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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Flash Has Unexpected New Friends And Foes On This Week's Episode

Katie Coryell | PopWrapped Author

Katie Coryell

11/11/2014 11:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Flash Has Unexpected New Friends And Foes On This Week's Episode | The Flash
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In last week's episode, we saw The Flash "Going Rogue." In this week's episode, "Plastique," he is faced with a whole new set of obstacles, a girl very similar to himself and a foe who won't seem to let up. We begin with the whole gang (Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Iris, and Eddie) at a local bar. Iris had invited Barry to tag along with them, and he brought his S.T.A.R Labs crew as well. Iris and Eddie can't seem to get away from one another, making Barry extremely jealous, like usual, and leave both Caitlin and Cisco in awe. Caitlin finds Eddie quite attractive, and Cisco is jealous of his magnetic force towards women, charming good looks and obvious charisma. All Barry seems to want is to be with Iris, but he knows that it simply cannot happen, especially now that it's too late. Barry makes a toast with Caitlin and Cisco, but when he swallows the alcohol, his hyper-metabolism causes him not to feel it whatsoever. In the next scene, we see a security officer walking around a darkened building with his flashlight, checking for signs of open doors or suspicious behavior. He sees an unlocked door that is cracked open, and he promptly pulls out his gun. He slowly pushes the door open, and a girl is caught robbing the file cabinets. She runs out, the man still chasing her, and then she chucks her backpack at him, which then explodes, leaving the man dangling off of a window washing platform on the side of the skyscraper. As soon as Barry hears about the bombing, he and the rest of them disperse from the bar. Eddie goes to the scene with the rest of the policemen, while Barry has other plans - he puts on his suit, and he becomes The Flash. Barry gets to the building and sees the man hanging in distress, and begs the S.T.A.R Labs team to tell him if he'd be able to run up the side of the building in order to save the man. They tell them to run as fast as he possibly can, and he does just so, snatching the man away and getting him to safety. On his way out, he runs into Iris, but he manages to hide his face from her. He realizes that this indeed is proof that Iris has seen "the streak" that she is so infatuated with, and it only fuels her desire to know more. Back at the scene of the crime, no one can find any evidence of the bomb, no matter where they look. They leave Barry in the file room in order to search out the file that went missing, and indeed, he finds it quicker than anyone else could have (obviously!). When they arrive at police headquarters, they are informed that an army troop, led by General Eiling, is now taking over the investigation, asking the police for any evidence or information that they found. This worries both Barry and Joe, but Barry manages to snatch away the file from them without anyone seeing. Shortly after that, Iris is at home with her father, and she reveals to him that she is blogging about her own information on "the streak." He is unhappy, of course, but he mentions nothing about what he knows himself - he simply tells her to lay off of it. Naturally, she doesn't listen, and continues her research. Barry put his suit back on and went out to search for the girl he was looking for. Her name was Bette Sans Souci, and when he tracked her down, he made a move to grab her. She retracted, pushing him away on his chest (right where his emblem is), followed by telling him to get out of his clothes. He listened, and only seconds later, the suit exploded. Over at S.T.A.R Labs, Cisco is angry that the suit is gone (he can make another one, but that doesn't make him any less disappointed), and they try to figure out what their next step will be. Joe comes and talks to Barry about how Iris was at the scene of the crime, and how unsafe it is for her. He makes Barry promise that he will tell Iris to lay off of the stories, and Barry follows orders. He meets up with Iris and begs her to take it all down and to stop blogging completely, and she gets angry. She tells him that he's the one who's been talking about this stuff his entire life, and she's backing it all up with this. She knows that this thing is out there, and she is frustrated that Barry does not believe in her. He tells her that she is obviously not very passionate about it if she's doing it anonymously. Barry knows better than to tell her the real reason, and he leaves it with another plead to take the site down. Barry and the team figure out where Bette is going - she is going to get revenge on the man who found her, and tried operating on her after the accident. She gets shot in the arm (just a graze), and Barry finds her just in time. She lets him rush her back to S.T.A.R Labs, which in turn, also saves her life. They do their best to explain to Bette that she is a metahuman, and she is not the only one of her kind. She realizes that Barry is included in those people, and his strength is that he can travel faster than the speed of light. Caitlin sees the wound on her arm from the gunshot, and she takes a closer look - her eye catches something unusual, and they realize that it had been a tracker. The General is making his way up the elevator to their location as they speak, and they scurry to hide as quickly as possible. The General refers to Bette as his "asset" to Dr. Wells, meaning that he wants to use her for army purposes, hence why he's been searching. Bette asks Barry about his power, and if he would reverse it if he could. He tells her that he wouldn't, because he has always wanted to help people, and this is how he finally can. He realizes that Bette really isn't able to help others with her power, and that is such an unfortunate thing - how will she survive? When Joe tells Barry that Iris has started putting her name on the articles (which is Barry's doing, but he doesn't mention it), Barry knows that metahumans can target her for real, now that they have her name. Barry takes this to the next step, and he confronts Iris as The Flash. He disguises his voice by vibrating his vocal chords, and he blurs his face once again so she is unable to see him clearly. He asks her to stop writing about him, and when she starts asking questions, he responds with the fact that he truly cannot tell her anything. He asks her to trust him, but then she starts telling him about Barry's story. She confesses that all she wants is for Barry to be okay, and she asks The Flash to help her save her friend. The Flash responds with, "he's a lucky guy." Returning to S.T.A.R Labs, Dr. Wells tells the crew and Bette that they are unable to change what has happened to her, and that it is irreversible. The General is a dangerous man, and they will have to keep her away at all costs - they are completely unsure of what to do. They know that they cannot put her with the rest of the metahumans, for she is not doing any evil, but it is risky to have her out in the open since anything she touches could potentially turn into a bomb. Barry confesses to Joe that he tried talking to Iris as The Flash, and Joe is thankful that Barry is trying so hard. Barry wants to tell her that he is The Flash, because they "tell each other everything," and Joe responds with, "not everything." Barry realizes that Joe has known all this time that he is in love with Iris, and Joe says that Barry should have told her a long time ago. (I think we're all on Joe's side here, am I right?!) We then find Dr. Wells alone with Bette, and he tells her that the General is their enemy, and that she should go and find him so that she can kill him. She willingly agrees, and meets with the army troop. They surround her, but she throws bombs at them in an attempt to kill the General. The Flash shows up, standing in front of Bette as he tries to stop her, and as he does so, the General shoots Bette directly in the heart. Her final words to Barry are, "Dr. Wells... he..." She starts to glow, and Cisco tells Barry that if he doesn't get her out of there, she'll detonate, and it'll be a bigger explosion than they'd ever seen before. They reveal to him that he must outrun the explosion, and he asks if he can walk on water. He runs fast enough to do so, and he brings Bette's body to the middle of the water surrounding the city, dropping her into it before running in the opposite direction. Barry manages to outrun the ripple of the bomb, and he safely lands back on the surface. He goes to see Iris, and he is SO CLOSE to telling her about him and about everything, but he can't do it. He ends the conversation with "maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while," and she agrees, even though that's the opposite of what they really want. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin end up back at the bar, having another toast. They scored 500 proof alcohol for Barry, hoping that'll make him feel something more than nothing - he feels it for a few seconds before the feeling disappears. There is then a voice over of Barry who is asking, why do some people come into our lives? Why do some go? Others become a part of you, and some feel like they'll last forever, while others end far too soon (referring to Iris and their friendship). Not everyone is meant to last, but the pain lasts for the rest of time. The final scene pans to Dr. Wells and the General. The General is asking Dr. Wells to team up with him like they had a long time ago, and Dr. Wells declines and threatens him to get him out of the lab. The General argues that Dr. Wells can't hide his "secret" (?????) forever. There is a flashback to five years before, with a similar scene of Dr. Wells kicking the General out. At the end, they show Dr. Wells walking towards a cage that holds a gorilla named Grodd. (What is going on with Dr. Wells, and why does he act so weird towards the end of every episode?!) That's about it for this week's episode, folks! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Catch the next all-new episode of The Flash next Tuesday on the CW.

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