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The Liars Get Caught In The "Cat's Cradle" On Pretty Little Liars!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/26/2013 2:17 am
The Liars Get Caught In The

Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

Hello my fellow Liars! It’s time for our weekly dosage of Pretty Little Liars. What crazy fates await our five Liars this week? What is really going on with Hanna’s mom? What is Radley hiding from the world? So many burning questions that need answering. Let’s get started!

As the episode starts, our Liars minus Mona have gathered round at their favorite coffee haunt to check out some of Ali’s things that Emily scored from Mrs. Di. They find a mask that seems very un-Ali like and still wonder who took the bird from them. Aria is distracted though from the chatter as she looks at her mom and her BF. Turns out Mom just got an offer from her hottie BF to go to Vienna with him for a year! Will she take it? I hope not as that means Holly Marie Combs will be off the show, and I totally love her!

The girls are in for another surprise as Melissa appears at the coffee shop. Spencer looks surprised to see her big sis and the other Liars make comments about Melissa possibly offing Wilden or having to do with all the A-Team business. Spencer goes to talk to Melissa about her coming back when Melissa shares some news of her own: she’s been offered a position as an intern in either San Francisco or London. Spencer thinks it’s the perfect opportunity for Melissa to escape when Melissa says to her as she leaves that she thinks it’s time for both the Hastings to bail on Rosewood.

Hanna meets up with Caleb outside the church to catch up with him. Caleb and his father have made amends, and all seems well with the two of them. Hanna isn’t so sure about her mom though. Caleb tries to comfort her and decides that the two of them need to help clear Mrs. Marin’s name.

Aria and her mom, on the other hand, are having a heart to heart about her mom’s offer to go to Vienna. Aria thinks she should go as it is the chance of a lifetime. Aria’s mom isn’t so sure but definitely looks interested.

Back to Spencer and Toby, he can’t seem to get his mom’s folder out of his mind. Spencer thinks he should tell the other Liars that he gave the lair to A but he doesn’t think he can face them.  Spencer also thinks that they need to recheck all the facts surrounding his mom’s death. The only problem with that is it would require them to go back to Radley. Spencer seems to up for it if it helps Toby get some answers. Guess we’re going back to the cuckoo’s nest!

As for Emily, she goes back to see the doctor as she is still in pain. The doctor offers to writer her script but she turns it down, having had a bad reaction to her illegal taking ways. The doctor seems suspicious of Emily’s injuring and questions her about it, with her running off in a hurry out of there. Yikes….

Back to Aria land, she has nice date with Jake but she seems distracted. Perhaps her mom going away isn’t such a good idea…In keeping with Mother-daughter issues, Hanna goes to check in on hers and catches her mom in lie as her mom did not go to a show as she claimed back in New York and storms out of her mom’s office. Where was  Mrs. Marin?

Back at school the next day, Aria talks to her friends about her mom possibly leaving. All the girls seem distracted as Spencer lies to her friends about what she is going to be doing that day instead of researching the telephone number that the bird was humming. Emily gets a surprised when her mom shows up to take her home. Her mom got a call from the doctor about Emily’s pill taking and confronts her about taking the meds. Emily lies, and the pair argue for a bit, with Emily eventually taking off with her mom, as Aria and Spencer look on.

Meanwhile, Hanna is flipping out at the thought of her mom lying to her when Caleb suggests that she may want to talk to an attorney as things aren’t looking so hot right now (I just love that Caleb is the voice of reason on this show!).  Hanna stops by the police station to see Emily’s mom and sees the murder board with all their names on it. She freaks and gets caught by the good looking detective but he doesn’t seem too suspicious in regards to her. Hanna gets another surprise when she notices Melissa at the station and runs out of there.

Caleb takes matters into his own hands and goes to see Hanna’s father. He asks for his help on behalf of Hanna, saying that they are in trouble. The older man tries to brush him off but Caleb is quite persistent. It looks like he made some progress as Hanna’s father agrees to look into things for Hanna’s sake.

Aria and Emily, in the mean time, are checking through the notebooks and Ali’s things when Emily owns up to the pills. Aria begins to peel things off the mask and finds the original Ali mask that we have been seeing all this time. It freaks the pair of them out as they both wonder why she had one….

Hanna and her mom get into it yet again, with her mom telling her that she doesn’t owe Hanna any explanations and tells her to keep her mouth shut if anyone asks her anything (damn, Mama Marin!).

Spencer and Toby, on the other hand, go all ninja like and break into Radley to find some answers about Toby’s mom. Toby doesn’t think that they will be able to get in but it was easy as Spencer had the override codes thanks to Mona!

Aria and Emily show Hanna the mask they found. Hanna suggests that they go seek out who made the mask. The other girls want to wait on Spencer but Hanna says they need to go without her as A waits for no one (damn right, she doesn’t!).They find the guy and he invites them in as he remembers the mask so they waltz right in (seriously, when are they going to stop going to creepy ass places!).

Spencer and Toby arrive at the scene of Toby’s mother’s suicide. Instead of finding something new, they reach the conclusion that it went down exactly as described, leaving Toby devastated as he feels that A tricked him into giving up the lair for nothing (poor guy!).

Back at creepy artist’s shop, the guy tells the girls that Ali answered his ad in the paper, which is how he was able to make the mask. They ask him how many he made but he refuses to answer unless Emily poses for him as Medusa (UH NO!) .

Back at Radley, Spencer is rethinking their conclusion, as she doesn’t see how it was possible for Toby’s mom to clear that jump to her death. She thinks A gave them something real to look at, and that they need to find someone who was there that day.

The other girls, meanwhile, agree to the creepster artist’s demands as Emily gets a mask put on her while Aria asks questions and Hanna looks around. The guy tells them that Alison requested the masks as she wanted all her friends to look like her. She also requested that he break the mold of the mask, which is totally weird. Hanna, in her looking around, stumbles onto something. The girls end up leaving there, with Hanna sharing with the other two what she found.

Caleb has a run in with Mr. Marin while walking that night. Mr. Marin thinks Ashley put him up to finding him but Caleb swears no one did. Mr. Marin confesses that he saw Ashely that night because she went to him for money. He told her no, and she ran out before he could ask her why. Mr. Marin tells Caleb that he still has time to get out but Caleb refuses to leave Hanna’s side. Then Mr. Marin drops a bomb on Caleb: turns out that he had a gun that has been missing since Ashley came to see him!

Back at Chez Emily, her mom drops a bit of a bomb on her as well: someone called family services on her, and now they want to investigate the Fields family about Emily’s behavior and injuries (that blows!). Mrs. Fields looks worried but says that she will handle it while Emily looks crushed that A would stoop so low.

Aria, back at the coffee shop, has another heart to heart with her mom and gives her full blessing for the Vienna trip. Ella tries to stop her but Aria is persistent. Adios, Mrs. Montgomery! I ‘ll miss you!

Hanna manages to get a hold of Spencer to share what they found at the mask shop. Looks like Alison wasn’t the only one who got her face done as the object that Hanna found was mold of Melissa’s face! Who followed whom to that shop is the question of the hour or did they go together? Hmmm….

Hanna arrives at home to check on her mom later on. She apologizes to her mom and they seem to be okay. Well maybe as Mrs. Marin is running a bath but isn’t getting in and just staring at the water….

Spencer and Melissa have a moment as well with Spencer trying to hide the mold. Melissa poses the same question to Spencer from a few years ago to Spencer about who she would protect more: her sister or her love? Yikes…

As for Emily, she gets a pic message from A with it showing her mom behind bars. At that moment, her mom comes in with the news that Emily’s dad is headed back home. Looks like family services called him too! Uh oh!

There you have it, Liars! Guess A is done playing with the girls as their moms appear to be her new targets! Doesn’t look promising for them at all this season! What is A’s end game with the moms? Guess we’ll have to keep watching!

Until next week, keep out of trouble, liars!




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