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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x19, Back to Normal

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/03/2016 7:12 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x19, Back to Normal | Back to Normal
Media Courtesy of The Flash: 02x19, Back to Normal (Recap)

Howdy-ho, Speedsters, and welcome to another fun-filled recap of The Flash! Last week left us all pretty emotionally heated after Barry was forced to give his speed to Zoom in order to save Wally’s life. And, to add insult to injury, Zoom, aka Jay, kidnapped Caitlin and left Barry and the Team wondering how they’ll get her back now without Barry’s speed. Now, let’s see how our Scarlet Speedster fares, now that he’s just like all the rest of us!

Barry struggles to readjust to life as a regular guy. Meanwhile, Cisco vibes Jay’s helmet so they can keep track of Caitlin. The team brainstorms ways to get her back now that Barry lacks the ability to manipulate the breaches. And, of course, Harry is still upset that Barry reopened the breaches in the first place, only to end up losing to Zoom. He’s also still determined to bring Jesse back and finds a way to track her through cellular dead zones. He heads off to Opal City to get her.

Back to Normal


Joe tells Barry not to blame himself for what happened. He tells him that he needs to ease back into life as a human but Barry says that if working overtime as a CSI is the only way he can fight crime, that’s what he’s going to do.

In Zoom’s lair, Jay tells Caitlin that he cares too much about her hurt to hurt her. She tells him that he only cares about himself and calls him Hunter which triggers memories from his dark past. She asks him why he’s keeping her on Earth-2 and he tells her that it’s because he loves her. He assures her that one day she’ll feel the same, then frees her from her cuffs so she’ll be more comfortable.

Once he’s gone, Caitlin looks around and discovers the man in the iron mask and, in a fun turn of events, her doppleganger, Killer Frost.

Back at CCPD, Wally visits Joe to ask him to arrange a meeting between him and the Flash. Joe tells him that now is a bad time and dismisses him. Meanwhile, Harry arrives in Opal City and finally sees Jesse again. Unfortunately, she blames him for everything that happened with Zoom and the metas and tells him that she’s not coming back.

On the road back to Central City, Harry crashes into a meta on the street. With Harry knocked out, the man grabs him and takes off. The team at S.T.A.R. labs gets an alert from the van and realize that Harry has been taken. Barry and Iris head off to Opal City to track Harry and inform Jesse of her father’s kidnapping.

Meanwhile, on Earth-2, Caitlin and Killer Frost get acquainted. Caitlin wonders why Jay is keeping Killer Frost (and the annoyingly-still-unidentified man in the iron mask) captive. Killer Frost makes a deal with Caitlin that if Caitlin can break her out of her carbine cell, she’ll help Caitlin escape Zoom’s lair and get home.

Back to Normal


On Earth-1, Barry examines the crash site and realizes that Harry was taken by a meta. He and Iris head off to get Jesse so that they can find Harry. At the same time, Harry meets Griffin Grey, a meta with super strength (surprisingly from Earth-1), who is angry with the original Harrison Wells about the negative effects of his powers. His abilities have apparently caused him to age much faster than normal, making him look nearly 50 although he’s only 18.

At the lab, the team and Jesse learn Grey’s identity. Jesse and Cisco analyze Grey’s DNA to figure out what is making him age so quickly while Barry heads off to CCPD to run facial recognition. At CCPD, Wally asks Joe about meeting with the Flash again. He tells him that he just wants to thank him for saving his life and giving up his powers to do so. Joe says that he’ll see what he can do and heads off to meet Barry, who has tracked Grey to an abandoned warehouse. He, Cisco, and Joe meet at the warehouse and confront Grey. Sadly, Barry’s attempts to stop Grey while human end in injury.

Back at the lab, Jesse finds out that Grey’s aging correlates to using his strength. Cisco devises a plan to use Barry as bait so that Grey will exert enough strength to turn him old and feeble. Once everyone leaves, Barry tells Iris about the first time he saved her. He tells her that he’s not sure who he is without the Flash. Iris tells him that he’ll always be a hero, with or without the suit.

In the warehouse, as Harry works on a cure for Grey, the meta tells him about what happened to him. He blames him for all the bad that has happened over the last year and tells him that he ruined Central City.

Back to Normal


Meanwhile, Caitlin breaks Killer Frost out of her cage. Once free, though, Frost turns on Caitlin, and faults her for being so gullible. Thankfully, Zoom comes in before she can do too much damage and kills Killer Frost. Jay tells Caitlin that if she breaks out the man in the iron mask, he’ll kill him too.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Jesse uses Harry’s watch to track him and Cisco tells the team about his plan. Using dwarf star alloy on his suit, Barry will be able to withstand Grey’s hits. The plan is to let Grey hit Barry, which will cause him to age. Unfortunately, the alloy will only withstand one hit and only in the chest area. Any more and Barry could die.

Elsewhere, Grey realizes that Harry doesn’t know how to help and gets angry. Before he can really hurt Harry, he sees Barry and co. outside and goes to confront them. Barry antagonizes Grey enough to age him but he still has to take a direct hit. One punch, however, doesn’t seem to be enough. Thankfully, Barry dodges his punches long enough for Grey to grow feeble. After the fight ends, Barry finds that Grey looks 18 again. The team gets Harry and they head home.

Back to Normal


Jesse apologizes for taking off and for judging Harry so harshly about killing Turtle. She says she understands how he felt when she was taken; she felt the same way when Grey took him. Harry promises to be the father she deserves if she promises to never run away again.

Later, a giddy Wally meets with the Flash. He thanks him for saving him and apologizes for what it cost him. He promises not to waste the second chance that the Flash gave him. Meanwhile, on Earth-2, Caitlin tells Jay that she wants to go home. He agrees to take her back to Earth-1 but vows to conquer it in the same way he did Earth-2.

Back at the lab, Harry finds Barry stressing about Caitlin. Harry tells him that they won’t get Caitlin back without Barry’s powers. He tells Barry that it’s time for him to pay for the problems he caused by creating the particle accelerator and he has a way to do so. We end with Harry vowing to get Barry his speed back by recreating the original accelerator explosion.   

OK, I know I should be worried about Harry’s resolve to recreate the event which devastated an entire city the first time. I recognize this, I swear! But I can’t be the only person who is just ready for Barry to get his speed back and kick Zoom’s ass! Depressed Barry makes me sad and I just want to see him happy again! In any case, no matter what side you fall on in the great yay-or-nay explosion debate, this next episode is going to be seriously intense!

Until then, let me know where you stand in the comments!


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