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The Gang Takes A Look At The "Last Time In New York" On This Week's HIMYM

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/01/2013 7:23 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Gang Takes A Look At The
Media Courtesy of Star Pulse
Heather O’Connell 

Staff Writer

Welcome back for another edition of my How I Met Your Mother recap! This was a fun episode to watch and I’m excited to get started so let’s get to it! The episode starts out saying that it’s Friday at 2pm – 52 hours before the wedding. We see Barney and Robin in a discussion about wedding plans and arguing about Barney and his “ring bear” just before we hear a shuttle bus pulling up outside the inn. The shuttle bus is filled with elderly relatives of Barney and Robin who cause them to wonder if they’ll get to have a moment alone once they greet them. They also go over a revelation that once they get married they won’t have sex anymore and will just be an old bickering couple the rest of their life. Robin responds by saying that they won’t because they are “R-train and B-nasty,” that causes them both to say that they have to have sex right now. We now move onto a recap of Marshall’s journey so far and how he’s now on a road trip back to New York with the passenger he met on the plane, Daphne. Marshall is on speaker phone with Lily and is telling her about where they are driving through which he as he calls, “the flames of Lucifer are singeing our back bumper as we drive through this Hellish cheese infested wasteland” or as everyone else knows this place, Wisconsin “Packers country”. Being from Minnesota and a Minnesota Vikings fan he is not happy to be going through Packer’s country. Daphne then informs Lily about how he’s been spouting off Vikings trivia for the past hour. Marshall tells Lily that he should be back in time for the rehearsal dinner the next day and Lily tells him about the dress she wish she could have been able to wear but couldn’t because the dry cleaners destroyed it. She described the dress as, “Up top It packed the gals together like opening night of a sex in the city movie and down south it made mama look like a dream Sir Mix-a-lot wouldn’t want to wake up from” We then move to Lily and Ted who has just caught Lily after she’s been on the phone with Marshall. She asks him about a piece of paper in his hand that she assumes is his toast but after reading it with confusion he reveals that it his list of things he wants to do in New York before he moves to Chicago after the wedding. Lily tells him that she’s not sure what she’s more upset about: that he’s leaving or that she’s the only one that knows he’s leaving. Lily calls Ted out on avoiding Robin and Barney since he last saw Robin at the Carousel when he helped her look for the locket. Lily tells him that the list he wrote wasn’t written by someone who’s ready to move on; it’s written by someone who loves New York. She then proceeds to question him about things on the list. The first one on the list is “Fixing Graffiti on 96th and Amsterdam.” Ted tells her he hated looking at it and we then get a flashback to the graffiti he hated which said “You’re a Penis” and then to what he fixed it to say which it now says “You’re a Penis”. The second thing on the list was “Buy the bar a round of drinks.” Ted makes it seem like he bought a giant group of people a round of drink at the bar but after a moment he confesses the large group was more like 3 or 4 people that were the only people in the bar that night. Next was “Say goodbye to the Empire State Building” which Ted reveals that he might have gone to talk to “her” about life. We then get a flack back of Ted talking to the building in which calls “Empy” and saying goodbye to her. As he’s saying goodbye though a police officer tells him that he has to move, but not before we learn from Ted what an Objectopheliac is: someone who is sexually attracted to buildings. Which Ted doesn’t admit to being one Lily does question him on who he knows what the term is called. We now move back to Robin and Barney who are in the room going to have sex when Robin suggests they find some place to do it that they aren’t supposed to. As they are leaving the room they hear voices downstairs of the elderly relatives arrive and they are now locked out of their room. They head down to the lobby to get a key for their room but they realize they are too late as the relatives have already arrived. Robin then gives quite the hilarious description of how elderly people are like zombies, “They move with a slow shuffle, they moan a lot, and if given the chance they’d chew your ear off”. After that we’re back to Lily and Ted who are still going over Ted’s list. Next on the list is “Finally tell the upstairs neighbor how I really feel about them.” In the flash back it looks like Ted is going to tell the attractive neighbor that he likes her but it looks like that wasn’t the case. We instead see Ted tell the woman about her annoying habits like asking her, “If her shoes are made of lead because she is the loudest upstairs neighbor in history, and that she sucks at the bongos but hey keep practicing, in the middle of the night right before any important interview he’s ever had.” Lily then stumbles upon the next thing on the list which is “Come clean about April 26.” We find out that on April 26Ted and Marshall started another sword fight which we learn that the rehearsal wedding dress wasn’t ruined at the dry cleaners but instead was destroyed when Ted accidentally cut it in the middle of the sword fight with Marshall. Lily is furious and decides that to punish him that she will make him wear something he doesn’t want to wear since she has to wear something she doesn’t want to wear now. We then see that she’s made him wear this red and white old male swim tank and shorts. She also decides to punish Marshall, who is still on his trip to the wedding, by making him put on a bunch of Packers gear…including the cheese hat. We’re now with Robin and Barney again who are still trying to find a place to have sex. We then learn some words from the two that supposedly attract old people like buffet, coupons, and Mandy Patinkin. They then decide to try the ice machine room which they say is “too cold for old people” but their togetherness doesn’t last long as it turns out Barney’s brother James is hiding in the ice machine room as well. Back to Lily and Ted, Lily notices that there is only one thing that isn’t checked off on the list which is to have a scotch with Barney and she realizes that, despite what Ted said before, he is avoiding Barney. He tells her that he isn’t, he’s just waiting for Marshall because they are supposed to have a drink with him before the wedding with this special bottle of scotch that’s a 600 dollar – Glen Mckeneth 30 year. We now learn that the dress wasn’t the only thing destroyed in a sword fight as a flashback shows that the real bottle of 600 dollar scotch was destroyed by Lily and Robin when they had a sword fight of their own. They remade the bottle by changing the label and combining it with a cheap bottle of scotch and chocolate syrup, ketchup, and hand sanitizer to fix the color and consistency to make it look right. To Lily’s relief Ted decides to have a sneak drink but doesn’t realize there is anything wrong with it. Now back to Robin, Barney, and James who are hiding in the ice room from the elderly relatives. They get into a discussion about how Barney and Robin want to do it someplace naughty because they are afraid the magic might fade once they get married. James doesn’t help their nerves any as he reveals that the magic faded once himself and his now ex, Tom got married. James tells them though that just because it happened to him and Tom doesn’t mean it will happen to them and he then decides to sacrifice his hiding place to distract the elderly relatives so that Robin and Barney can have their moment alone. Barney and Robin then split up to find a place to do it now that they have a distraction for the moment. Robin gets distracted herself as she’s walking by the bar area and says that she’s found Waldo as she sees him in the red and white striped outfit. She then finds the list and Ted thinks he’d have to come clean and tell her that he’s moving to Chicago but to his luck Lily covers for him saying it’s all the things she wants to do before she goes to Italy. Robin reads through the list and comes across the one saying to come clean about April 26th and thinking that Lily told she reveals to Ted that they had a sword fight and destroyed the bottle of whiskey replacing it with cheap booze, ketchup, and hand sanitizer. Ted says that he knew something wasn’t right when he tasted the scotch. Robin then gets called away as Barney tells her that the third floor is a ghost town. Barney and Robin have now found other on the third floor and just as things get steamy some of the relatives come around the corner causing them to find a room quickly. They find a room but realize the dark room is occupied by some of the elderly relatives who are going to have sex. We find out later that it’s Robin’s great-grandparents who have been married for 60 years and are still going at it after all the time they’ve been married. They declare that in 60 years they will be like them and not the relatives who never have sex. They then decide to forget about the sex and go back to meet the relatives finally Now back to Marshall who finds out that the girls broke the 600 dollar bottle of wine. He goes to take off the cheese hat in anger throwing it on the ground but quickly puts it back on as he gets evil stares from the people in Packer country. Lily has gone to save the day though as she’s picked up another 600 dollar bottle of scotch from the local liquor store and gives it to Ted. Ted thanks her for getting it and for covering for the list when Robin found it. Lily then gives him what Ted calls another life lesson. She tells him that he needs to talk to Barney and that if he doesn’t he’ll regret it. She then asks him why all the things he had to say goodbye to were good things. She wants to know why he didn’t want to say goodbye to the bad things. “Say goodbye to the times you felt lost, to all the times it was a no instead of a yes. To all the scrapes and bruises, to all the heartache. Say goodbye to all the things you really want to do for the last time. But don’t go have one last scotch with Barney, have the first scotch toasting Barney’s new life, because that’s a good thing and the good things will always be here waiting for you.” Ted then tells her to turn the page as he gets to scratch off another thing on the list, “Get one last life lecture from Lily.” She tells him that he’s dreaming if he thinks that’s his last life lecture.  Ted hugs her before taking the bottle of scotch to go find Barney. Just as he find Barney to have the scotch with him we are left with a cliffhanger of Barney confronting Ted saying he saw Ted and Robin at the carousel. Ted drops the bottle of scotch and the episode is over. That cliffhanger was one of those OMG cliffhangers that makes you wish you didn’t have to wait a week to see what happens next. What’s going to happen with Barney and Ted? Well unfortunately we will have to wait till next week to find out but here’s to hoping they are still bros after this. See you all next week!


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