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The Judges Fight For The Brightest Stars As Blind Auditions Continue On "The Voice"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/10/2014 10:53 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Judges Fight For The Brightest Stars As Blind Auditions Continue On
Media Courtesy of The Voice Facebook Page

Tarra Matthews Senior Manager


Welcome Voice fans!! It's the beginning of the last week of Blind Auditions and many of the teams only have 3 spots left to snafu up the amazing voices of the season. Let's see who steps up to the plate tonight! Kat Perkins - "Gold Dust Woman" Country singer turned rocker turned nanny Cat is here to prove to herself and her kids that following your dreams can pay off. The girl's got a gravelly quality to her voice, and for the first half of the song it felt like she was holding back until she hit the bridge and had Adam, Shakira and Usher all turn their chairs for her. Usher was right that Kat's voice had an alluring quality, but identifying her as a country singer may have hurt his chances. Adam immediately identified her and her talent, and his conviction was key in having Kat choose him as her coach. 

Team Adam.

Gabi Rameriez - "The A Team" This soccer star turned singer with the alright voice; the boy can sing, but there's nothing spectacular about his voice - he played it safe for sure. Like Shakira said, he lacked dynamics in his voice. Chalk it up to a case of the nerves. Paula Deanda - "The Way" Formally signed with Clive Davis, Paula is back to prove that she isn't just a teen pop star. It seems that the time since her teen success has only improved her voice, as she KILLED the Ariana Grande track (perhaps going a little sharp at times on the high notes). Shakira wants to help her get her voice up to snuff and so does Blake, but who will she pick? Oddly enough (maybe), Paula picks Blake - It must be the Texas connection.

Team Blake.

Jake Barker - "When I Was Your Man" Jake is the greenest performer in the competition, having only performed to an audience via YouTube. That doesn't stop Usher from jumping on his button with great haste as Jake hit the high notes in the song with an amazing falsetto; with Adam & Shakira soon following suit. Usher asks the hard-hitting question, "Do you want a Mom or a mentor?" in reference to Shakira wanting to be his coach. In the end, Jake ends up on 

Team Usher


Tess Boyer - "Wings"

Team Usher

Josh Murley - "The Freshman"

Team Adam

Austin Ellis - "Drift Away" 

Team Adam

Cali Tucker - "Black Velvet"

Team Blake

Luke Cooper - "Radioactive" The hospital worker with a big heart, Luke wants to do this for his son and his love of performing - very admirable! Luke definitely had a unique and powerful voice, but it wasn't enough to have the judges turn their chairs. The judges seemed to have been on the edge of pushing their buttons, but it'll take a few little tweaks before he makes it on the show. Ria Eaton - "Cups (When I'm Gone)" The girl that gives off the unique 'Ke$ha' vibe can also sing pretty well. It felt like she was pushing out some of the notes to create the growl effect, but at the last possible moment, Shakira and Blake pushed their buttons and saved her from disappointment. Usher and Adam moved out of the way for the two to battle it out and the pair put in their two cents from the peanut gallery in support of Shakira. You wouldn't think their blabbering would help, and it turns out it didn't. Ria ends up going with T

eam Blake.

Cierra Mickens - "Crazy" A non-traditional song choice with a very funky spin to it; Cierra has the big soulful voice to take on the Cee-Lo hit. Blake didn't seem too keen on Usher getting in on his chair spin with a last second button push. And then Shakira goes up and gets up close and personal with some girl talk to try and sway her in her favour. It seems to work, as Shakira scores the first of the night for 

Team Shakira

. Tyler Montgomery - "I Wish" Tyler gets down with the interesting choice of a Stevie Wonder hit, "I Wish", but when you take on someone so iconic as Stevie you have to be spot on. The judges seem to get hung up on the song choice but invite him to come back and try again. And if the couple of bars of "Gravity" by John Mayer Tyler pulled out is any indication, with the right song choice he could find himself in a tough position, made to choose a coach, next season! Alaska & Madi - "Barton Hallow" Sharing the "American Kids" National Award with the mulleted Blake Shelton, this pair of country girls really wants to turn a chair to save their duo! I have to admit I thought this performance was kind of a mess, but Adam and Blake were all over it. Adam was pretty much BEGGING to be picked by the girls, but he couldn't beat the home state advantage and "American Kids" connection the girls had with Blake. They become the 11th performers of 

Team Blake.

Ddendyl - "Stand By Me" A few bars in and Ddendyl's unique tone captivates Shakira into pushing her button. Girl definitely has big pipes and could prove to be a powerhouse performer for

Team Shakira.

 We just can't have Shakira describing voices as 'airy' - apparently it makes the boys giggle. Josh Kaufman - "One More Try" Definitely a fitting song choice for a father, who isn't sure that music will ever be a viable career to support his family. But he's come to The Voice to give it one more try. His captivating, soulful performance of the George Michael song slowly gets all four judges to turn for him, starting with Adam. I'm in agreement with Adam, "Goosebumps man..." All four fight valiantly to convince Josh to choose them as his coach but Adam, King of the Four Chair Turn, prevails, making himself the final member of 

Team Adam.

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