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"The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6" This Week On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/05/2013 12:11 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of FXX

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

On this episode, we get to see our beloved misfits attempt to make a sequel to their favorite film, Lethal Weapon 6. Back in season six, we saw the gang create Lethal Weapon 5 (in the episode "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth"), and now they’re back to make another sequel. Today, Charlie, Dee, Dennis, and Mac are going place to place, trying to obtain funds to finish their film. Mac tells them, “We need $40,000,000.” They’ve already filmed most of the film with Frank, their original funder. He wanted to film a “full penetration scene”. Charlie wasn’t too keen on the idea of another sex scene, and while Dennis supported the idea, he didn’t support seeing Frank having sex with another woman. He figures Frank would be limited by what he can do with another woman, and lists of what he could do with a woman, something Mac backs up. Unfortunately, the people they're shopping the film to aren't the type of people who fund films. The first person they visit is a bank teller, who doesn’t understand what these three men are doing. As they shop their film around, we get to see the film as well. The film starts out with a Shaman priestess doing a rain dance, one attempting to bring someone from the dead. We see Lazarus (Frank), emerging from the ground, instantly proclaiming, “I’ve only got one thing on my mind – revenge!” Martin Riggs (played by Dennis) catching up with Roger Murtaugh (played by Mac) at a basketball court. Riggs informs Murtaugh that he plans on marrying his daughter, and wants to know why Murtaugh hasn’t RSVP’d yet. At the wedding, we see that Dee has also donned blackface as Murtaugh’s daughter. Riggs begins the ceremony by performing a saxophone solo. Artemis plays the bearded priest. When the priest asks if anyone objects, Riggs says that he does. He says he wants Murtaugh’s blessing before marrying his fiancé. Charlie is resuming the role of “Goon”, but we find out that this guy is actually a twin (or, as Riggs pointed out, a “Danish twin”). His role in Lethal Weapon 5 ended with his arm being torn off, and now the other twin is seeking revenge with Lazarus. Riggs and Murtaugh don’t seem to notice him playing the cello at the wedding, but uses a hidden device on the back of the cello to blow up the ceremony. At the police station, Murtaugh explains to the chief officer (Charlie) that he wants to join the force. Another police officer (Dee) comes in, after finding a clue. Unfortunately, Dee’s role is cut short when Dennis decides he’d rather deliver Dee’s lines. (They both end up saying, “Well, I’ve got a hunch.”) Charlie decides to skip forward at this point, deeming their continuous talks of Indian burial grounds unnecessary. Mac deems movies too hard to follow, because it’s hard to tell between the good and the bad guy. Dennis and Charlie disagree, but I’m finding it hard to believe Charlie disagrees. After all, back in season 6 when Dee tried to take Charlie to a 3D movie, he was not following anything about 3D or the movie. The graphics designer also points out she’s never seen Lethal Weapon, which blows the minds of Charlie, Dennis, and Mac. Dennis points out that these films draw in a male audience, but the next scene might change this lady’s mind. Next, we see Murtaugh and Riggs competing in a volleyball match with two random guys. They’re all shirtless, and we see numerous close-ups of everyone’s chest. After their match, they all head to the showers for a very interesting scene. While we see the behinds and almost every inch of the other volleyball players bodies, we only see everything from the waist up, and a brief leg shot, of Dennis and Mac. (I know, ladies – bummer!) While they’re showering, Mac’s blackface begins to fall off, something Dennis notices and immediately points out. This is the point of the film where Dennis and Mac switch roles. As Dennis puts it, “Our audience expects that of us.” Indeed, I’m not surprised they switched roles, again! Much like in Lethal Weapon 5, Dennis refuses to don blackface, and only wears a mustache. Now we see the third and final person they’re trying to shop this film to – a hedge fund manager. He’s instantly turned off by the shower scene, and wants to know why they’re showing him a “gay porno movie”. The Gang instantly gets mad at this man for calling their movie a “gay porno”, but Mac’s description (with him calling the movie a “love story between two men”) makes Charlie and Dennis even madder. The next scene shows Murtaugh and Riggs at a strip club, where they’re surrounded by topless women. Dee comes out on stage as “Lady Starship”, something Dennis isn’t pleased about until she takes off her robe, revealing that she, too, will be prancing around topless. That’s right – Dennis is pleased at what he’s seeing of his topless sister. That wouldn’t be the first time this season we question Dennis’ feelings towards his sister (as we saw in the season premiere). Charlie, Dennis, and Mac are tired of going around and trying to find funding for their film, so they go back to Frank, who agrees to fund their film, only if it’s shot the way he wants it to be shot. Charlie doesn’t want a sex scene, and Mac proclaims everything will be too confusing, but they soon come to an agreement with Frank. At a nuclear plant, Murtaugh and Riggs are having a shoot-off against Lazarus and one of the Danish twins. Murtaugh and Riggs proceed forward, and when Lazarus runs out of bullets, he uses the Danish twin as a shield. Riggs shoots and kills the twin, and Lazarus soon makes his escape. In another scene filled with out-of-character commentary, Mac grabs someone to replace him while he goes to the bathroom. Dennis becomes confused while Charlie, who’s way out of the frame, begins to scream, “He’s in the bathroom! He’s in the bathroom!” We quickly cut to Lazarus standing on top of a trap door. Riggs suggests Murtaugh use a random basketball to hit a button that will release the door. It initially looks like Murtaugh doesn’t make the shot, At the end, it seems like Riggs’ fiancé survived being blown up at the beginning of the film, as her and Riggs are seen at another ceremony; this time to be wed for good. Murtaugh tells Riggs: “You know you’ll always have my blessing, partner.” Murtaugh, more like Mac, explains that the Shaman brought the fiancé back to life just before him and Riggs decided to kill her. As a clip is shown during the credits, we see Frank banging the Shaman. Well, she turns into a more attractive, naked lady, before proceeding to have sex with Frank. In true Sunny-fashion, Lethal Weapon 6 is very cheap. The explosion scene at the wedding shows dolls being blown up, and the chase scenes are shot in front of a green screen. (In fact, Charlie’s shirt matches the green screen, so his shirt is basically invisible.) The editing is also quite bad, with their out-of-character rambles and mistakes being shown on this version. (One of these mistakes includes Charlie mistaking Murtaugh for Riggs, and Dennis correcting him.) Possible trivia for this episode may include the fact that these characters filmed Lethal Weapon 6 around the time they were competing for the Annual Bar Award. The decorations above the bar (and you can see the bar when Murtaugh and Riggs are talking to the Chief) look very similar to the decorations they displayed in “The Gang Desperately Tries to Win an Award”. The next episode will be the season finale. Ten episodes go by so much quicker than we can imagine! This episode has many guest stars, all of which are enemies of the Gang. The episode is entitled “The Gang Squashes their Beefs”, and you can watch the commercial below:


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