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"The Gang Gets Quarantined" On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/17/2013 7:32 pm
PopWrapped | Television

Chelsea Workman Jernigan

Staff Writer

The largest strain of the flu in years is spreading through Philadelphia, and the Gang wants nothing to do with it. I never would have imagined our beloved Gang to care about germs so much, but tonight we see that they really do care about not being sick. We start the episode with Charlie, Dee, Dennis and Mac singing Boyz II Men’s famous hit “Motownphilly”. That’s right, four of the most famous misfits are actually singing, and they’re doing it for a great cause: they’re auditioning to be Boyz II Men’s opening act at their Philadelphia concert. Their rehearsals are cut short when Frank bursts into the bar, describing how the largest flu epidemic in years has overtaken Philadelphia and has actually killed Rodriguez (some guy who lived in their building). Dennis and Frank try to set up strict rules for this quarantine, but in the end, they’re the only ones going by their rules. Dennis wants them to use this quarantine as a chance to continuously practice their singing – he loves to tell them how much they suck – and Frank just wants everyone to keep the sickness out of the bar. While the rest of the Gang wants to use this as an opportunity to drink, Dennis and Frank are completely against that idea as well. Dennis says that the alcohol will ruin their vocal chords, and Frank says that the alcohol will lower their immune systems. The beginning of the quarantine sees the Gang nonstop continuously for this contest. One of the great qualities of the Gang is that, even with their incredibly mean intentions, they are incredibly goal-set. If they want something, they are dedicated in getting it. While they want to win this contest, Charlie, Dee and Mac are tired of singing nonstop. They later realize they need to come up with a backstory. Shows like American Idol, The X Factor and America’s Got Talent glamorize people’s tough and heartbreaking upbringings, so why can’t the Gang have a chance at being like those people? Unfortunately, their story doesn’t exactly have the ingredients that would be classified as a “sob story.” Instead, their idea of a sob story includes being Southern and having a stuttering problem. Then there’s the story about how Dee’s Father died: “He died in my arms of throat cancer from eating some bad pussy.” Of course, Mac and Charlie love it. Even after he and Frank badgered Dee for trying to order a pizza, Dennis later gets caught eating a pizza that he ordered. After showing his ability go from erect to flaccid at the mere thought of it – something Mac unsurprisingly backs up – the rest of the Gang decides to “double-quarantine” him. He gets thrown into the bathroom, locked away from the rest of the Gang. We see a lot of typical Charlie naivety in this episode. Despite the rest of the Gang, especially Dennis, telling him they’re seriously quarantining themselves from the rest of Philadelphia, he’s continuously under the impression that they’re just “playing Quarantine.”  While they’re discussing costumes, Charlie’s impression of “all dressing as one” is them somehow being combined together to great a Transformers-style suit. After Frank throws out all of the food in the bar, Charlie and Mac volunteer to go shopping, but they must wear Charlie and his Mom’s old “Bubble Boy” suits. Charlie wears his Mom’s suit, which includes a slot to place a beer bottle, which he is quick to do. While showing Charlie some moves he’s created for their audition, Mac falls over and tears a hole in his suit. Well, this “breach” causes Mac to be the next person thrown into the bathroom, joining Dennis and Dee in their state of misery. Dennis progressively becomes sicker and sicker throughout the episode, and the rest of the Gang is convinced he’s probably going to die. After attempting to continue practicing “Motownphilly”, the three of them start heavily heaving, making this disgusting bathroom even more disgusting. Frank’s insanity soon starts to worry Charlie. He first shaves all of the hair off of his body before dousing himself with sanitizer. After Frank tries to shave off all of his hair, Charlie joins the rest of the Gang in the containment room. I’d run far away from Frank while he was in that state of mind, too! While Charlie starts to become sick like his friends, he grabs out what looks like a container of bleach. He starts drinking out of this container, much to the horror of everyone else. There’s not bleach in these containers, though. No, Charlie keeps a stash of booze in the bathroom to drink while he does his “Charlie Work.” The Gang joins Charlie in drinking his booze stash, and in a hilarious revelation, the Gang suddenly becomes better. They were never sick; no, they were going through alcohol withdrawals. Ignoring the fact that they’re all serious alcoholics, they leave the bathroom – Charlie had a key the entire time, so they were never truly locked in there – and find Frank crawling along the floor, a mess of Purell trailing behind him. He’s probably the only one to truly have gotten sick out of the five of them. In the end, we see Charlie, Dee, Dennis and Mac singing for Frank’s hospital staff. It’s rare to use a term like this while describing these four people, but they all looked adorable in their Boyz II Men-esque outfits! Unfortunately, though they gave a decent performance (“decent” because they’re not good dancers), they’re immediately given bad news – Boyz II Men had to cancel their concert because they were among the many people to become overtaken by this major flu. Fun fact: Parks and Recreation’s Jim O’Heir (Larry aka Jerry) guest-starred as Frank’s doctor at the end of the episode! What did you all think of this week’s episode? There were plenty of laughs, but I like seeing the Gang thrown into such intense situations that I don’t mind that this wasn’t filled with as many laughs as the past few episodes have been. Next week’s episode is one many of the fans have been waiting for, and is even written by the writers of Game of Thrones, David Benoiff and D.B. Weiss. It’s also inspired by the critically-acclaimed book Flowers for Algernon. See you all next week!


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