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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Downton Abbey Is A Mixed Bag of Emotions On Last Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/09/2013 10:58 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Downton Abbey Is A Mixed Bag of Emotions On Last Week's Episode
Media Courtesy of ITV

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello my fellow Downtonians! A million apologies about this late recap (real life is a pain). There's a lot to cover with this one though as it look like our season's plot lines are slowly wrapping up. With only two episodes left of Season 4 before the Christmas special, things are getting crazy at Downton Abbey. Without much further ado, let's get down to it. As always, spoilers lie ahead so keep it moving if you have yet to see the episode! When an urgent telegram arrives from Cora's mother calling his Lordship  overseas to help Cora's brother out of a legal jam, it looks like Mr. Bates is headed to America which would leave the emotionally fragile Anna  to fend for herself. Mrs. Hughes saves the day once again by recruiting Lady Mary to convince her father to take Thomas Barrow instead. She explains about the attack on Anna, telling the same version she told Bates: that an unknown, untraceable robber assaulted Anna. Later, Mary tries to talk to Anna about what happened."I'm glad in a way that there's honesty between us again, but I can't talk about it," Anna says. The two end at a stalemate but at least we know Mary is there to support her friend, support she'll most likely need soon if the rest of the episode is any indication. Also going on: Dowager Countess falls ill (seriously though, if they kill off Violet, I'm divorcing the show). She naturally stubbornly refuses to let anyone help her. That, of course, doesn't stop her BFF Isobel who finds her way into the Dowager's sick chamber where she takes it upon herself to nurse Violet back to health. Cue scenes of a delirious Dowager babbling to Isobel would be hilarious if we weren't so concerned one of our favorite characters wouldn't make it out alive from her battle with bronchitis. Isobel turns out to be as good at nursing as she is at being overly helpful and the Dowager survives her bout with illness. An interesting development happens in this episode with Lady Mary's love life. Charles invites Mary out for a walk so she can showcase the estate's latest venture: pig farming. The two haven't exactly gotten along since Charles's arrival last episode so perhaps the walk will give them a chance to get to know one another. The pair come upon a tipped over water trough and severely dehydrated pigs. Charles almost immediately ditches his dinner jacket to jump into the muck to help — and, the best part of all, Mary's right behind him. As she tells the clearly impressed Charles, "I'm not going. They're my pigs." A monkey wrench gets tossed in though. Anthony returns and seems as in love with Mary as he was back when he proposed, which is really quite inappropriate seeing as he's an engaged man nowTurns out Tony and Charles served together during the war but, as quickly becomes apparent during their brief chat at the end of the episode, they won't be allies where Mary is concerned. As for Branson, he decides to stop by a political meeting in Ripon. While there, there's an awkward exchange about an empty seat that leads to Tom meeting a potential new love interest: Sarah Bunting. Back to the Anna-Bates drama: The dreaded return of Mr, Green (Nigel Harman) happens. As valet to Lord Gillingham, he returns with Tony. Only Anna and Mrs. Hughes know of the terror he brought during his last visit though Mr. Bates has his suspicions. Mr. Bates connects the dots when Mr. Green makes an off-hand comment about being downstairs during much of the opera performance. Mrs. Hughes, though, takes matters into her own hands as she follows Green into the boot room where she shuts the door and proceeds to threaten him like the boss we always knew she was. "If you value your life, I would stop playing the joker and keep to the shadows," she tells him, stone-faced and dead in the eyes. Green tries to make excuses for his vile behavior the night of the opera, saying he and Anna were drunk and are both to blame. "No, Mr. Green, you were to blame," Mrs. Hughes says (this is why I love her).  Last episode Edith discovered what we'd already suspected: She is pregnant with the baby of her lover, Michael Gregson. Edith travels to London where she stays with Aunt Rosamund Painswick (Samantha Bond). Always a peripheral character prior to this episode, Rosamund shows she's made of stronger stuff than her posh airs may hint at. When Edith confesses all that has happened and that she plans to "get rid" of the baby, Rosamund says "I refuse to be shocked" and offers to accompany Edith when she has an abortion. The whole resulting sequence is yet another heartbreak.  Edith and Rosamund go into a grimy alley Edith located through an advertisement in a lady's magazine. They're escorted upstairs into a dimly lit room where a distraught Edith wrestles with the choice at hand. The decision is a heart-wrenching one with Edith ultimately deciding she will in fact keep the child. How she will tell her family and face the consequences ahead remains to be seen. In the latest from Miss-I-Can't-Stay-Out-Of-Trouble Rose, she joins Edith in London on the pretext that she has "errands" to run. Those errands turn out to be boating with Jack Ross, the African American jazz singer she was caught snogging. Rose appears to be totally fixated by Jack, which means it's only a matter of time before this blows up in her face. Quote of the night: "I've been married. I know everything." - Lady Mary to her father. Until next time, my dears. Join us as the lovely Lady Lauano will be taking over recapping duties.


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