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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Last Ship: 02x12, Cry Havoc

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/31/2015 4:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Last Ship: 02x12, Cry Havoc | The Last Ship
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The Captain is not ok.  We are still tracking this sub.  Man, I can’t wait until they blow that thing to bits.  Chandler is unwilling to hide and he is ready to take them out.  Let’s go Captain!

It looks like Val is ready to help them broadcast my husband’s message (by my husband I mean the President).  The President is not so sure about Val and he’s very concerned with the lack of sonar.  They have a plan but it’s very chancy.  Chandler is kicking The President, Rachel, the cure and a few others off of the ship with Slattery to protect them.  The President doesn’t it.  I’m not so sure I want Chandler on the ship.

The Immunes are working with civilians.  They have them blocked in.  Val says she can take care of them with messages every which way.  Chandler likes that plan and not only is it awesome but they can trick the sub into coming to them.  The land team is getting ready but Slattery looks so different in people clothes.  Tex is going with them!  He can keep Rachel safe which is reassuring.

Kara and Danny are saying goodbyes.  Danny is headed to land and Kara is staying on the ship to take down the sub.  I’m surprised Chandler would keep her aboard since she’s pregnant.  They are really getting me with the feels right now.

Chandler gave Slattery a message for his family in case they don’t beat the sub.  Slattery is so positive but Chandler looks so sad.  They haven’t had as many scenes together in the second half of this season but this made up for it.

Slattery’s team has gone dark until the ship confirms the sub is no longer a threat.

They have picked a rendezvous point and are flooding the network.  This show is so intense and so brilliant with the way it works.

The sub is doing something dirty and due to Sean’s accent I don’t really know what.  He has something on land and Slattery and my husband are there.

The Nathan James is about to find out if they’re plan is working.  The hope is to not see any Americans.  A big sigh of relief!

Chandler is going to test the makeshift sonar.  Fingers crossed!

The landing party is at their base and waiting.  That has to be the worst to just sit there not knowing.  Tex is bringing it though.  In the middle of his speech, Rachel sees a sick child and she risks everything to help them.  They’re in a gun standstill.  The child’s mother is smart and she lets Rachel in.  All Rachel has to do is touch the child and she’ll be ok.  I’ll never get over the moments when Rachel heals someone.  Tonight is very emotional.  The child was infected by the Immunes.  These people know about Sean’s land team.  Slattery is taking a team to take out the device.  I hope no one gets hurt!

Sean knows they have Val!  Abort, abort!!!!!

The sonar didn’t give the sub away but it may have given the Nathan James away.   Chandler is acting a little crazy but it’s like he can see the sub, himself.  Sean is doing the same thing.  Chandler is going to try the sonar one more time.  This whole scene is so much like the early battle in Star Trek:  Wrath of Khan when the ship wasn’t working and Kirk used the codes to take out Khan’s ship.  Back to The Last Ship, the sonar worked and the sub is directly below them.

They can’t fire and they are going straight ahead.  The sub is doing the same thing.  (Chandler looks unwell and they showed his scar in the beginning)  Both Captains are making moves.  The sub dove under and the Nathan James went into full reverse.  Both fired torpedos.  Chandler is literally evading torpedoes blind.  Something in the water got hit but so did the Nathan James.

The engineers are trapped!  And the ship is flooding!  The Nathan James is damaged, blind and out of weapons!  I can’t deal even a little bit

Chandler is going shallow to bring the sub above water.  And we finally see the sub and it is hit!

The people have a serious weapon and Slattery’s plan is to win.  The Nathan James is heading straight into it.  Chandler has no idea.  Slattery and Danny are hit!  Tex is on fire and Slattery is shooting one armed like a badass!

The sub is going to shoot at the Nathan James again!  Slattery used their weapon to take them out from land!  They did it!!!!  I can’t even convey this whole moment with words.  This is a proud moment and a hell of an episode!  Everything about it raised the standards for the future episodes.


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