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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Gang Goes Through "The Raiders Minimization" On This Week's Big Bang Theory

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/11/2013 7:25 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Gang Goes Through
Media Courtesy of CBS

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

Another week has flown by, which means another episode of our beloved TBBT. Returning back to its normal three stories an episode (as opposed to last week’s rare, collective group episode); this one was a cracker! Opening scene we see Sheldon and Amy who have just watched Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Ark. Amy tells Sheldon it was ‘good’ prompting Sheldon to poke her as to why she didn’t love it. She tells him that there was a large plot hole; offending Sheldon seeing as it’s one of his favourite films, her point being the film didn’t need Indiana Jones in it, Sheldon is horrified that Amy has ruined the film for him (to which he then ruins for Raj, Howard and Leonard, too). Sheldon decides that he should try and get revenge on Amy by trying to ruin one of her favourite things – which he struggles with. He reads Pride and Prejudice which is Amy’s favourite novel, but can’t fault it. He then goes through all the other things she likes and finally picks up on some faults with Little House on the Prairie. Evidently having done his research; Sheldon suggests they watch it together and proceeds to spoil it for Amy. She gets mad and tells Sheldon to tell her if she upset him rather than getting mad and seeking revenge, she also apologises…before Sheldon then ruins Garfield for her too. Moving on to Penny and Leonard’s story, Penny picks up a psychology book The Disappointing Child written by the one and only Dr. Beverly Hofstadter aka Leonard’s mum. He isn’t happy about Penny reading the book because of some very ‘personal’ stories featured. They’re due to watch a football game at a bar with Penny’s male friends (remember 3x06 ‘The Cornhusker Vortex’ – yeah, it didn’t work out well for Leonard), anyway, as they’re leaving the house Penny asks Leonard why he’s upset, asking if it’s because of his mother, he says yes and they stay home instead. She tries to make him ‘feel better’ by having sex with him. Leonard soon realises that Penny will do anything for him providing it’s on the basis he’s upset about his childhood. He uses this to manipulate her in to having sex. Howard spots Penny leaving Leonard’s lab and questions him about it, thinking its ‘cool’ that he can get Penny to do that. Howard tries it on Bernadette and guess what…she ain’t buying it! (GO BERNIE!) Next thing we see is Penny dressed in a little pink costume in her apartment; Leonard comes in, expecting coitus (I had to), undoing his trousers…only to see a laptop with his mother’s face on. Yay! I love Leonard’s mum – even if her appearance is only brief.  Bernie told Penny and now Leonard’s in trouble. Raj and Stuart do dating profiles, that’s all I have to say. The two singletons are tired of being; well…single, so they decide to set up profiles online a dating site. Raj does Stuart’s make-up in order to take photos for their display pictures, let’s just say some of Stuart’s poses were disturbing. They don’t get much screen time this episode; neither did Bernadette, but all three relish their opportunities when they get the chance. Kind of as expected, they set up their profiles, but don’t get any dates…as of yet, we never know what the next episode may bring! I’ve got to say, the past two weeks of TBBT have been top-class, such a high-standard of well-written, witty comedy brought to us by those people at CBS. The show never fails to make me and I’m sure the other 18 million people watching, laugh. I reiterate, Jim Parsons you really deserve that Emmy of yours, I’m sure it’s half the reason the show is still so fresh and amusing seven seasons on!! Highlights: -          “When you told me I was going to be ‘losing my virginity’ I didn’t think you meant showing Raiders of the Ark for the first time” – Amy -          “My apologies… I should of said you were about to have your world rocked on my couch” – Sheldon -          Sheldon Cooper in general was hilarious. “Here’s my jaw, drop it” -          “So how was school?” – Leonard “Oh, good, check it out (shows book) ‘The Disappointing Child’ by Beverly Hofstadter” – Penny “You bought my mom’s book? – Leonard -          Stuart’s camera poses had me cracking up -          “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so rejected and I had a rescue dog that ran back to the pound” – Stuart



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