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The Flash: 02x21, The Runaway Dinosaur

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/13/2016 7:29 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x21, The Runaway Dinosaur | Runaway Dinosaur
Media Courtesy of CW

It's that time again, Speedsters! And after last week's highly upsetting conclusion, I'm itching for some sort of resolution. If you've somehow managed to forget the devastating events, here's the gist: Harry, in an attempt to give Barry his powers back, caused a mini-particle-accelerator explosion. However, things went awry, leaving Jesse and Wally unconscious in the lab and Barry seemingly dead. Now, let's see if I'll be threatening writers again this week.

We open at S.T.A.R. labs as the team stands reeling from Barry's alleged death. When Harry tries to contact Jesse and Wally in the time vault, they realize that the two are wounded. Wally seems fine but Jesse's heart stops and she's left unconscious. 

As Henry leaves to tend to her, Cisco vibes Barry and tells everyone that he's alive. Barry wakes up in his old room at the West house, disoriented and confused. He finds who he believes to be Joe downstairs, but soon learns that this is actually a manifestation of the speed force. He tells Barry that in order to leave limbo and return to reality, he has to catch a speedster shadow.

Runaway Dinosaur


Meanwhile, Harry realizes that Barry is in the speed force but isn't exactly sure how to get him back, much to Henry's chagrin. Cisco and Iris realize that Jesse's coma is a lot like Barry's was. Henry asks them for Barry's medical records and they both go down to the file room/morgue to retrieve them. While down there, a zombie version of Tony Woodward (aka metal-meta Girder) breaks down the door. Thankfully, Iris manages to spook him with a flashlight and he flees. 

Back in limbo, the speed force appears as Iris, to appeal to Barry again. Barry begs the speed force to send him home to fight Zoom and save his friends but it refuses, telling Barry that he was given a gift and he rejected it. Elsewhere, Cisco and Iris tell the others about Zombie Girder. Joe asks Harry to help bring Barry back to help and he agrees, leaving Jesse in Henry's care. 

On the streets, Tony wanders around, revisiting old locales from memory. Along the way, he visits Big Belly Burger where fans of Jay and Silent Bob get a little treat (You didn't really think we'd get a Kevin Smith directed episode without a Jason Mewes cameo, did you?). 

Back at the lab, Harry creates tech which allows Cisco to reach out to Barry in limbo and bring him back. Unfortunately, the speed force tells Barry that if he leaves with Cisco, it'll be without his powers. Barry decides to stay and confront his issues for the chance to get his speed back. 

Later, the team pieces together that Tony is hunting around for Iris. Iris offers herself up as bait. They plan to lure him from the West house back to S.T.A.R. labs so that Cisco and Harry can, re-kill him. 

Runaway Dinosaur


In limbo, Barry finds himself at a cemetery, growing increasingly frustrated with the speed force (now masquerading as Henry). Barry realizes that the speed force has taken him to his mother's grave, which he hasn't visited in a very long time. The speed force tells Barry that he hasn't accepted his mother's death or the part he played in letting her die. Barry refuses to face this truth and heads off to chase the shadow. 

Meanwhile, at the West house, Joe tests his theory that  Wally is a speedster as they wait for Woodward. Of course, Wally fails. Iris gets Tony to follow her to S.T.A.R. labs where Cisco has rigged up a magnet that should kill Tony. Unfortunately the magnet fails and the team flees to the breach room.  

The speed force takes its final form as Barry's mother. Barry admits that he hasn't accepted his mother's death. The speed force tells him that he has to find a way to accept the tragedies in his life before he'll be able to truly run free. It tells him that his mother would be proud of the man he's become. 

Runaway Dinosaur


Back in the lab, Cisco realizes that Barry stayed in the speed force by choice. Barry reads through his favorite childhood book, The Runaway Dinosaur, with his mom. Afterward, he realizes that he's ready to accept his loss and is finally able to return home. He catches the shadow, which turns him back into the Flash. Cisco tries again to lead Barry home, this time with Iris in tow. Iris reaches out to Barry, begging him to come home to her, and the Scarlet Speedster is back!

Once home, Barry is welcomed back with hugs and Cisco hilariously stating: "I'm so glad you're back 'cause we're about to die." They catch Barry up on the Girder situation and he uses Iris to lure Tony to Cisco's workshop. Once there, Barry uses his speed to recharge Cisco's magnet device and Girder goes down for the count. 

Barry visits Jesse in the infirmary and uses the shock of the speed force in his fingertips to bring her back to consciousness. Later, he tells Henry about his new outlook on life. Henry tells Barry that he's in Central City for good and the two share a sweet moment. 

Barry and Iris visit his mother's grave, where he leaves the book. Iris says that she never liked the book because it's all about attentive mothers, which neither she nor Barry had. Barry says that they had each other. He tells her that she's everything to him and that the sound of her voice will always lead him home. (Oh the feels!).

Runaway Dinosaur


At the station, we get our first glimpse of Caitlin and Jay in the entire episode! Jay asks Caitlin if she's with him or still loyal to her friends. He gives her the option to stay or to go, then leaves to address his loyal band of evil metas. As he riles them up, promising them the world, we're left with Caitlin, contemplating her decision. 

Oh, man! The writers really saved themselves with this one! This episode was all kinds of emotional and so incredibly satisfying! Kudos to Kevin Smith for a bang-up directing job. It was great to see Barry work through some of his issues on a separate plane and I'm definitely not complaining about having the Flash back in full force! Also, Iris and Cisco interacting was absolutely hilarious and I'm looking forward to more! Of course, we must address Jesse and the incredibly strong probability that we'll be getting a Jesse Quick fix in the very near future (though I'm slightly salty that Wally doesn't seem to have been affected)! My only criticism of this episode was the near total lack of Caitlin! We need her back! 

But enough about me! What did you think? How do you think next week will play out now that Jesse may have powers? What will Zoom do next? Finally, did you spot the second Jason Mewes cameo there at the end? Let us know in the comments!


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