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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Governor Returns To The Walking Dead In "Dead Weight"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/26/2013 6:47 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Governor Returns To The Walking Dead In
Media Courtesy of AMC

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Hello, Deadheads. The incomparable Dani Ventre-Strehle is out doing the Thanksgiving thing this week and asked if I could “give a positive spin” on the new and improved Governor. Not that I need any positive spinning, this time. For I have only a handful of words to say (in the vein of classic rock band The Who): Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. That's right, Deadheads, the Governor we all know and love is back. Sort of. More on that later. The episode opens with The Gov, lovingly referred to as Brian for the most of this episode, simultaneously doing laundry (laundry!) and playing chess with adorable little Meghan and getting rescued from the pits by Martinez and his new right hand men, Pete and Mitch. Mitch is an angry army brat and Pete is his timid, trying to hold on to his morality, little brother. They've been pretty inseparable. Kind of like Meghan and the Governor. He lovingly calls her pumpkin. It was weird, not going to lie. They have a cute little discussion about fathers, which reveals that the Governor has daddy issues. After Martinez pulls him from the pits, he tells him that he's in charge and they all better pull their weight. Lily, who is still head over heels for Brian, sets up a medical area for the camp. Tara finds an Army Reserve lady named Alicia and they hit it off right away, immediately securing her place on the guard. Supply runs yield a survival cabin with severed heads and walkers. The severed heads belong to bodies that lead the way to the cabin, all tied to things and labeled 'murderer', 'liar', and 'rapist'. Walkers dispatched, they grab the things they need and have a small siesta on the couch and drink a beer. Martinez offers to share power with Brian which is the wrong move. After repeated taunts from Mitch, in which he calls The Governor “one-eyed Bri” and the offer from Martinez, there is a distinct shift in the Governor and things start to change. Is our charmer making a return? In definite shades of Woodbury, Martinez and the family get plastered before Martinez gets The Governor on top of a RV to shoot some golf balls, something they used to do at the wall. Martinez gets to drinking and wham, bam, hot damn, he gets a head full of nine iron, pushed off the RV and dragged into a pit of walkers. There's obvious struggle in the Governor and he even keeps repeating to Martinez “I don't want it.” He doesn't want what? He even cries after killing his former right hand. Guilt? An attempt to convince himself he's not like he used to be? He's still struggling. Tensions run high when Pete and Mitch announce Martinez is dead. Pete takes leadership and Mitch just gets angry. The brothers and The Governor go on another run and find a camp. They decide not to invade and only catch a few squirrels when they find the camp destroyed coming back home. They attempt to make a escape but can't get too far thanks to walkers stuck in the mud. They come back to camp. Meghan almost is killed by a walker and that coupled with Pete's intention to share power with the Governor, made Brian snap. He kills Pete, forces Mitch to help him, even though he killed his brother, and, swapping for tanks of heads for a pond, he throws Pete in and stands on the docks to watch the walker try to get him. So, the Governor's in charge of the camp now. In another move from Woodbury, they begin to build walls of cars and wood and barbed wire to protect the camp. Alls well that ends well for this encampment but things are finally about to get serious. We've come full circle and dun, dun, dun, we finally get that shot of the prison. Michonne laughing at Hershel and farmer Rick farming with Carl all with the Governor pointing a gun at Michonne. Oh my goodness. Lots of things happened in this week's episode, Deadheads. Are you glad to see The Governor back? Or  do you think he's still not quite the charming, bastard he was at Woodbury? Sound off and do not miss Sunday's episode! Dani will return to recap the war with the prison. Finally! See ya around, Deadheads!


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