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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'The Fosters' Digs Deep In "Kids In The Hall"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/25/2014 8:46 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'The Fosters' Digs Deep In
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Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


Back for another week of The Fosters, and this weeks episode, “Kids In The Hall”, gave a welcome change, as it wasn’t as heavy and emotional as the last two weeks, but it set things up as the show rolls towards the end of the season. I don’t know how any fans of the show could complain this week with four out of the five kids being featured in their own story lines, as well as showing Stef and Lena struggling with communication in their marriage as always. This is Callie’s second episode permanently back at the Fosters, and she is adjusting with being back at school after running away and her Girls United stay. Not only that but Stef and Lena are still keeping a close eye on her. When she asks if she can see the girls from the home, Lena, is the nicest way possible, tells her no, but in the end Callie gets her friends to come to her. After being told that the photos she takes are really good, she organizes to take photos of other foster kids, in the hope for them to get adopted. Everything is going well until the next morning when Lena finds out the new Kindles, that the school had just brought, have been stolen. Callie did give her friend Daphne the keys to use the bathroom, but she claims she saw Brandon hanging around after hours. Brandon denies the claims as he was having dinner with his parents. Speaking of Brandon, he is still getting himself into trouble by staying friends with Vico. During a fire drill, Vico makes Brandon a fake I.D, which he uses that night at a bar. How was Brandon convinced into doing this. First he doesn’t even look 21, and then goes and orders (unknowingly) a very expensive girls drink. He ditches the night out when he see’s Mike’s supposedly sober girlfriend taking a drink with friends. Stef and Lena have been looking for a donor, and Lena has her co-worker Tim in mind. Instead of mentioning him to Stef she invites him over for dinner, the same night as Stef has invited over Mike and his girlfriend. This makes for a awkward night. Brandon arrives late and is acting all suspicious. Mariana finds out that all of Chase’s friends know about the pantie incident, and won’t be letting her forget about it soon. On top of this she can’t realise why Zac is mad at her, until Callie has to spell it out to her. Later in the episode, she reads that Zac has written a terrible review of Chase’s performance, and the two are back as friends again. Jesus once again has his hands full. This week he finds he has dropped enough weight to go down a class, but this means he will be competing against Emma. After a decent match, he lets her win, but this doesn’t go down well with her. In the heat of the moment after the she kisses him and walks away. By the end of the episode he tells Emma that he is going to brake it off with Lexi for her. Brandon talks to Vico, and we find out it was him that stole the Kindle products. With Callie wanting to be more honest, she tells them she did give Daphne the keys, which means the finger will most likely be pointed to her. In the last part of the episode Callie is looking at the photos she took with Jude and spots Brandon’s car through the window. With only four weeks left of this season things are starting to heat up. Will Mariana find her first boyfriend in Zac? Will we see Lexi again? And will Brandon fess up to everything before things get out of control?

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