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The Game Of Thrones Season Opener Serves Up An Appetizer For Things To Come

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/07/2014 11:15 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Game Of Thrones Season Opener Serves Up An Appetizer For Things To Come
Media Courtesy of BlueMavor

Rain Varela

Staff Writer


Game of Thrones is back and the new season opens up with subtle symbolism. We see a sword from a wolf scabbard and, by the size of it, it is presumed to be Lord Eddard Stark’s Valyrian Blade, Ice. We see black smiths work on it as it heated and re-forged into two new swords as Tywin Lannister watches , he takes the wolf scabbard and burns it. And thus the season begins with Ice and Fire. We are then taken to the Tower of the Hand where Tywin Lannister presents Jamie, now back in all his Lannister finery, with one of the newly made swords. Jamie happily accepts but it seems that gifts have strings with Tywin, as if you didn’t already know that. He tries to convince Jamie to take up Lordship of Casterley Rock and give up his place among the Kings Guards. But Jamie seems more keen to remain close with his sister who, as you know, he is having an incestuous affair with. Strangely, Tywin, despite being less than amused, pursues the matter no further except for  a few angry jabs to which Jamie asks “Can I still keep the sword?"  Tywin, not caring at all, allows him to do so. Meanwhile, outside the walls of King’s Landing, Tyrion waits with Bronn for Prince Doran Martell of Dorne who had just been appointed to a position in the Small Council; only to be met by the entourage who informs our favorite half-man that Prince Doran won’t be coming, but that his brother Prince Oberyn Martel would be taking his place. And when Tyrion asks where Prince Oberyn is, he is informed that the Prince had arrived a day earlier and was already in King’s landing. And where would a Prince who had just arrived in King’s Landing go to first? Well to Littlefinger's most excellent whore house, of course; where we find Oberyn picking which girls and boy he would spend his affection on.  Things are going on the normal GoT way of boobs and foreplay until we are rudely interrupted by a Lannister song heard from the next room. Of course this affects the Prince and he goes from charming to murderous in no time, striding down the hall where he confronts the two Lannister men and ends up stabbing one of them- of course he deserved it, he interrupted what would have been a gratuitous sex scene. And Tyrion enters stage left, just in time to see the sorry sight. He asks for an audience with the Prince, and the conversation between the two is even less amicable as Oberyn implies that he returned to settle a score, because his beloved sister Elia Martell, the wife of the last Targaryen Crown Prince Rhaegar, was raped and murdered with two of her children by the Lannister henchman, ‘ The Mountain,’ during the sack of Kings’ landing . And he ominously points out “The Lannisters are not the only ones who pay their debts.” Now time to move on to the good stuff. Dragons! We see Oberyn Martel’s niece and the last surviving child of Elia, ‘Daenerys Targaryen’ sitting on a rock with her three dragons, oh how they’ve grown! And apparently they grow wilder in size as the big black one Drogon actually snaps at our beloved Daenerys in one instant. She is then called to inspect her troops, leaving us disappointed with such a small glimpse of the mighty creatures. Everything is filler at this point, I mean how could you follow up the dragons? Sansa Stark is once again in her foul mood, but, after all she’s been through, you’d expect her to be crazy by now. For all she knows her entire family aside from Jon Snow has either died in a gruesome way or have vanished into thin air. Apparently she is mirroring the emotions of every fan who witnessed last season’s Red Wedding extravaganza times ten. Tyrion in a moment of affection tries to comfort her, but seriously what can you say? So Sansa just strides off to the Godswood to be alone like her father always did in Winterfell; not to pray, she tells Tyrion, but so that no one would talk to her. Tyrion meanwhile is left with a jealous lover, Sansa’s maid; Shae despite her seeming genuine affection for her mistress, is growing insecure with her position as Tyrion’s ‘secret mistress.’ So much so that she confronts him. A confrontation that is overheard by another maid, and this maid works for the mother of the most hated man in Westeros .I’m talking about dear Joffrey’s beloved mommy of course, Cersei Lannister.  Who at this moment was busy overlooking the installation of her lover/bodyguard/twin brother’s new golden hand. Jamie is still affectionate towards Cersei but the Crazy Queen seemed more inclined to blame him for leaving her because being taken captive against your will despite trying to escape multiple times is not really a good excuse.  Yes , dear Joffrey takes up after his mother and as if to make matters worse spy maid comes in to report to bitch mistress on Tyrion’s little secret. Meanwhile in the North, it is revealed  by Thormund Giantsbane that maybe, just maybe, despite putting three arrows in Jon Snow, Ygritte had let him go on purpose because apparently, the girl whose hair was kissed by fire is an expert marksman and could have had killed him, now isn’t that sweet?  Jon Snow is still grumpy in the wall as he faces a trial on killing Qurin Halfhand and also because he fooled around with Ygritte on the cave. Next we go to the Tyrells. They have little to do with this episode, just something about wedding plans and Breanne talking to Margaery about the smoke assassin. Then we go next to Joffrey who, being a little brat, still spends some time insulting his uncle/father/body guard while Jamie takes it all in stride. Oh I really can’t wait for your wedding Joffrey. And then we go back to Daenerys who is receiving flowers at the same time military strategy form Daario Naharis , being all powerful and tough sometimes you forget that Daenerys may be looking for love; after all it has been a while since Drogo died. But this moment of vulnerability lasts only a split second as she goes back to Dragon Queen Mode when she is confronted with a dead slave girl crucified along her path, she is informed that the same thing stands for each of the 163 miles to Mereen.  Her lieutenants offer to have the slaves buried so she doesn’t have to see it. She declines, saying she wants to look each one in the eyes. The episode closes with Arya and the Hound... huh, Arya and the Hound sounds like a Disney Movie. Anyway, the Hound has this brilliant plan to sell Arya to his wealthy but crazy Aunt Lysa, you know the one who breastfeeds her not so little boy back in season one. They are, of course, interrupted in this journey when Arya makes a vengeance pit stop over the man who killed her friend and stole her sword needle.  Funny enough, the Hound ends up helping her and Arya finally goes into full warrior mode killing two men on her own. It was a great episode, but we all know Game of Thrones is just preparing us for something big, right? It can be good or it can gut us emotionally once again. Are you looking forward or dreading the upcoming wedding-or maybe a bit of both?

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