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The Following "Unmasks" A Twist Ending

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/22/2014 4:08 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Following

image Photo courtesy of Fox

Elena Butler

Staff Writer



Can you say jaw-dropping?  That’s the only word I can think of to describe this week’s episode of The Following, mainly because of how it ended.  I love it when a show is able to throw you a curve ball and leave you wishing you could watch the next episode ASAP.  Let’s break the hour down and see what actually happened.
“Unmasked” picks up with Micah cooking up a plan to reveal himself to the world with Joe Carroll.  Carrie Cooke, however, continues to bank off Joe's name by appearing on television and selling copies of her book based on his last killing spree called The Havenport Tragedy.  The two begin making a video which they will use to announce the presence of Micah's cult to the world.  Later, Joe sends Emma and two cult members, Robert and Lance, to New York City to proceed with Joe's plan to hand over the video to Carrie Cooke. Meanwhile at Ryan’s apartment, Max shows up to find a half-naked Mike in the living room.  After seeing the goods, she offers him coffee and asks how he’s doing since his father's passing.  They look over a list of possible mole suspects.  She’s already narrowed it down to six women and one of them is Agent Mendez, who is currently heading up the subway killings case from earlier in the season.  Ryan shows up and isn’t convinced Mendez could be the mole but once they bring up her estranged wife, Jana, he becomes suspicious.  Ryan intercepts Mendez in the street and confronts her about accessing Agent Parker’s email before her death to see information about Joe Carroll.  Mendez denies the accusations but is smart enough to quickly realize Jana is the one responsible. She leaves behind her cell phone and vehicle and catches a cab. Ryan and Mike follow her. Mendez arrives at Jana’s home and confronts her about using her security clearance to access FBI files.  Jana starts acting crazy—something we hadn’t seen before—and even though she doesn’t admit to helping Joe, she gets angry enough to stab Mendez with a knife and leave her to die in her garage.  She runs upstairs to pack her things and escape when Ryan and Mike show up at the house.  Ryan finds Mendez in the garage, and he and Mike attempt to put a stop to Jana.  She refuses to give up and instead shoots herself in the head.  Mendez gets taken to the hospital, and Mike tells Ryan that he was able to get a hold of Jana’s cellphone.  After viewing the data, they find out Carrie Cooke is Joe's next target. Back at the camp, Joe and Micah speak about their wives.  Micah asks about Joe's ex-wife Claire’s death, and it’s clear he’s planning to kill his own wife, Julia.  His men bring her to him, and she tries to convince him not to continue trying to kill people.  Julia sees a gun on the table and tries to shoot him after he refuses to change his mind.  Joe appears, and Julia realizes she failed the test.  Joe then strangles her with a cable, and Micah thanks him for killing her.
The_Following_Season_2_Episode_9 Photo courtesy of Fox
Emma, Robert, and Lance head to NYC where they attend Carrie’s book signing.  They all take their positions, and as Emma reaches the front of the line the men place masks over their face.  Carrie asks Emma for her name to sign the book with and she reveals who she really is by saying the book is for Joe Carroll.  Robert and Lance start attacking people in the bookstore once Carrie screams for help.  Emma gives Carrie the video and tells her to share it with the world, threatening to kill her and her loved ones if she doesn't cooperate. Emma and Robert get back to the camp where they celebrate the success of their plan with Joe and Micah.  They watch the news to see Carrie reveal the video.  Micah gets excited, thinking he’s the one who will be featured, but it’s a new version done by Joe.  As he speaks about being reborn and bringing salvation, Micah starts suffering the effects of the poison that was placed in his drink by Joe.  Later, Joe, Emma, and Robert hold a ceremony in which Robert tells the cult members that Micah and Julia are now home, and their death will lead the way for the rest of them.  He introduces Joe as a prophet, and he takes his place as the new cult leader. Max tells Ryan not to be too hard on Carrie because she understands what she’s going through.  Mike receives a call, and then offers to walk Max out. He tells Ryan he has something to do. (That's not suspicious at all.)  Carrie shows up at Ryan’s apartment to have dinner as they had previously agreed.  He’s understanding of her situation, and it's assumed that they end up sleeping together again, which seems a lot like Ryan’s attempt to finally move on from Claire.  However, we go back to Mike, who after taking a ride in an SUV, is ordered to cover his face as he’s taken to a new location.  He arrives the next morning at a hotel and the episode ends with the revelation that the person he’s there to see is none other than Joe Caroll's "dead" ex-wife, Claire. Claire is alive! And she’s out for blood—Joe Carroll blood.  You guys have no idea how happy this makes me, because I was not happy at all when I believed her to be dead.  Props to the writers for an awesome twist!  What did you guys think of this episode?  Did you have the sneaky suspicion that Claire was alive all along?  Tell us your thoughts below.

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