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The Last Ship: 2x11 Valkyrie

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/25/2015 7:03 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 2x11 Valkyrie | The Last Ship
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Previously on The Last Ship, the Immunes made all of America think the Nathan James is the bad guy, including the President.

The sonar is broken, New Orleans is burning and they can’t go anywhere.  They have an idea which involves buoys.  The land team is pulling survivors to the best of their ability.  The Immunes set the bombs all over the port and waited.

Sean Ramsay has another message which makes him out to be the victim.  He claims there is a government coverup.  He is pulling at America’s patriotic heart strings.  I’d like to think that I would know better than to believe him but in reality I would only know what the people know.  Ramsay insists that the Navy is responsible for the virus and the Nathan James has the President hostage.   “Wherever you go, there will be no safe harbor.”  Great!

PS:  I don’t like the theme music on this show.

Rachel is still doctoring.  Chandler wants to know how far along she is with the cure.  She says all she needs is to get on land and they can cure the country with a chain reaction.  She thinks they need to wait to inject the crew until they’re safely on land as the contagious period is only 5-8 days.  Lots of tension between those two.

Ramsay is releasing everything since the virus hit but spun to show the people he’s right.  He is making it look like the initial mission wasn’t to find a cure but to spread the virus.  The President wants to take over Sean’s network and tell America the truth, he’s not a hostage.  Sean’s mission is called Valkyrie or it could be a person.

Is the signal in the water?  Valkyrie is pretty crazy.  I hate the Immunes but they’re smart.  Chandler wants the landing party back on the ship, pronto.  The hostage went on land and he’s been eyeing Tex every scene.  If he takes Tex in a fight, he’ll regret it.

The source is an oil rig.  The President is filming his truth.  I gotta get on that ship and become the new First Lady.  (For real, though).  He is speaking up for my men!  If I heard this broadcast, I’d be all about throwing over the Immunes.  Tell em’, Commander!

“Sir, I will get it there or die trying,” Chandler on getting the President’s speech to the American people.

A team (Vulture Team) is headed to the oil rig!  Let’s do this!  Once the speech is live, the rig becomes a target to stop counter broadcast (I assume the last part).

They’re on the oil rig and I’m in a state of panic!  Communication center found!  Go Granderson!  The rig is on diesel fuel and can sit idle for months!  They found a girl!  She’s Valkyrie!

That oil rig reminds me of Deep Blue Sea.  Back to the show.  Val is not an Immune.  She has tracked the plague.  She says the government did it.  She didn’t need Sean’s story to believe him.  Chandler tells her that truth and mocks her, “You forget about the aliens from batshit crazy.”  Chandler wants her to know the truth.

“Don’t call me ma’am,” Ravit gets it!  Chandler order Chung (I don’t know him, but I should) to shut the rig down.  If they can’t use the Valkyrie network then no one can.

The Immune hostage on land has the video showing what the Immunes are spinning.  He shows the others!  He’s gonna start a war zone!  Gunshot fired!  Go Tex and Danny!!!!  That Immune jerk is the worst!  Tex was hit!

There’s someone coming on the way to the rig!  That someone just blew shit up on the rig!  Oh no!!!!  The ship is sending the helicopter!  Our people are down!  Val is getting away!  This is too much!  Their way back is destroyed!  There’s a gas leak and the valves need to be closed!  The helicopter took out the assailants!  Hell yeah!

Chandler is chasing Val!  Be careful, Captain!

The leak is in the main valve.  Nothing to do but take cover!  OMG!!!!

Almost everyone is hurt!  Ravit!!!!  Chung!!!!  We lost Chung.  Oh no!  This is heart wrenching.  The attack on the rig came from fearful civilians which made what Sean said true.

Sean just found out his little video got his entire network destroyed.  He seems OK with it.  Idiot.  Sean is so delusional.

Chandler went down too!  I missed it with all the action, but it seems he’s ok or going to be.

Ravit!  She was so new to us and the love story potential!  It’s all gone!  This is too much!  They’re lying to her as she dies.  I can’t deal with this.  I know this show is supposed to be so serious and like war kills people, but I am so sad.  Ravit is gone!  She was sassy and fun.  She was a badass and she will be missed.

Rachel is caring for Chandler and she’s all, “Haha, you need me now.”  He is so sad about the losses.  They are kind of bonding again.

They’re having a funeral scene.  ‘Everytime we’re called, we answer.  Here I am.”  Nothing and I mean nothing can take down the crew of the Nathan James.  They may grieve, but they will not give up.  Y’all, I’m crying as I write this.  So many feels tonight.  “Here I am.”

Val is seeing the good in the crew.  Help them, Val.  She is confused by what she thinks and knows and what she may know now.  Chandler can turn anyone over to the good side.  Val can help.


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