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The Gang Searches For Memories In Lost Girl's "In Memoriam"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/14/2014 10:47 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Gang Searches For Memories In Lost Girl's

Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Hey Lost Girl Fans! So it’s been a while since our favorite Succubus was on screen, unless you’re Canadian or have been pretending to be, then you saw her fairly recently. This episode answered a few questions, but left us with a lot, so let’s get to it! If you haven’t watched, this is a recap, so it’s spoiler filled! First off, if you’ve forgotten where we left off at the end of last season, here’s where everyone was: - Tamsin and Dyson drove off of a cliff because Tamsin was trying to rundown a man in the middle of the road who disappeared into black smoke; - Kenzi ran off with Bruce to find Mossimo, the Druid dude, so that she could find a way to become Fae; - Hale got Trick out of town to keep him safe. Hale also enlisted Vex to get The Morrigan out of the picture; - Lauren is last seen at the lab so we have no idea what’s up with her. All we know is that in the end she sided with Bo, Dyson, and the rest of the Fae; - When Bo returned to the abandoned Dal, the song, “The Wanderer” came on the radio then Bo disappeared in a cloud of black smoke into a Tarot card. Which card? The Wanderer, of course. So on to the episode, which did not have enough Bo or Lauren in it for me. I’m also not entirely sure how long it’s supposed to be between the season three finale and this episode. The episode opens in a warehouse, with a truck carrying a box driving in. Kenzi rolls out from the bottom of the truck, which was more secret agent-y than Kenzi usually is. She goes over to check out the box, which she calls an Ark, and makes an Indiana Jones crack, giving us another reason to like her. She ends up getting caught by a guy whose name is apparently Whicher, and they make the first of many mentions of the Una Mens. Dyson and Hale interrupt and everyone then attempts to convince Whicher that Kenzi is not human. Kenzi demonstrates her newly found Fae powers and makes her hands sparkle, like a human sparkler, not like a bunch of glitter. Hale compliments Kenzi in a really obvious he likes her way that goes completely unnoticed by her and then Dyson takes her home. If you didn’t realize something was up by now, the next bit should have definitely clued you in. Kenzi and Dyson go to her place where she lives alone and they end up making out. Ew. They are interrupted by Dyson actually caring about Hale’s feelings for Kenzi as well as by a knock on the door. Aife is at the door, asking for help from, “the talented private investigator.” Dyson and Kenzi only vaguely recognize her, Kenzi as the woman who killed a bunch of the light Fae elders and Dyson as someone who was in the lab with him. They end up going to a diner and talk about Aife’s case. She wants help finding her daughter, Bo, who she doesn’t remember but she just knows she exists. The name Bo doesn’t ring any bells for Dyson or Kenzi, but Kenzi thinks it sounds like a guys name. Aife shows them a picture, but Dyson and Kenzi still don’t recognize her. However, Dyson does say she’s beautiful so at least we know his eyes are working. Kenzi and Dyson are skeptical of Aife until she shows them a black spot on her eye, that Dyson calls a recuerdo coil. Dyson explains that it proves that someone messed with her memory and they agree to take the case. Before they’re finished, Dyson cuts out to look for Tamsin, which he has been doing at the same time every day. Tamsin has been missing since the accident. Dyson shifted to save himself but they have no idea what happened to Tamsin. Dyson leaving means Kenzi and Aife are left with the bill, but Aife uses her succubus powers on the waitress, like Bo did back in the first episode. When Dyson goes to the crash site, he doesn’t see anything. Although to be honest, it doesn’t look like he looked too hard for her. Trick and Kenzi are at his place, looking at a wonky spin-y thing and Trick tells her that something isn’t right with space and time. The Una Mens comes up again, but this time we actually get information about them. Basically, they are a council that exists to make sure that Fae laws are followed. When Kenzi asks about the memory loss, Trick sends her to a fish Fae, Dr. Snook, who works as an optometrist and feeds off of memories. Food for thought for your next appointment with the eye doctor! Kenzi also asks about Lauren, who nobody has heard from or seen since Taft’s lab. Kenzi seems to be the only one interested in finding Lauren. Dyson and Kenzi go see Dr. Snook, who tells them he doesn’t restore memories. He also compliments the work done on Kenzi and Dyson, who both realize that Aife isn’t the only one who had their memories taken. They get back to Trick, who tells them that they need to find and shatter the recuerdo compass to get their memories back. He knows who has the compass, a Fae named Engelram, nicknamed The Collector. Conveniently, Engelram is hosting a party that night, so the plan is to attend. Kenzi tries to walk away with a purse full of Trick’s things but he stops her. As she’s taking things out of her purse, she takes out the picture of Bo, handing it to Trick. Trick doesn’t recognize her but something resonates with him and he asks her to tell him everything she knows about her client. Next we get to find out what Vex has been up to. Vex has been busy as the new Morrigan. He’s in his office, which has a lovely picture of Evony, the previous Morrigan. Vex has someone making him an outfit for the party. Dyson pays him a visit to get tickets, using blackmail to do so. Dyson threatens to tell people that Evony isn’t actually dead, like Vex has been saying, she’s actually locked in a cell. We briefly go to the party, just for Dyson and Hale to make some comments about the women around and cover who Engelram is, he grants wishes. During Engelram’s parties, he picks one woman to grant an “unspoken wish” to. At Kenzi’s, she’s trying to figure out what to wear and ends up calling Lauren and leaving her a message, telling her she misses her and hopes that she’s safe. If this scene does nothing, it shows you just how lonely Kenzi is without Bo. When she gets off the phone, she is greeted by a crossbow-wielding Mossimo. Mossimo is the one who has been supplying her with her sparkle powers, sparkle extract from a sprite. He rubs some on her, which is kind of disturbing, and she talks him into giving her a small container of it, even though she’s behind on payments. Back to Engelram’s party. Dyson meets a nymph named Clio, who tries to flirt with him and I’m not entirely sure who failed more, Dyson or Clio, but whatever. Kenzi decides to dance a tango (giving Ksenia Solo a chance to show off her dance skills) and starts out with Hale, who is nervous and tense, so Dyson jumps in. Naturally it turns into a three person tango, which Kenzi ends with more sparkles shooting out of her hands. It’s enough to get Engelram’s attention so she gets the invite. When Kenzi goes back to meet Engelram, she has to navigate through crates of all the stuff he’s collected, including a stuffed unicorn, before meeting the man himself. Engelram is played by George Takei, which was my second favorite part of the episode. The next scene is my favorite part of the episode, Vex arriving to the party. I can’t describe what he was wearing and do it justice, so here’s a picture:
Vex Photo courtesy of Showcase
That man can wear the hell out of a pair of heels and I’m a little jealous. Vex is there to stop Dyson from getting their memories back. Apparently, Vex figured it out a while ago but didn’t want to lose the power he had gained. Dyson, Vex, and Hale fight for a bit, but then Dyson leaves Hale to deal with him. Hale manages to gain the upper hand using his Siren abilities. Back to Engelram and Kenzi, he tells her that he grants “unspoken wishes”. Kenzi tells him she’ll speak hers and asks for the compass. Her request surprises him as he figured she would ask for “her return.” Engelram calls her a human which immediately puts Kenzi on edge and she makes a comment about him eating her. He gives her the compass and then does indeed try to eat her. Kenzi runs from him, using that helpful maze of boxes to hide and put more of the sparkle extract on so that she can use her powers against him. Unfortunately, all that’s in the container is a note that says “pay me.” I’m still not entirely sure what Kenzi was planning on doing with her powers. Dyson arrives just in time to save her, killing Engelram, whose last words were, “oh my.” We jump over to Aife who is about to go succubus a dude, but Trick stops her and they talk. Back to the warehouse, Dyson and Kenzi share an intimate moment, meant to make us think they won’t get their memories back. Thankfully Kenzi ends the gross Kenzi/Dyson talk by saying that she feels like something is missing. They align the compass, which gives them their memories back instantly. They look at each other and say Bo’s name. Back to Trick and Aife who get their memories back and Aife immediately pulls out a knife to try to kill him. Next up is Hale and Vex. I’m assuming that them getting their memories back was the only thing that saved Vex’s life, so yay for good timing. Dyson’s phone rings and he runs off, thinking it’s about Tamsin. Hale tries to talk to Kenzi but she cuts him off, telling him that she can’t until they get Bo back. We briefly go back to the warehouse from the beginning and to the mystery box, which opens and a bunch of black gunk starts coming out of it. Finally we get to see Lauren! Lauren is in a random diner, in a terrible wig, working under the name, “Amber.” She gets her memories back and starts to tear up, and says Bo’s name. The last shot of the episode is Bo waking up all blue eyed. So what did you think of the episode? Some of my favorite quotes: Vex: “You got no authority here, Marmaduke” Kenzi: “Slow your roll, Slytherin” Kenzi:  “Bros before hoes, friends ‘til the end, pals at the Dal.”


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