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Television PopWrapped | Television

"The Following" Recap: Joe Carroll Is On Everyone's To-Do List

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/16/2014 9:24 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Fox

Elena Butler

Staff Writer


In this week’s episode of The Following, everyone wanted a piece of Joe Carroll. Lily and her family of crazies were determined to make him pay for what he has done. Ryan finally had a long-awaited reunion with his former BFF, and the FBI was once again was late to the party. Claire continued her quest to get rid of him once and for all and Mike finally got a chance to avenge his father’s death. Phew! Tons going on. Let’s break down this episode, shall we? “The Reaping” picks up at the Korban Compound — so that’s how you spell it! — where Ryan is still lurking about searching for the perfect opportunity to kill Carroll. After a couple close calls and almost getting caught, he’s able to disguise himself as one of Carroll’s cult members and joins the ceremony. Carroll gives Preston two options: either Carroll kills him or Preston kills one of the followers and lives. Preston is still making his decision when Ryan interrupts the ceremony by attempting and then failing to shoot Carroll. Later, Robert admits that Ryan saw them at the college and he might have followed them. Carroll orders them to find Ryan and bring him to Carroll. Meanwhile at Lily’s place, her men are getting ready to go after Carroll as soon as they locate his hideaway. Mark is uneasy about her decision, afraid that he’ll lose another family member in the process — Lily should have listened. Back at Ryan’s apartment, Claire wants Carrie to interview her on live TV in order to lure Carroll out. No one is on board with this plan, not even Carrie. Max and Mike answer a call at the Tanner residence, where they watch the video of Kingston’s son’s girlfriend being executed. Later, Max tries to get Mike to open up to her about his feelings and he admits that working on the case is a distraction to make the loss of his father more bearable. They then get a call from the FBI alerting them Lily’s house has been found. When they arrive, they only find Mandy’s body but Lily and her family are already gone. They get information on one of Lily’s men and after tracking their rental car, they figure out that Lily is going after Carroll. At the camp, Ryan finds out Carroll wants him alive and lets himself get caught.  He’s tied down to a chair and Carroll finally comes face to face with him.  Carroll looks like he’s just seen his long-lost love — and who knows, perhaps he has — and they immediately engage in a borderline-flirty banter.  He tells Ryan he has grand plans to ensure his infamy; Ryan reminds him that he’s a narcissist, which is his biggest weakness.  Carroll brings Preston and another unlucky cult member into the room. Meanwhile, Tanner is holding a press conference in his home where he’s speaking about Preston’s kidnapping and bringing down Carroll with the help of God.  Unbeknownst to him, Carroll has succeeded in pressuring Preston into murdering the other cult member in order to survive. Ryan assures Carroll that he will kill him but Carroll says that if he dies, Ryan dies too.  At this point, I can’t help but wonder if this is to be taken literally. Before taking off, he tells Ryan that he misses Claire and she will always be her one real regret. Claire succeeds in convincing Carrie to help her get a message out to Carroll by broadcasting something only he will understand. Carroll is watching the news when Carrie begins reading a cryptic passage on the air. Emma asks what she’s talking about and Carroll realizes Claire is alive. Lily and her men arrive at Korban and begin raiding the place. She’s not willing to risk her family’s life, so she stays behind with Mark and Luke, letting her men do the dirty work. Ryan is able to escape and runs into Max when the FBI arrives at the camp. Meanwhile, Luke goes off to keep an eye on things from afar and Lily asks Mark to go find him. Mike finds out Lily’s location and goes after her. When Ryan and Max arrive, they find him pointing a gun at her and try to talk him out of shooting her. The episode ends with Mike making the decision to kill Lily. Am I a bad person for thinking that Mike’s actions are completely justified? Let’s be honest, Lily had it coming. And why does Carroll keep saying that if he dies, Ryan also dies? I feel like there’s a twist coming. Tell us what you thought about “The Reaping,” we’re eager to read your comments!  

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