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The Mindy Project: 04x19, Baby Got Backslide

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

05/19/2016 11:46 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x19, Baby Got Backslide | Baby Got Backslide
Media Courtesy of Hulu

Let me just start off my recap by saying that The Mindy Project is back on point. It has been a long time since I laughed so much during an episode, and I was so very thankful to be taken back to that place this week.

There were several factors that contributed to this wonderful phenomenon: 1) Casey makes a reappearance! It is so fun to watch Mindy and Casey verbally spar over the silliest little things. 2) More screen time with the lovable Shulman staff. Especially Jeremy! He was back to his old, nerdy ways and it was fantastic. 3) Jody is really starting to grow on me and I am starting to root for him to win Mindy's hand. (I'm even starting to talk like him, ha!)

The show starts with a musical appreciation dinner between Mindy and Jeremy. Jeremy is bummed that Mindy got them kicked out of Hamilton because she jumped up on stage and started freestyling. They ask their server fot the check and are told that it's already been picked up by someone. Guess who?! It's Casey! Our favorite former pastor, DJ and current shoe designer is back in NY to open up a new Dope Feet store. He's hot and funny and Mindy is instantly smitten. Not sure I can fault her for starting her backslide.

Mindy doesn't know if she should try dating Casey again, so she summons the gang for their thoughts on what to do, and she decides to take Beverly's (!) advice and give him another shot.

Casey is obviously into her, but is really hesitant to take things very far with Mindy because his friends can't stand her. Probably something he should have said before he started paying for dinner, holding her hand and calling her "babe" all of the time. Mindy is undaunted and after talking to the Shulman crew again, she resolves to implement her foolproof, five step plan for winning over Casey's friends. Oh Mindy, how I've missed you like this.

Mindy wins over all of Casey's friends, except for Marcus (who seems to really hit it off with Jeremy) and hooks up with Casey. But not before seeing all of his cheesy tattoos (Vote for Pedro?!) and realizing that Casey is essentially a tall juvenile in a very nicely preserved package. She's going to have to let Casey go. The crazy thing is that now she has an even bigger problem--after having a decent conversation with Marcus and finding out that he doesn't hate her anymore, she realizes that she has feelings for him. The girl doesn't sit on her laurels, that's for damn sure.

In the meantime, Jody is still dating Ashley and it turns out that she's been documenting every moment of their encounters on her blog. It's the only website in NY that has more traffic than Tamra's. After hearing Jody mention something that he and Ashley did on their date, Tamra realizes that Jody is the "Captain Suspenders" of the blog and that Ashley is starting to get bored. Tamra enlists the help of Morgan to help Jody stop being so uptight--especially with his clothing choices. The suspenders have GOT to go.

Faster than you can say, "Holy Hotness" Jody is greeting Ashley with a nicely trimmed beard, grey suit and fitted t-shirt. The man looks awesome, and don't think that Ashley didn't notice. The next day, Tamra and Morgan are reading Ashley's blog to see how the date went, they find that Ashley is demoting Jody from "Captain Suspenders" to "Major Hottie" because he just won't stop talking about his co-worker. It's almost like he's in love with her or something. Morgan immediately lets Jody know about the blog and how Ashley feels and tells him maybe he needs to stop talking about Dr. L so darn much. Jody rushes to Ashley (but not before giving a twirl for Morgan, after Morgan tells him he looks good) and challenges her about her beliefs. Two minutes in and he realizes that, yep, he is really, really crushing hard on Mindy.

Going into Mindy's office the next day, he finds Mindy laying on the floor in a funk. He worries that she threw out her hip (again!), but he's quickly informed that this is Mindy's MO when she's worried about something. He gets down criss-cross applesauce style and grabs her hand. It's so very sweet. She admits to Jody that she broke up with Casey (and the look of hope in Jody's eyes is adorable) and that she has feelings for this new guy. She asks him to close the door (and Jody closes it so fast and looks at her with such hope it kind of hurts) and admits her feelings for Marcus. I know that I haven't been a fan of this whole Mindy/Jody story line, but the dude is seriously growing on me. I'm kind of rooting them on right now.

The episode ends with Mindy ditching Jeremy at their second viewing of the new Broadway show Buchanan to go off with Marcus. Apparently he's a big Mindy fan now and is willing to give it a go. So, stay tuned for more drama in the Mindy love life department...

Favorite quotes from this episode:

Jeremy: "Wait, don't you want to find out who paid for us?" Mindy: "Okay, this has happened before. We need to get the hell out before they realize I'm not CeeLo Green, okay?"

Morgan: "No, no, no, no, no, we're not doing that, okay? You never get back with an ex, okay? If they didn't like you with 20 dogs they won't like you with 40."

Jeremy: "Well, maybe the friends thing is just an excuse. You know, like when mother said she was allergic to hugs."

Jeremy: "Mindy, thank you so much for inviting me to this party. I had to miss book club, but I was like 'Sorry, bitches!'"

Mindy: "I love theater myself. My whole life is basically one long Vagina Monologue."

Jody: "I demand you take down that post. And if you don't I will need to speak to your manager in the Internet." Ashley: "Every word in there is true. If I wanted to lie I'd go back to my old job predicting travel times at Google Maps."

A few last comments on this latest episode: everyone looked seriously hot. Mindy had some of the best outfits I have ever seen on her, and Jody as a scruffed up bad boy was a revelation. Casey and Marcus were stunning and Tamra always looks great in her scrubs. I hope that Jeremy gets more screen time because I find his character to be so funny and entertaining when he gets a few minutes to himself. When this show is hitting on all cylinders it is very hard to find another show that even comes close to this level of comedic entertainment.

So, there you have it. It was either a very good episode or I'm just in a really good mood. Either way, I enjoyed this week very much and I hope to hear what you have to say about it. Let me know what you loved/hated about it and let's start a discussion. See you next week!


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