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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x16, Trajectory

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

03/23/2016 8:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x16, Trajectory | Trajectory
Media Courtesy of TVAfterDark

There's a new villain in town, Speedsters, and this one's a doozy! So strap in for a wild ride as we launch full speed ahead into this week's action-packed episode of The Flash!

Barry and the team are working on increasing his speed in order to get back to Earth 2 and stop Zoom. Unfortunately, Barry is a little apprehensive about Cisco's proposed methods (which involve attempting to go fast enough to clear the span of a river, set into a cliff). But of course, Barry decides to try. For a second it looks like he's going to make it but when he looks down, he begins to fall and Cisco has to catch him using a net and two drones. (Have I mentioned how much I adore his quick thinking? Almost as much as his quick wit!)

Moving on. Back at Star Labs, the team discusses alternative methods to solving Barry's speed problems. Although Barry wants to keep searching for solutions, Cisco and Caitlin convince him that they all need a break. Cisco suggests that they all go out and get turnt.

Unfortunately for Jesse, Harry isn't exactly on board with the idea. Thankfully, after a little begging, he decides to let her go, with the caveat that she take protection in the form of a tracking watch.

At the club, Team Flash doesn't seem like the liveliest bunch. They decide to take a shot in honor of Jay, save for Jesse, who is under-aged. Iris and Wally show up and Jesse seems to take a particular shine to the new little West. When Jesse goes to the bathroom to disable her watch, which has been beeping incessantly all night, she accidentally triggers a recording of her father, discussing what he would do to the person who had taken her.

Back on the dance floor, Cisco and Caitlin are dancing like the lovable dorks they are as Barry and Iris watch. Iris makes Barry promise that if they ever actually get married, he won't dance like that at their wedding and he wholeheartedly agrees. Iris says that it's weird that they're married in the future and on Earth 2 and they muse about what their dopplegangers are doing at the moment.

Just then, a speedster blasts through the club, robbing both the register and all of the party-goers. Naturally, people assume it was the Flash and Barry races off to try and catch him. All he manages is a glimpse, though, before the speedster races off.

On the scene of the crime, Joe asks Barry who the new speedster is but he has no idea. Always the bearer of great news, Iris adds icing to the cake by showing Barry a photo taken by one of the club-goers that looks exactly like Iris's early pictures of The Flash. Barry is worried about what people will think about the Flash but Joe says that they'll get to the bottom of it.

At Central City Picture News headquarters, Iris's new editor is still on his warpath against the Flash. And now, armed with "photo evidence" that the Flash has gone rogue, he's ready to release a story exposing the Flash as a fraud. Iris attempts to squash the story but the editor tells her that she has to write the story about the Flash's demise.

Meanwhile, Jesse confronts her dad about the message she heard, during which he admits that he killed a man to save her. Harry confesses to killing Turtle, implying that it was worth it to get her back. Jesse calls him a killer before leaving in tears.

Back in the Cortex, Barry and Cisco discuss the identity of the new speedster, wondering why, if he was turned by the particle accelerator, he would wait to reveal himself until now. Seeing their confusion, Caitlin confesses that there's another way to turn into a speedster and tells them about Velocity 9. Barry is upset that they never told him about a drug that could increase his speed when he needed it. Caitlin admits that she promised Jay that she'd keep it a secret in order to protect Barry from the possible ill effects of the drug.

When Cisco reaches out to comfort Caitlin, who is obviously still grieving over Jay, he gets a quick vibe of Zoom before returning to the Cortex. Before he can tell them about his vision, however, there's a metahuman alert and Barry races off to find the mystery speedster, who is in the process of robbing everyone he sees. Barry finally gets a look at the speedster's face, revealing that he is indeed a she, before she escapes yet again.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco is thrilled with the idea of a "lady speedster". The team discusses ways to figure out her identity but Barry says that she was wearing a mask  so finding her will be difficult. He also says that her suit was quality, like his, which prompts Joe to wonder if she had access to a similar lab. This sparks a "very bad thought" in Caitlin, who has an idea of who the speedster could be.

She then reveals that she had help from a colleague at Mercury Labs while she was constructing Velocity 9, a woman named Eliza Harmon. Although Caitlin never gave Eliza the recipe, Harry says that she could have reverse engineered the drug, which Caitlin says is out of character. All the same, Caitlin and Joe go to Mercury Labs to investigate while Barry heads off to train, swiping the Velocity 9 on the way out. Oh Barry! You're so much smarter than this!

At Mercury Labs, Caitlin confronts Eliza about the new speedster. Caitlin asks her if she knows anything about her research possibly being stolen but Eliza says that she kept the research locked down and destroyed the original documents once her work with Caitlin was done. Caitlin is clearly relieved and she and Joe leave.

Meanwhile, Iris's boss is hounding her for her piece on the Flash going dark but she tells him that she has a source stating that the Flash wasn't behind the robberies. However, when he asks her for her source, she tells him she can't tell him and he tells her that he's running the original. In an effort to stall, she invites him out for coffee to discuss the story and he accepts.

Back at Mercury Labs, Eliza seems to be arguing with someone, though its unclear whether it's another person or the darker version of herself that lives in her head. The voice entices her to take Velocity 9 again but Eliza says that there's not enough for both of them. The voice says that Eliza should take it now and worry about getting more later. After she takes the drug, it's revealed that she was arguing with her speedster alter-ego, who states that she knows where to get more.

Meanwhile, Harry confronts Barry about stealing the V-9. Thankfully Barry hasn't taken it yet but he asks why, if all of the bad guys are cheating to get faster, he can't do the same to save everyone. Harry tells him that he'll lose a chunk of his humanity every time he compromises his values, which Barry says is rich coming from him. Harry says that Barry shouldn't want to be like him, he should be better, like Jay and Barry decides to drop destroy the V-9, instead of taking it.

In the Cortex, Barry asks if they've had any luck tracking the new speedster. Right on cue, Eliza's alter-ego Trajectory shows up, locking Barry in the pipeline before going back to the Cortex to shake Team Flash down for more V-9. Caitlin tells Trajectory that she can't give her V-9 because it could hurt her but Trajectory isn't ready to take no for an answer, shooting at Cisco as a warning. Just then, Cisco vibes Zoom again before returning to the chaos in the Cortex. Caitlin tells Trajectory that they're out of V-9 but they promise to make her more to keep her from shooting Jesse.

At Jitters, Iris attempts to convince her boss of the Flash's innocence. He reveals that he sees corruption when other's don't but Iris insists that there's no corruption within the Flash. He also says that being anti-Flash is probably a dating don't which prompts Iris to inform him that this isn't a date. Realizing her stalling plan, he leaves embarrassed.

Back at the lab, Harry gives Trajectory the drugs. Suspicious of the team's willingness to help her, Trajectory injects Jesse with the drugs before zooming out. Once she's gone, Cisco frees Barry and they all go to help Jesse, who is going into shock from the V-9. Caitlin says that they need to give her a blood transfusion to get the V-9 out of her system and Harry offers his blood to help.

Later, Jesse wakes up to her father at her beside. However, its clear that she's still upset with him. He promises to make it up to her but she asks him what else he'd be willing to do to protect her in the future. He tells her that its his job to keep her safe, which is why he killed Turtle and gave Trajectory the drugs. Jesse tells him that that shouldn't be all that matters.

In the Cortex, Caitlin reveals that she put a microtracker in the V-9 that they gave Trajectory. Once they've tracked her, it's revealed that she's running back and forth on a bridge, causing chaos and destroying the structure. Barry runs out to help, getting all of the citizens to safety. Upset that he interfered, Trajectory tosses Barry before decimating the bridge so he can't follow her.

Barry realizes that the only way he'll catch her is if he can jump the river and resolves to try. Unlike before, Barry manages to go fast enough to make the jump and is able to catch Trajectory. When she tries to shoot up again, Barry tells her that it's not worth it. Unfortunately, she takes the V-9 anyway and speeds off. As she's running, Barry notices that her lightning is turning blue before she appears to dissolve, leaving nothing but her suit and mask behind.

At CCPN, Iris turns in her story about the bad speedster. She tells her boss that it's okay to believe in a hero and he agrees. She also apologizes for their not-so date and tells him that being anti-Flash isn't a deal breaker.

In the lab, Harry is looking for Jesse and finds her watch instead. In it, he finds a recording from Jesse, stating that she's leaving. We see her boarding a bus to Opal City and it looks like those Jesse Quick theories may prove true!

Back in the Cortex, the Team tells Iris and Joe about what happened to Trajectory. Barry tells them about her lightning turning blue and they wonder if it's a side effect of V-9. They realize that Zoom must have taken V-9 and is dying, which leads them to wonder if Jay is Zoom ("YES!" she screamed aimlessly at the television. "YES, HE IS!"). Caitlin is unwilling to accept this theory and Cisco says that it can't be Jay, since they watched him die. But Barry says that they've seen a speedster be in two places at once before. Then, Cisco reveals that he's been vibing Zoom  and he realizes that it's been happening around Jay's helmet.

At that, Barry goes to break the glass surrounding Jay's memorialized helmet and Cisco approaches to finally get a complete vision of Zoom. Once he's holding the helmet, he sees Zoom remove his mask and it's revealed that Zoom is, in fact, Jay. At this news, Barry zooms off and we're left with a shot of him at the cliff, screaming in frustration.

Excuse my french, Speedsters, but HOLY CRAP that was a good episode! There was so much action and addicting confusion and it was amazing! I can't wait until next week to see how the Team handles the news that we've all been struggling with for weeks! What was your favorite part of this episode? Tell us in the comments! 


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