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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x20, Rupture

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/06/2016 10:43 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x20, Rupture | Rupture
Media Courtesy of CW

Alright, Speedsters! It's that time again, and I'm primed and ready for a new episode of The Flash! Last week left us with high expectations as Zoom vowed to bring Earth-1 to it's knees and Harry promised to get Barry's speed back! So, without further ado, let's dive right in!

We open with a high-speed chase as two criminals are pursued by both the police and what looks like the Flash. Apparently, Cisco has rewired the treadmill to correlate with a hologram so that Barry can make it look like the Flash is still on the streets. With a little gamer magic from Cisco, they manage to catch the criminals.

As per usual, Harry is skeptical of this new plan and tells them that their success won't last. Iris tells Harry that without Barry's speed, this is as much as they can do. Harry says a better plan would be to rebuild the particle accelerator like he suggested and give Barry his speed back.



Barry and the rest of the team are against this plan because of the trouble it has caused in the past (i.e. the metas, the singularity, and the  breaches). Harry says that he knows how to contain the explosion but Barry is unconvinced. Harry says that he can safely recreate the circumstances that gave Barry his speed if they give him a chance. He says that it's the only way to get Caitlin back and stop Zoom.

Barry visits his father and tells him about everything that's happened over the last few weeks, including Zoom kidnapping Wally, Barry giving up his speed, and Jay Garrick being Zoom. Henry seems shaken by Jay's last name, which is apparently  his mom's maiden name (Remember that! I'm sure it'll be important later!).

Barry tells his dad about Harry's plan. Henry asks Barry if he really needs powers to a hero. Barry says that he feels like every good thing in his life gets taken away. Henry says it's time to do something about that.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry goes over the plan with the rest of the team. Cisco tells Harry that it's not going to happen and they almost argue. Before they can, Cisco gets a vibe of his brother, Dante, and races off. Barry and Henry arrive and announce that Henry is back for good.



At CCPD, Wally tells Joe that he's been thinking about helping people in the future instead of designing cars. Joe assures him that he'll find something that'll satisfy his need for speed and his desire to help others (I'll take foreshadowing for 200, Alex) but tells him that engineering is much safer. Just then, Zoom speeds in and threatens to kill them all. Caitlin begs him not to hurt the cops and he issues a warning instead: Anyone who disobeys his orders, from here on out, will face death.

At the lab, Harry tells the team that the event at the station is a typical Zoom show-of-power. Joe says that with Caitlin at his side, Zoom won't kill anyone, but Harry is far from convinced. Barry suggests that they move police headquarters to Jitters to keep them safe, but Harry says it's not good enough. He says again that the only solution is to give Barry his power back.

Meanwhile, Caitlin tells Jay that the others will stop him but he doesn't seem too afraid. She asks him what his plan is, why he's keeping her with him, and he says it's so he won't be alone anymore. He tells her that he's seen the darkness in her and that they're more alike than she thinks. All she has to do is unlock that darkness. After he leaves, Caitlin notices boxes under the desk she's handcuffed to and makes her way towards them.

Elsewhere, Cisco meets his brother at a bar. Cisco tells Dante that he was worried about him and it's clear that Dante is still upset about the whole Captain Cold, hand freezing thing. Cisco says that he thought that the trauma would bring them closer, but Dante says that they've never been close and they never will be.



In the time vault, Joe sets up a safe house for Jesse and Wally. He tells them to stay put until everything with Zoom is resolved. Meanwhile, Harry is still planning the explosion despite Joe and Henry attempting to talk him out of it. Henry wonders why Joe seems slightly on board with the plan but Harry tells him that the situation is bigger than Barry. Henry is angry that they're willing to risk Barry's life to defeat Zoom. Harry tells him that the people of Central City need the Flash. Barry comes in, having overheard their argument, and tells them that the decision is his alone.

Back at the bar, Cisco prepares to leave his brother  when he sees Zoom on the news and races out. Dante follows him and before they can leave, a new meta shows up-- one who seems to know Cisco as Vibe. The meta-- affectionately deemed Reaper-- says that Cisco killed his brother and that he wants revenge. Turns out, his brother was Reverb and the meta Cisco vibed was actually Dante's Earth-2 doppleganger.

Cisco and Dante manage to escape, thanks to Cisco hitting Reaper with the S.T.A.R. Labs van (with a very confused Dante riding shotgun). At the lab, Harry tells Cisco that the meta actually calls himself Rupture (Sad... I was starting to like Reaper) and he's a meta under Zoom's control. Apparently, Zoom lied to Rupture about Cisco killing Reverb, so that Rupture would go after him. Harry tells them that Rupture's power stems form his scythe and the team plans  a way to get it away from him.

Harry tries again to convince Barry of his plan and Barry goes off to think. Iris follows him and tells him that it's okay to be hesitant; the explosion is incredibly risky and everyone, including her, just wants him to be safe. Sensing something off with her, Barry asks her if she's okay. She finally tells him how she feels about him and that it doesn't matter if he becomes the Flash or not; she just wants a future with Barry. When he doesn't say anything, she leaves to go check on Jesse and Wally, leaving a very confused Barry behind.



Back at CCPD, Caitlin finds a cellphone in one of the boxes just before Rupture and Zoom come back. They argue about Rupture's priorities and Zoom tells him to go after the police at Jitters and send a message to the citizens of Central City. Caitlin disapproves and Jay gets more flashbacks from his troubled past. He tells her that he's nothing but a monster and zooms away. Using the phone, Caitlin texts the team to warn them about the attack on Jitters.

Faced with a possible massacre, Barry must make a decision. He agrees that having the Flash is the best way to stop Zoom and the metas, but still thinks that there are too many unknown variables. He decides not to recreate the explosion until they know it can be contained, much to Harry's chagrin. Barry says that they'll have to figure out how to stop Rupture without the Flash.

At Jitters, Barry and Joe prepare for Rupture's attack. Barry asks Joe if he made the right decision and Joe tells him that, whether it was right or not, Barry will have to live with it. Meanwhile, Dante finds Cisco's pre-Earth-2 note and confronts him about it. Cisco tells Dante about his powers and his real work at S.T.A.R. labs. Dante is shocked by the news and Cisco leaves him in the lab to mull it over.

Later, Rupture arrives at Jitters and prepares to attack. The hologram-Flash shows up and manages to distract Rupture long enough for Joe to shoot him and take his scythe. At the police station, Jay realizes that Caitlin warned the team and is furious. He decides to go take care of the police himself as Caitlin watches on the news. He snaps every neck but Joe's, Rupture's, and Singh's. Barry runs out to try and stop Zoom from killing anyone else, but Zoom kills Rupture anyway. Zoom tells the citizens that the Flash is gone and that they're all doomed. He tells Barry that he's only alive because of Caitlin and if they cross him again, he'll kill them all without pause.

Back at the lab, Cisco, having just virtually seen his brother die, hugs Dante and tells him that he wants things to change between them. Dante agrees. Down in the time vault, Wally tries to find a way out. He tells Jesse that they should be helping and Jesse goes to work finding attempting to break open the door.



In the cortex, Harry tells the team about Zoom's plans and warns them about the sheer magnitude of metas they're about to face, now that the city knows the Flash is gone. Barry finally decides to recreate the explosion and stop Zoom, once and for all. Harry prepares the concentrated explosion and lightening strike. Harry tells Cisco to get the weather wand and use it as a lightening rod. Barry prepares for the strike and Iris tells him that whatever happens won't change how she feels about him. Henry tries one more time to convince Barry to reconsider, but Barry tells him that the Flash is the best part of him and without his speed, he can't be that person anymore.

Down in the time vault, Jesse manages to get the door open and she and Wally leave to investigate the shaking building. Meanwhile, Harry injects Barry with chemicals to recreate what happened the night of the original explosion. On the roof, Cisco uses the wand to create a lightening storm (with a beautiful exclamation of "Expecto Patronum") and Barry is struck again.  He materializes and the speed force takes off down the hallway, hitting Wally and Jesse on the way.

Once the dust settles, they see that Harry's machine is empty and Barry is nowhere in sight. Zoom races in and congratulates them for killing Barry instead of giving him back his speed. The episode ends with the team crying over Barry's singed suit.

OH. HELL. NO! I refuse to accept this! I mean, logically, in terms of the series continuing, I know that Barry can't be dead! The writers aren't dumb enough to kill off their lead actor two seasons in! It's just not possible! So, I'm just going to calm myself and assume that Barry will be back next week. And, on a happier note, that Wally West as Kid Flash and Jesse as Jesse Quick will be by his side. That's the reality I choose to accept. And if not, believe me, the writers and I will have words! Thank you very much. Goodbye. 

P.S. Give us Caitlin back! For the love of DC!

So, although I'm obviously still reeling from the craziness that just took place, I want to hear from you! Is Barry really dead? Will Wally and Jesse become the duo they're meant to be? Have the writers gone mad? Tell us in the comments! 



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