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The Mindy Project: 04x20, Greatest Date in the World

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

10/22/2016 3:23 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x20, Greatest Date in the World | Greatest Date in the World
Media Courtesy of Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television

Things are starting to look hot and heavy in The Mindy Project world this week. Mindy is continuing to date Marcus (an all-too-adorable Ne-Yo) and he is showing her a side of New York that she has never seen before. Marcus knows all of the “best” things to do around the city and it doesn’t bother him in the least to travel two or three miles out of his way to get his girl whatever she wants. This may or may not include going to an interactive theater where Mindy has an egg broken over the top of her head. Methinks this is is not the greatest date in the world and something more amazing (and interesting) is just down the road.

As things seem to be settling in relationship-wise for our dear Dr. L, we get a sneak peak into how life in the fertility clinic is going these days. Turns out that Mindy has a favorite client (she ranked them one night when she was drunk) named Eden, that she is trying to put with child. Mindy brings in a fabulous dude that is basically a sperm broker but eventually Eden decides to ask her friend with benefits (a pot smoking photographer that Mindy doesn’t like) to be the donor. Mindy just doesn’t want to see a future where Eden is left on her own with a kid when the guy (Jonah) eventually bails. She makes it her personal mission to keep the “disaster” from happening. Mindy lets Jody know that she is planning on keeping Eden from making a mistake and he, in turn, let’s her know that it is unethical for her to put her nose where it doesn’t belong. Of course, Mindy being Mindy doesn’t listen.

Mindy and Morgan take a trip to Jonah's apartment and she proceeds to list so many bad scenarios involving children that he gets completely spazzed out and calls off the decision to be Eden’s donor. Mindy is proud and Eden is pissed. She turns to Dr. K who takes over as her doctor. Mindy goes for Jody’s throat when she realizes that he stepped in with Eden, and Jody stands his ground about his decision. Mindy loses this round - and it is as it should be.

Back on the dating front, Mindy tries to get  Marcus to just settle down and watch some television with her. He is extremely uncomfortable and the date is a disaster. Mindy explains that for her, the perfect date is just being able to sit next to someone on the couch and watch a movie together. This idea does not compute with Marcus and Mindy knows that it’s time to let him go. Marcus lets her know that she wasn’t the best person he had ever dated but that she was a lot of fun. Mindy will take that. So will I, because I never thought they were that great of a match in the first place. Where is Dr. L going to turn next?

Meanwhile, the nurses of Shulman and Associates request that Dr. Castellano’s unused office space be turned into a nurse’s lounge. Mindy is dead set against it, but kind-hearted Jeremy really wants them to be happy and agrees to let them have the space. After they have all moved in, we find out that Tamra has a spa corner, Colette has a desk to build models and that Morgan has a poetry corner where he can spout off some really terrible rhymes. Jeremy seems happy that his nurses are happy, but then he sees a poster hanging on the wall bemoaning being at work and that no one can make them like being there. Jeremy is cut to the quick.

In an effort to make (his obviously unhappy staff) take down the offending poster, he asks them what he can do to make them all happy. Tamra wants Fridays off, Morgan wants paid lunches and Colette just wants an intern. Oh, and they all want a popcorn machine. Done and done. Jeremy is quite the boss. However, a few days later he comes to make sure that everything is going well and finds the terrible poster still hanging up in the lounge. He loses it on his employees where they turn the tables back on him and let him know that they need to complain. It’s what they do. It’s what they need. It’s what gets them through the day. Jeremy finally agrees that they can keep the poster up and let’s them complain about the practice - but only in the lounge where no one else can hear it. Crisis averted.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Jody (in all of his scruffy glory - really, don’t lose this look) shows up at Mindy’s apartment to apologize for taking Eden as his client. He still stands by what he did but he feels sorry for how bad Mindy feels about it. She invites him in to watch a movie (Cars) and he agrees to stay for a little while. They have a very lovely night that ultimately must be the “Greatest Date in the World.” Mindy falls asleep on the couch and on his way out, Jody bends over to brush back her hair from her forehead and gaze longingly at her face. He leaves quietly and Mindy’s eyes immediately pop open. She wasn’t asleep at all. Dr. L is about to start a new chapter in her ever rotating relationship department. Stay tuned…

Favorite quotes from this episode:

Mindy (after egg is broken on top of her head): “Wow. I like that that happened. It’s smart.”

Eden: “Wait. Does that mean that my child will have a lot of brothers and sisters? What if they accidentally sleep together? I’m sure that would be a great show on Amazon, but…”

Morgan: “Thank you for letting me come with you to collect this sample. I’m so cooped up in the office and I heard when you go to people’s houses sometimes they offer you a drink!”

Mindy: “Maybe watch a little TV.” Marcus: “Oh, okay. If you like TV, check this out: There’s a theater in Ditmas Park. They perform old Full House reruns - with the commercials.”

Tamra: “We don’t come into your space and tell you to take down that picture of a little girl on a horse!” Jeremy: “That’s me! On Ginger!”

Jody: “Okay. Now where do the cars come from if there are no people to build them?” Mindy: “Um, cars are born. Their tailpipes are vaginas. Aren’t you a doctor?”

So it seemed like another filler episode this week, but we got a good dose of scruffy Dr. K and learned a little more about Jeremy’s soft side. Mindy is clearly gearing up to some kind of relationship with Jody and I am both looking forward to and dreading it at the same time. Let’s see what the show has in store for us next week. Let me know what you thought of "Greatest Date in the World" in the comments below!


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