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The Group Goes Into "Isolation" On This Week's The Walking Dead

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10/28/2013 12:35 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Group Goes Into
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Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Good evening, Deadheads. I hope you are ready to venture into the dark and depressing world of sickness at our favorite prison. I shudder to think who will have fallen to this silent killer by the end of this week’s episode. Here we go… Graves. I wonder, at this point in the show, how many graves our mighty crew has shoveled. Glenn and Maggie are on duty this time, and Maggie notices that Glenn is looking a little pained. I wager that Glenn will have fallen ill before the hour has passed. Dr. S and Hershel call the death of another prison resident and prepare to wait until he rises again. The sickness is rapidly spreading. Daryl, Rick, Tyrese and Carole are gathered around the charred and smoldering bodies of Karen and Dave. Tyrese is, understandably, having trouble coming to grips with the fact that somebody murdered these two and burned them to a smokey crisp in cold blood. Rick tries to calm him down by commiserating with his pain, but Tyrese is not having it. He gets a little violent with Daryl, and then Rick tells Tyrese that “she wouldn’t want you being like this.” This immediately provokes Tyrese to sock Rick in the face a couple of times before Daryl pulls him off, spurring Rick into a beating frenzy of his own; leaving Tyrese a bleeding, shuddering heap upon the ground. Hershel is tending to Rick’s now sprained wrist and bestowing some of his infinite wisdom upon Rick’s ever-guilty conscience. When Hershel invites Rick to tomorrow’s council meeting, Rick turns him down, not wanting to do any more damage. Hershel basically tells him to stop being a bitch, get over it, and move on. Tyrese refuses Bob’s attempts to convince him to get medical attention (since his eye is swollen shut and he has a gaping wound, no big deal), but Tyrese insists, a little too emphatically, on putting Karen and Dave in the ground before seeking first aid. He’s slightly terrifying right now. I have my own ideas about who killed Karen and Dave. First, my money was on Bob. He’s the new guy and something just seems a little off about him. But as we’ve gone on, I’ve changed my opinion to somebody a little closer to home. Somebody who has been so jaded by the world they’ve been forced to survive - in that their devotion to their few remaining loved ones makes them take extreme measures to ensure their protection. Can you guess who I’m thinking of? Glenn and Hershel are talking about the spread of this disease and we see Sasha stumbling out and coughing, looking all kinds of miserable. She wants to see Dr. S, but it’s clear that it’s much too late for that. Sasha will have to head on down to Quarantine with the rest of the infected and await her fate. The council has gathered to discuss their next course of action. Hershel gives an update about how many more are infected, which includes everyone who survived the attack in Cell Block D, among others. We then find out that there is no stopping the illness, and that the virus itself is not what is killing people, the symptoms are. Ergo, antibiotics could possibly save people. Which is all well and good, except that all stores of antibiotics have been wiped out. Hershel suggests that the Veterinary College 50 miles away would have the necessary medicine. Daryl decides to take a group out to make the trek, and hopefully save countless friends and neighbors. Michonne volunteers to go, as does Hershel. Daryl tells him: “When we’re out there, it’s always the same. Sooner or later, we run.” Hershel offers to make a map instead. Poor guy, he just wants to help out. Glenn is clearly getting sicker by the moment, and it’s only a matter of time before he heads to Quarantine with the others. Carole and Rick are trying to pump some water but find that the line is muddied. Carole suggests that they go and clear it, and Rick tells her they’ll do it tomorrow. Personally, I would have assumed that Rick would have stopped taking tomorrow for granted by now, but that’s just me. Instead, Rick goes and speaks to Tyrese as he mourns over Karen’s freshly filled grave. They apologize to each other and Tyrese implores Rick to figure out who did this to them. Rick presses to see if there was anybody that Ty knew that had it out for either of them. Tyrese assures him that they were loved by all. Rick tells him that it could have been somebody trying to eradicate the sickness, and Tyrese finds this to be no comfort. He tells Rick that he doesn’t see urgency is Rick’s desire to find who did this. Rick tells him he needs to think of everyone, the good of group. However, Tyrese has no interest in the greater good. He simply wants to do what’s right; telling Rick that, “All I see you doing is pumping water. In fact, what I’m picking up, is, murder is okay in this place now.” Rick denies this vehemently. Carl is heading to Quarantine, and Maggie’s fears for Glenn’s health are confirmed. He looks absolutely terrible, and I’m actually terrified that he may be on the chopping block. It’s been, like, two whole episodes since they’ve killed off a main character. Could it be time for our hearts to break anew? I’m not ready to say goodbye to Glenn, or any of the originals, for that matter. Daryl and Michonne are preparing for their run, and they share a moment that makes me wonder if they’ve ever fooled around on one of their past trips together. Daryl tells Michonne that Bob is coming along for the ride, but mentions that they’d like another body. This prompts Daryl to go in search of Tyrese, who is standing outside of the Quarantine room ready to watch over Sasha. Daryl basically tells him he may as well just kill Sasha now if they don’t get this medicine, and that if he changes his mind they’ll be at the front gate gassing up. Then we shoot to Hershel sitting alone in an office. Then he gets that look. You know the one. Where ideas strike? Next we see him heading outside, before Carl catches him and stops him. He tells him that he can’t let him go by himself, and that he will be forced to follow him if he decides to continue with this venture. Carole is shuffling all of the sick into the Quarantine, and this depressing little room is getting a little full at this point. Then we see Lizzie come down showing signs of sickness. Carole takes the little girl into the room and that is that. Maggie is talking to Beth who went into her own separate Quarantine with Judith. Maggie is crying telling Beth that Glenn is sick. Beth tells her that “We don’t get to be upset. We all got jobs to do, that’s what Daddy always says.” She makes Maggie see logic and tells her to take the emotion out. That’s the only way they ever live to see another day. Carl and Hershel are picking berries. Yes. Berries. This is what Hershel deemed important enough to venture out into the woods alone for. That likely means that he’s got something pretty good up his sleeve; Hershel doesn’t waste time. Tyrese and Sasha are talking through the window. Tyrese is unable to maintain his poker face while looking at Sasha, and she starts to break down over the reality of the situation. Seeing her in this state inspires Tyrese to join the group on the run after all. He asks Carole to look in on Sasha while he’s gone, and when she expresses her sorrow for the loss of Karen, something about how she says it makes him take pause. Remember what I said earlier? About somebody closer to home being the culprit? Hmmm. After we see her little freak out, resulting in precious water spilled and wasted upon the ground, I’m convinced Carole is responsible.
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Maggie corners Hershel as he’s going into the ill-ward. He has collected elderberries, which just so happen to be a homeopathic flu remedy. Maggie is convinced that Hershel entering this ward will result in him getting sick. But Hershel wants to be able to help change the outcome of this outbreak. He is sick of sitting by, not being able to help. He argues that they risk their lives at every single moment. They walk outside, they drink the water, they breathe…all of it is a risk. They don’t get to choose the risks, he continues, “The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for.” He wants to help save lives, and because of this, he states that, “That’s reason enough to risk mine.” Hershel’s compassion and selflessness truly never cease to amaze me. The elderberries, when made into a tea, could reduce the symptoms of this illness long enough to give these people a chance to receive the antibiotics that we hope Daryl and friends will return with shortly. Rick has (figuratively) put his Sheriff cap back on, and is investigating the crime scene. He sees a bloody handprint on the door frame that gets him looking all pensive and resolved. He apparently has an idea of who is behind the jail house inferno as well. We shoot to Carole trying to unclog the water line, with walkers just a few feet away, distracted by some movement by the fence. Oh. Until they’re distracted by Carole banging the hose against the little bridge. And so now she’s got walkers heading her way, and she has cut of their water supply. Obviously, she understands the gravity of this situation and is trying her damndest to get that hose connected and back in the water. Which means walkers are on her in minutes, before Rick comes out and saves her ass. Rick reprimands her, saying that they had decided to do that tomorrow, before Carole says: “We don’t know if we get a tomorrow.” Daryl and Michonne are having another moment in the car, talking about how Daryl knows she wasn’t “running off.” I imagine the trail that he refers to as “going cold” is probably that of the Governor. He’s got as much of a beef with him as Michonne does. After that strange and tender moment, Daryl starts surfing the radio waves, when he stumbles upon a voice. A discovery that stuns him so much, he doesn’t notice the walker in the street; straggling away from the massive herd barring their path to the antibiotics. He tries to back up before getting stuck on a pile of walkers, forcing the group to flee the car and stab their way out. Tyrese stays behind, seemingly not able to muster the desire to fight. Bob is calling for him while trying to shoot his way out of this mess, when we finally see Ty burst out of the car and start scalping bitches left and right. Daryl, Michonne and Bob leave him as it appears that he is going to be overrun by the herd. It never sits right with me when they leave someone behind, but I do understand that sometimes there are no other options. This really was one of those times. I dunno though. I wouldn’t count Tyrese out quite yet. It feels pointless to build up this whole episode around him just to kill him now. The group has made it into the woods, where they clear a few walkers from their path. Daryl, tracker and hunter extraordinaire, hears something coming from the woods. Two walkers pop out, with Tyrese behind them! He made it out!! I knew his story wasn’t over yet. So far, he looks a little battered, but not bitten, which seems pretty miraculous. Hershel is in a cell with the sick doctor, who drinks the elderberry tea and then hacks blood all over Hershel’s face. Gross. I suppose that seals it. If he’s able to get sick, he definitely will. But I’m starting to wonder if maybe Hershel and Daryl, and maybe more, are carriers. Daryl licked his fingers and then shook Patrick’s hand in the first episode. Patrick then became the outbreak monkey that infected everyone else, yet Daryl remains well. Just a little food for thought… Rick is lying in wait for Carole and she walks by with water buckets to emphasize how stupid her actions were today; a fact that she doesn’t disagree with. Rick tells her that he recognizes that she does a lot for the group, especially the kids. He notices her sacrifices and wonders if there is anything that she wouldn’t do for the people here. She answers with a firm “No.” Rick straight up asks if Carole killed Karen and David, and Carole does not hesitate before answering, “Yes.” Yeah. Carole has gone a little rogue this season. She has become cold and calculating, but with good intentions. She feels that she’s doing the right thing, but in a world where one’s humanity is truly their only possession, it’s something that really shouldn’t be devalued. Man-oh-man! This season has been nuts! I find myself on the edge of my seat the whole way through; and it’s not a bad place to be. What do you think, Deadheads? Is this the best season yet, or what? Be sure to check out our poll below and let us know what you think should happen this season on The Walking Dead. [polldaddy poll=7512597] [polldaddy poll=7512600][polldaddy poll=7512600]


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