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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Group's Numbers Continue To Dwindle On This Week's The Walking Dead

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/11/2013 5:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Group's Numbers Continue To Dwindle On This Week's The Walking Dead
Media Courtesy of Fanpop

Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Wow. I mean. Wow. This episode slayed me. Not much happened, and yet everything happened. This is going to be a short recap. This week's episode was called "Internment;" but I've decided it should have been called "The Day That Hershel Saved Everyone's Ass...Again." We pick up with Rick driving back to the prison, sans Carole, battling internally with himself over the choice he just made on behalf of the group. An enormous choice, to be sure. How do you compartmentalize banishing one of your own to a potentially fatal fate? Sure Carole has turned into a stone-cold bitch, but does the punishment really fit the crime here? Perhaps Tyrese would have attacked her, perhaps not. While I can understand Rick’s choice, I still think he should have brought her back and put it to a vote. Things are not going well inside the cordoned prison block. People are getting sicker by the minute, and Hershel’s helpers are fading fast. Glenn and Sasha are doing their best, but pretty soon, they are going to be the ones needing to be held down and intubated. What then? The vast majority of this episode takes place within this sick ward. Hershel is single handedly keeping people alive. No joke. I say with great confidence that everyone would be dead were it not for Hershel. Rick finally arrives back at the prison and tells Maggie what happened with Carole. After Rick confirms that she really did admit to committing the crime, Maggie tells him that he did the right thing. Maybe the group won’t be upset, after all. After Rick finds Carl and ensures that he hasn’t done any killin’ while he’s been gone, and that he and Judith are still flu-free, he runs back out to help Maggie with the ever-growing threat at the fence. As they are attempting to reinforce the fence walls with tree trunks, they hear a gun shot, and Maggie runs back to the prison. Rick runs in and grabs Carl to help him finish the job at the fence. Maggie gets into the prison and finds herself locked out of the ward. After much flailing about, she shoots her way in and takes down a couple of walkers. Including one thrashing at Hershel (as he tries to pin it down to remove the intubation tube hanging from his undead mouth). Maggie has turned into a helluva shot and takes the walker out without damaging the bag or tube in the least. When Hershel went to help a fallen Sasha, he failed to finish closing cell doors. This allowed some of the ill to escape their cells after their bodies lost their battles to the flu. An outbreak of walkers ensued. They get over to Glenn and get him intubated. At this point, the threat seems to have passed in the cordoned block. Rick is working with Carl to reinforce the fence, when the sheer force of the walker-herd starts snapping the skinny trunks in half, successfully breaking through the fence once and for all. The wall, quite literally, came tumbling down. Rick and Carl retreat from the gaggle of walkers now roaming the prison grounds and retrieve a handful of assaults rifles. They return to a backyard portion of the prison, and prepare themselves to be the biggest badass father/son duo in all of history; taking out every last walker that broke through the fence. That is going to cause some serious trouble. After the massacre in the sick ward, and the attack of the herd, Daryl and crew find their way back to the prison. They administer the drugs and unload their supplies. Rick avoids telling the rest of the group about Carole after Carl asks him to just hang out for a minute. They have a nice little father-son moment picking some vegetables and having a taste. So at this point, the only people that know about Carole are Rick, and Maggie. We still have no idea how the others are going to react. I am especially interested in Daryl’s reaction. He and Carole were tight, and while Daryl is extremely pragmatic, he is also surprisingly sentimental. I don’t think he’s going to take the news well. Some other things happened in this episode as well, but they were of little consequence. Other than who lived and died in the sick-ward, and the fences falling on top of Rick and Carl, the only thing you needed to really take from this episode happened in the last thirty seconds of it. A classic Walking Dead move. They loooove to drop the bomb right at the end and make you wait seven days to find out what happens next. This episode ends by panning to the outskirts of the prison, down near the woods. And what do we see? We see the profile of a man donning an eye patch, staring menacingly at the prison in front of him. That’s right, Dead Heads: THE GOVERNOR IS BACK! Ahhhhhhh! I just don’t even know what to think. I mean, they’re going to have to flee the prison, right? They can’t very well stay there with a gaping portion of the fence felled, as an open invitation for hungry zombies. And obviously the Governor is out for blood. He wants Rick and Michonne’s heads in aquariums so badly he can taste it. Only time will tell what delicious plot twists Kirkland has in store for us. I believe Season Four has been flawless thus far. Honestly, I have no complaints; it has been brilliant. Be sure to check back every Sunday as I continue my trek with the lovably tortured group at an abandoned prison in the Deep South. [polldaddy poll=7550949] [polldaddy poll=7550951]


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