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The Mindy Project: 04x13, When Mindy Met Danny

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

12/10/2015 7:08 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x13, When Mindy Met Danny | When Mindy Met Danny
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A Merry Christmas to some, it would seem, as The Mindy Project Christmas episode airs this week.

And, folks, we have a flashback!

Let’s begin, shall we?

"No New Friends"

So Danny Castellano is getting an elevator; he fails to hold it open and goes on a tirade about how it supports lateness, until he realises he has met the woman he was talking to before.

Yes, this is how Danny met Mindy at work way back in 2007.

Eight years later, they are having daily arguments about having more children and whether or not Mindy should be a stay at home mother, even on Christmas Eve. Mindy finds a picture of them on her first day of work, and wonders why they are smiling.

Mindy walks into her first meeting, with a wink from Jeremy and a notion to make Beverly her new confidante.

While Jeremy is commended on his persuasion skills—aka aex—Mindy gives an impassioned speech about working in Schulman and Associates.

It doesn’t go down well.

As it happens, they accidentally hired Mindy. They were trying to hire Mandy Lahoro, but due to bad eyesight, the applications were mixed up. Danny tries to get Mindy to it by the end of the day, while she is oblivious.

She orders her armoire for her office and tries to clear out the storage that was kept there. She asks Danny how to get patients, and is given a blow off answer. She then asks Jeremy, who obliges and subtly offers sex.

Subtle as a sledgehammer in a Miley Cyrus video.

Mindy goes to Danny’s office and sees his computer open. She tries to look for patients to acquire from the medical portal, and accidentally overhears Danny talking to his then-wife Christina on the phone about their marriage counselling session, which she has once again bailed on.

She accidentally breaks his glasses while hiding; Danny catches her in the act. She then goes to Jeremy’s office. Jeremy gets an IM from Danny asking him to cover a C-Section. Mindy replies, pretending to be Jeremy—and using every Britishism ever mentioned in Bridget Jones. She then goes to the hospital and tells the patient that she is taking over, and mentions that she can do the somersault technique so the patient can give birth naturally.

Danny arrives at the hospital and asks if Jeremy has finished the c-section. A nurse tells him the baby was delivered hours ago. Danny confronts Mindy and tells her he’ll get her fired. She tells him she quits, because she’s a good doctor and she’s making no new friends in her current job and they should have appreciated her because she’s a good person. Danny talks to the patient, who loved Mindy and thought she was fantastic.

Danny ventures back to Schulman and Associates, and asks Mindy to stay. She says she won’t, so he makes a deal—if she can fit the armoire in her office, she stays.

He measures out the wardrobe, and teaches her how to measure. The pair complete her office and take a selfie for good measure.

Back in the present, while Danny sleeps, Mindy measures Leo’s crib and travels to her old apartment to see where it will fit before taking down the for sale sign.

She cries and goes back to Danny’s while he sleeps, none the wiser.

And we cry with her.


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