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The Liars Party Down At "Gamma Zeta Die" In This Week's Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/10/2013 2:25 pm
The Liars Party Down At

Adele Fredeluces
Staff Writer

Hey little liars! The lovely Erika Rivera is on vacation and won’t be able to do the recap this week! I am here to walk you through tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Gamma Zeta Die”.

What a sorority party it was! One to die for even.

The episode starts off with Hanna waking up from a dream. The sounds of sirens wakes her and she tries to find her mom who happens to be sleeping out on the porch cozied up in a blanket, but there’s some serious inception going on. Turns out it was a nightmare with Ashley Marin in an orange jumpsuit and a bad hair day. Hanna wakes up for real and Ashley Marin walks in with her signature look, no orange to be found. Clearly, paranoia has gotten to Hanna.

From the Marin’s to the Hastings’, Veronica makes an appearance. With Hastings daughter off and away from Rosewood, Veronica shows concern for Spencer’s college future. Veronica set up an appointment with a private admissions counselor or what Spencer referrs to as an “Ivy League pimp”. Mrs. Hastings then goes on to tell Spencer that he helped a girl with a DUI get into college – ultimately that means he can help Spencer, after her stint in Radley.

While Spencer seems to be over not getting into U Penn, Emily feels like her shot at attending Stanford University is blown. You can see it in her face as she stares at the college website. Mr. Fields comes in with his fatherly advice and support, apologizing for the fact that they can’t afford Stanford. 

“Without swimming I’m average,” Emily tells her dad.”There’s nothing average about you.”

That’s why Wayne is my favorite PLL dad.

The day goes on and the girls sit in class listening to Aria’s mom make a speech about using the campus tour weekend to get to know colleges, and not beer pong. Hanna tells the girls about her nightmare. The girls reassure Hanna that her mom didn’t commit the murder. As the girls leave the classroom, Spencer can’t keep her mind of the Ali trail and the mysterious number Tippy the Parrot left for them. She discovers the area code of the number matches the area code where Cicero college is located.

The hunt continues.

Ella Montgomery seems to be in a bad mood. Aria brings up Zach and their trip to Europe. Mrs. Montgomery says it’s not going to happen with the bakery man because Mike, who has been absent for a very long time, is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to see his mama go. A bee makes an appearance in the car vent. Aria goes on to say they can take care of themselves.

After leaving the car Aria gets a text: “This is just the first taste of my venom. Kisses - A”

Mrs. Montgomery doesn’t notice the swarm of bees coming out of the vents until it’s too late. “A” is getting bees to do her dirty work and I’m officially creeped out. I dislike bees.

Emily is seen at the Brew chatting it up with Aria on the phone. Aria vows to get her mom out of Rosewood and away from the wrath that is “A.”

After getting off the phone, Emily meets Brendan McGowan (Mark Schroder), the admissions counselor. She keeps him company as he waits for a late Spencer, but Em is willing to hear what he has to say. I had the same reaction as Emily, noticing how young he appears to be.

He talks about emotional rebranding and there’s this Wilden vibe I’m getting even though he appears to be a nice guy.

While the teenage girls are the best of friends, so are their mothers. Ashley Marin meets Veronica in the Hastings home. Ashley wants to tell Veronica her side of the story when it comes to the Wilden case. Ashley is clearly distraught and mentions that she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. “I just didn’t want you to be surprised,” she tells Veronica. “Nothing surprises me anymore,” Veronica quickly replies. I agree.

Cut back to Brendan and Emily at the Brew. Spencer finally shows up. Brendan has some Ivy League tours lined up for Spencer. She insists she wants to check out Cicero College just to have a safe back up school. Clearly she wants to investigate the number.

The infamous Mike Montgomery appears and Aria is not having any of it. Mike’s into his video game. Aria wants to talk about how he influenced Ella’s choice to stay.

Mike throws down and tells Aria how he sees it. “The only reason you want her to go so bad is so you can start boffing your teacher again.”

Aria is shell-shocked and so am I. “It’s hard to get frisky with Fitz when someone’s looking over your shoulder huh?” He continues. Aria pushes her brother before walking away clearly peeved at her bro’s assumption.

We learn that Hanna’s set on the Fashion Institute and doesn’t want to spend the weekend looking at colleges. Ashley wants her to look at some back up places. The phone rings and Ashley sounds all sketchy which causes Hanna to eavesdrop. Lo and behold, Veronica Hastings is on the other line and the Wilden case looks bad.

Aria tries to convince her dad, Byron, to visit Ella and tell her it’s okay to go to Europe. Byron is confused and refuses, but Aria believes that Byron is the only one that can sway Ella into making the decision to move.

Spencer and Emily make it to Cicero College with Brendan. Emily is clearly interested in the school. Spencer, however, believes that it’s all an act to investigate the “A” trail. After all, that’s what Spencer is there for.

Ashley’s closet is locked which is never the case. Hanna gets the closet door open and finds Ashley’s skeletons. The number one piece of evidence that definitely points to Ashley shows up – a gun, which I assume belongs to her father.

Hanna calls the girls as the gun lies on the kitchen counter. Aria doesn’t pick up, Spencer blows her off for the number. She goes on to wrap the gun back up. She also touches the gun with her bare hands during the process. Hanna, don’t you know that your fingerprints are gonna show up? “A” is probably going to frame you too!

Spencer chats it up with the typical math science geek to find out who the mysterious Tippy number belongs to. He’s not too impressed with Spencer, but ends up leading her to sorority row.

For you Game of Thrones fans, Spencer walks away after saying “A Lannister always pays his debts.” I found this hilarious, especially since Troian Bellisario is like the biggest GoT fan from the cast of PLL.

Byron and Ella are seen meeting and it seems that Byron actually listened to Aria. He gives Ella his blessing to go to Europe. The scene is sweet as Byron talks about the past and how the two planned to go to Europe when they were in college. But life got in the way. Aria and Mike were born.

"You’ve been given a second chance, take it."

Emily and Spencer make their trip to sorority row. Spencer is all business, but Emily wants to play. Emily is worried about looking too slutty, and Spencer just doesn’t get it. Emily becomes fed up and finally tells Spencer that she actually wants to “get into the podunk school.”

College is already separating the girls. Spencer calls out Emily for flirting her way to get what she wants. She points out that Emily failed to mention to Brendan that she was gay. Emily fires back by mentioning that one time Spencer stripped down to get back on the decathlon team.

The claws come out full force!

Emily claims to be charming, something Spencer knows nothing about because her parents are filthy rich. Spencer doesn’t have time to reply because the sisters of Gamma Zeta Chi start to break out in song.

The party goes on at the Gamma Zeta house. Emily is chatting with one of the sisters about getting a scholarship. Emily stares at a creepy statue and paddle hanging on the wall and the sorority girl mentions former House Mother Mrs. Grunwald. Apparently she was a strict bitch who was fired. Obviously, she’s somehow involved in the Alison games.

Spencer has a photo of Alison handy to show all the frat boys and see if it can jog their memories. She has no luck and just gets immature jokes thrown at her. Spencer finds a phone with a phone number attached, we don’t see the last four digits. At the look on Spencer’s face, it’s probably the one she’s been looking for. Before we find out, Hanna shows up and shows Spencer the gun that was hidden in her mom’s closet.

Hanna wants to get rid of the gun, which is probably not the best idea. “A” can get her hands on anything, don’t you remember?

Spencer goes on a search for Emily, who is off with Brendan. She goes upstairs. Instead of finding Emily, she finds some creepy room with a pink phone. She connects it to the phone jack and makes a call to Aria, interrupting a nice family get together. And the number that shows up, is Tippy’s number: (717)553-9390.

As Spencer stays in the creepy torture room, she turns around and sees the wall covered in what appears to be scratch marks. If I were Spencer, I’d get out of that place, NOW!

Hanna isn’t impressed by the frat boys and walks out. Emily sees her walk out and goes to find her, but not without Brendan making his move. Emily tells him the truth, but he still offers to help her find Hanna. Not without sounding a bit creepy about it though. She refuses and he stands there like he has some ulterior motive.

For some reason I had this weird Wilden flashback. Trust no one.

After three seasons, you’d think the girls would realize that they shouldn’t go off alone, especially in creepy forests. As a distraught Spencer tries to find Emily and Hanna, Em is running among trees and Hanna is off burying the gun, with her bare hands I might add.

Before she gets any further, the police show up and Hanna is handcuffed and taken away in a police car. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. Emily and Spencer are too late.

"A" gives them a friendly tip. "Just a friendly tip. Maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer. Kisses. -A." Hanna’s already making a scene at college parties and she hasn’t even graduated high school yet!

What is PLL without it’s ending “A” sequence?

This week “A” is having a cup of tea. It looks like former Gamma Zeta Chi house mother, Carla Grunwald has been added to the Ali trail. Why else would “A” have a picture of her?

Can’t wait to see what becomes of the liars next week, especially Hanna. “A” knows everything, bitches.




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