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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The 'Honeymoon' Is Most Definitely Over As The Fosters Returns

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/14/2014 12:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The 'Honeymoon' Is Most Definitely Over As The Fosters Returns
Media Courtesy of ABC Family

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer

Fans of The Fosters (and myself) have been eagerly been counting down the days till the shows mid-season premiere, and now that it has come and gone, I’ve been over swept with so many emotions. We left of last year watching Callie leave her brother and new family, and anyone hoping for her quick return will, unfortunately, be disappointed. The episode picks up the morning after the wedding, with Stef’s mom, Sharon, making breakfast for the kids. Lena and Stef wake up in bed to the smell of bacon and eggs, and contemplate staying in bed all day. That would be a good idea for the pair, knowing the day that they are going to have. At breakfast, Brandon brings up that Callie isn’t around, but Jude notes that she has guitar practice on Sundays. His facial expression shows he still isn’t happy with his soon-to-be brother. And he has all right to be mad. Sharon waits till everyone is out of the room, and asks Stef if they can really handle to more kids, but Stef feels they will be fine. We come across Callie and Wyatt at a gas station, where Wyatt questions her on what this is really about. While she doesn't give him the full details, she does say she did something really bad. Back at the house Jude and Brandon are alone when Brandon starts asking questions. Jude soon sees that Brandon is just covering his tracks so his parents don’t find out about the kiss. Jude tells him he is just like Liam, with angers Brandon. Brandon claims he loves Callie, as Jude leaves the room. Last season we find out that Lexi’s parents plan to move back to Mexico, though at the wedding Lexi had no idea. We see that Mariana and Jesus are playing tug-of-war for her attention, in which they think is the time left before her “two week holiday”. While the girls work on their project, Mariana is feeling left out and unwanted. Lexi tells her she would understand if she had a boyfriend, but that only makes things worse. Finally Jude realised that Callie’s guitar had been at the house the whole time, leading for the family to discover she’s run away. Stef and Lena have no idea why she might have run away, thinking maybe the talk of adoption may of freaked her out. We cut to the hotel Callie and Wyatt are staying at. While Callie is in the shower, Wyatt receives a voice message from Lena. He quickly deletes the message, but wonders what he should do about the call. The next morning he wakes up, and is in a hurry to leave the hotel, acting suspicious, which alerts Callie that something is up. Callie realizes that Wyatt has called Stef and Lena, and she decides to keep running away from her problems, this time alone, as Wyatt and Co. come back to a empty hotel room. At the house, Mike is trying his best to keep things under control, but isn’t having much luck. He is struggling to make the lunches with everyone wanting different things. It was a good light hearted scene to break things up within a heavy episode. I also noted that Jude was following Mariana, on her opinions on caged chickens and vegetarianism. I think he looks up to her at times, more than her does with Callie. Callie struggles to get a job with no I.D and no phone, or address. By know most would realize they made a mistake, but no she continues on her path of “self-independence” and boards a bus with no destination in mind. Mariana finds out that Lexi isn’t coming back in the worse way possible, from her English teacher. Instead of freaking out, in typical Mariana fashion, she plans a romantic goodbye for Lexi and Jesus. Over dinner Mike breaks the news that Callie is still missing, much to the disappointment of Jude. He storms off while giving Brandon a dirty look. Later the pair talk, with Brandon finally seeing it was his fault, while Jude thinks it was his harsh words that he gave Callie at the wedding, that sent her away. The episode closes with Callie walking around on the streets in the middle of the night, with nowhere to go. She is offered a place to stay by a bunch of prostitutes, but instead asked if she could make a call. While the audience thinks she has come to her senses and decided to go home, she is calling the prison her father is at. Unfortunately for her, he was released a year ago, and didn’t even bother to go looking for his kids. Callie then goes in to the corner store and starts eating what she can, while the clerk calls the cops. Hopefully things start to look up soon for Callie but I think things will be getting worse before better for the family.


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