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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x05, The Darkness And The Light

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/10/2015 12:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x05, The Darkness And The Light | The Darkness And The Light
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With an all-new Wells in the game and Zoom still after Barry, The Flash strikes back with a new episode this week, titled "The Darkness And The Light". It all begins with a flashback of Wells presenting a metahuman-detecting app at Earth 2′s STAR Labs, when Jay Garrick flashes in to accuse him of creating metahumans, only to be confronted about not having stopped Zoom. In real time, he admits he created Zoom and wants to help Barry stop him. Joe walks in and shoots him, but Barry saves him and explains the situation to the detective. Joe pays his daughter a visit at work to talk about Wells and give her a gun just in case. As Barry tries to convince Cisco this new Wells might be trustworthy, they walk into Patty and the former once again kind of passes on a date with her. Cisco is trying to get him into going out with her, so he asks the barista out and is turned out, which triggers a vision of a woman responsible for a bank robbery. Barry notices something’s wrong with him, but he sends him after the Earth-2 thief. Barry manages to save everyone from this light-blasting woman, but she manages to get away. Wells explains she was a simple thief once and wants to use her as bait for Zoom, but Jay’s not fond of the idea. Cisco is asked about how he knew and lies about getting notified, so he helps track the thief down. As Barry asks Spivot out, Cisco reveals to Wells that his Earth-1 self killed him and he’s only alive thanks to Barry’s time-travelling. Light tells Barry she won’t kill him and just wants money to hide, but he tries to talk her out of it and takes off her mask. She’s Linda Park-2 though and calling her name causes her to blind Barry and run. He can’t help Linda-1 so Jay and Caitlin will take care of that, while Cisco will help him get through his date with Patty despite being blind. He’s watching everything via sunglasses worn by Barry and guides him, serving a whole lot of awkwardness and laughter in the meantime. Jay tells Caitlin that Zoom almost killed him a bunch of times and advices her against trusting Wells. Patty can tell Barry can’t see, so he finally takes the sunglasses off. Light interrupts Jay and Caitlin’s romantic moments as she smashes their van and gets into Picture News to take Linda’s life, claiming it’s the only way for her to stay alive. Larkin tries to stop her, but ends up killed, so Iris shoots her and gets her helmet of, with Jay walking in before she shines a light again and gets them all down. Patty and Barry end their date with a kiss, which takes his blindness away, before both are notified about the Picture News events. With Linda shocked, Barry goes after Light. Wells blames Jay for causing all this by not confronting Zoom and knows how to track light, but wants Cisco to trigger his powers using the helmet and spills the beans about it. Cisco shortly explains himself and eventually gets a vision, sending Barry to a train station. Wells tells him to run fast enough to create multiple figures of himself and despite being knocked out once, he tries again and gets her down. Over at STAR Labs, Barry agrees to use Light as bait for Zoom, but Jay disagrees and can’t be a part of this, knowing what will follow. Cisco orders coffee at the barista that turned him down earlier, but she now wants to go out with him and introduces herself as Kendra Saunders - hey there Hawkgirl! While having coffee, the team decides Cisco will be called Vibe and Wells is watching them from distance like a creep. At Earth-2, it turns out Zoom has captured Wells’ daughter, who believes her father will come back to save her. And that’s all for this week folks! Did you enjoy "The Darkness And The Light"? Make sure to tune in next week for another new episode of The Flash.


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