks Barry if he's okay and he tells her that he's just tired of running away from things instead of towards them. She tells him that this could be his first step- or swim- towards changing that. 

Finally, King Shark shows up and eats the Flash bait. He's not down for the count though, which is clear when he jumps on the docks and challenges Barry. In the water, King Shark is faster, but Barry runs around him, electrifying the water so that he can through enough lightning to knock him out. With King Shark unconscious, A.R.G.U.S is finally able to capture him. 

Back on dry land, Lyla tells Barry that A.R.G.U.S. will try to cure King Shark instead of using him as weapon. Dig tells Barry that he can't blame himself for Jay's death. He says that he needs to use what happened as a guide instead of letting the guilt tear him up inside. 

At Jitters, Wally has finally finished his project and shows it Joe. Wally says that Barry helped but Joe says that even Barry would give Wally all the credit. Joe tells him why Barry came to live them, and why their so proud of the man he became after everything he went through. He tells Wally that he doesn't have to worry because Barry is his son but so is Wally. 

Back at STAR labs, Cisco is working when Caitlin shows up. When he tells her that her hands are freezing, she tells him that she's always hated the name Caitlin. Cisco starts to freak out, thinking she's Killer Frost, but she starts laughing, and its clear that its a joke. She tells him that he doesn't need to worry about her because she's not a meta and she's sad, not evil. 

Upstairs, Barry apologizes to the team for the choices he's made and the consequences that happened because of them. He says that he owns his mistakes and that it's up to them to fix them, starting with finding a way back to Earth 2 to find and stop Zoom and avenge Jay's death.

Back on Earth 2, we see Zoom in his lair, carrying Jay's body. Finally (FINALLY!), Zoom removes his mask to reveal that he's none other than Jay Garrick (I'm sorry, WHO CALLED IT?)! I guess that explains why the mystery man spelled his name. The episode ends with creepy Zoom/Jay looking down at Flash/Jay and ominously stating that "this is a complication". Does anyone else wish they could run forward in time to next week! I need to know what happens next! 

This episode was all kinds of intense and incredibly hilarious! I really enjoyed seeing Barry struggle with his guilt because I know that he'll use it as motivation. Also, hats off to the writers for the incredible amount of fish puns they managed to sneak into this episode! Personal favorites: "I think Bruce has gone belly-up" and "We're gonna need a bigger Flash"! 

So what did you think? Were your Zoom predictions correct or were you floored by the revelation? Tell us in the comments! 



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